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Interesting question posed elsewhere: Is Bryan Danielson the first to work each country's top group in 1 month?

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Posted elsewhere by srossi:


It has been brought to my attention that within a calendar month, Bryan Danielson worked for the 3 most successful companies in the 3 biggest wrestling markets: WWE in the U.S. (1 dark match), NOAH in Japan (a 2-week tour), and AAA in Mexico (the Triplemania supershow).


Has anyone else ever accomplished that feet. Vader perhaps (although saying that WCW was more successful than the WWF at the time is a stretch)?

Off the top of my head:


I suppose someone may have worked for WWF, NJPW, and UWA/LLI when they were friendly in the early '80s, maybe Hogan, Andre, or Tiger Mask.


Other than that, maybe someone worked WCW, NJPW, and CMLL within a month around '96-'98? Ultimo? Liger? Konnan? Maybe even Kaz Hayashi?


Did Negro Casas work WWF, NJPW, and CMLL in the course of a month when he did Super Astros shows?

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Thanks to GH's listings on the Guerrero set, Villano IV worked New Japan in 96 along with AAA and I would guess he was working WCW around the time. Didn't Rey Jr. do a tour around this time in New Japan?

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04/05/79 Tokyo (NJPW)

Inoki vs Singh

Fujinami vs Aguayo


04/17/79 Agriculture Hall (WWF)

Inoki vs Volkoff

Fujinami vs Rodriguez


04/22/79 Mexico City (UWA)

Inoki vs Canek

Fujinami vs Soloatario


They actually defended their titles in all three promotions in a month - the NWF Title and WWF Jr. Title.


Fujinami did it again in December, same promotions. He and Inoki did it again in April 1980, but subbed Florida for the WWF. One can debate whether FL was the top promotion. I don't think it was, but people pimp it up as a critical hotbed of the NWA. This was the one Inoki vs. Backlund match in the US... so you've got him challenging the champion of the "#1 Promotion" (since the NWA wasn't really a promotion by a confederation of promotions) in one of the other "Top Promotions" of the country. I think on that level this would qualify on some level.


Onita worked the US and Mexico in late April through mid-May 1982. One would assume he worked in Japan later in May - he had a title defense on 6/1/82, and AJPW's series opened prior to that (Jumbo defense against Slater a couple of days earlier).


Tiger Mask worked New Japan (second Kobayashi title match), WWF (Estrada and Gilbert) and UWA (Villano III) in November 1982.


I think it's safe to say these are more significant than what Danielson did. I mean... a fucking Dark Match? Did he do anything remotely as significant as Inoki facing Canek, the #1 heavy in Mexico at the time? As significant as facing Backlund in a "neutral promotion" which happens to be a biggy (they didn't run it in Portland)?




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Thanks for the info, John.


What Danielson did is still impressive since it's 2008 and given the way that WWE works, is less likely than before, especially since none of the companies work together like WWF, NJPW, and UWA/LLI (plus CWF to a lesser extent, as it was friendly to the WWF and NJPW used Florida guys like Keirn and Dusty) all did in the late '70s-early '80s or WCW, NJPW, and CMLL did in the late '90s. Plus Danielson is a non-big name who won his dark match over a guy who's getting an majorly increased push.

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