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Having watched RAW and Smackdown a bit over the past few weeks, I've been rather shocked by the drop in production values, at least in their television.


I was watching an Edge/Chavo vs. Punk/Mysterio, Jr. match and there was a spot where Mysterio, Jr. did a moonsault, IIRC, to Edge on the outside... I swear they used four or five shots to show this, when really it's a two shot sequence, three at the most. And it wasn't as though it cut well, either. It was incredibly jarring. Then, for some reason, the replay showed the whole move in one shot. I thought Smackdown was taped these days? Whoever edits the WWE these days is trigger happy. The camera is too close in to begin with, but they cut on EVERY bump. And they have no sense of rhythm. There was one episode where Finlay's head was being crushed by the Great Khali, as the midget looked on helplessly and they cut it all to shit... Instead of holding on a shot, they cross cut. The shots didn't match, so Hornswoggle's position in the frame changed three times, as though he was moving up and down the apron.


Sometimes they show stuff from the RAW vault. Even the old logos look more inspired. Is McMahon sick of churning out TV or something? Cutting back? Lack of competition?

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The hyper editing has always been a WWE/WWF problem. Well since at least as far back as when Regal first showed up as man's man. WWE/F style always about bump taken from move being more important than move execution or impact. So first time I noticed that you rarely get to see spots when move (in theory should) connect was when Regal showed up.


See guy put out arm for lariat quick cut to opponent bumping from lariat...with no shot of lariat connecting. See guy get lifted for suplex, quick cut to aftershock of being suplexed...with no shot of suplex.

They have been better about this in last couple years but I wouldn't be surprised if the move to HD has made them trigger happy again.

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