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Questions for Les Thatcher?


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Here are some for Les


Les' opinion of the Fuller vs. Bob Roop war of Knoxville.


How was it booking the northern tours for Georgia from 82-83.


What he thought about the ICW promotional concept in 1985.


What he thinks about Flair & Mulligan failing as promoters in Knoxville from 81-82.

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Whatever happened to that guy anyway?

"Rapid Delivery" Rory Fox worked consistently for years in the Ohio/Indiana/possibly Illinois area following his appearance on MTV's "True Life: I'm a Pro Wrestler." He wrestled for HWA for a long time and was heavily featured on their show on America One Television for years. We received this channel for about a year here in central Iowa to supplement the other MyNetwork TV affiliate programming in its infancy. It was always odd to be able to DVR a wrestling show in 2007 featuring Tracy Smothers.


I believe he very briefly retired, but in an ironic twist, I'm told he recently moved to central Iowa and may soon begin wrestling for 3XW, the Des Moines-based promotion I do play-by-play commentary, backstage interviews and web show hosting for (as Midnight Guthrie). If he makes his way to 3XW and I do a promo with him, I'll post it here.

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