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Downtown Bruno's stories about Sid from his book


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Had written these up at another board and dug them up to post at DVDVR, so...


Bruno had met Sid when the latter was working part time on Memphis-area spot show undercards. When Bruno got the opportunity to go to Alabama to manage the new Lord Humongous, he realized that Sid would be perfect for it and they went together, as roommates splitting a $80/week dump of a motel room.


"The more Sid drank, the odder he acted."


A guy kept walking past their open door to get things from his car and whatnot, and while Bruno understood what he was doing, Sid was convinced that the guy was going to steal Bruno's car, which was relatively nice, and screamed at Bruno that he had to call the guy out, or else...


"You'd better go straighten out that guy or you'll find out just how sharp my knife is."


Bruno walked toward the guy to tell him to stay away from the car or else be murdered by Sid, but Sid ran over, pushed him away, yelled "Hey, this guy here says to stay the fuck away from his car!" and then locked Bruno out of their room before yanking him back in and yelling that he shouldn't bother people like that.


A few hours later, as soon as Bruno turned out the light to go to sleep, he heard a clicking noise. He turned on the light to see Sid flipping his pocket knife open and closed while "grinning at me like The Joker." Sid said not to worry about it and to try to go to sleep. After 5 minutes of Bruno being too scared to sleep, the clicking starts again. When Bruno tries to turn the light on, Sid told him to leave the light off, lie back down, and go to sleep. Five seconds later, Sid whispers "Sleep forever..." and dives into Bruno's bed while laughing like a maniac. Bruno jumped off the bed and turned on the light, which revealed Sid hyperventilating. Bruno grabbed his stuff and locked himself in his car, where he managed to fall asleep until Sid woke him up at 4:30 AM to explain he was only joking to break the ice.

"At times when we were alone, Sid had a tendency to exhibit irrational behavior, and whenever that happened, it was really scary."


Some of it was relatively lighthearted, like Sid pretending to be a security guard in a supermarket and accusing Bruno of shoplifting. It did piss Bruno off though, but his complaining egged Sid on. Later that night, they stopped at a truck stop for gas and food. They didn't come in together, so nobody would've known they knew each other. Sid yelled out "Hey you! What do you mean all truck drivers are queers? You little bastard. How dare you say that 18-wheelers should be illegal. If I wasn't in a hurry to get home to my wife and children, I'd kick your ass right now!" Then he walked outside without Bruno and used his spare set of keys to speed away in Bruno's car. A dozen truckers hovered over Bruno before Sid pulled back up just at the right moment and said "Get in the car, you little twerp."


One time, Sid was asleep in the car while Bruno was driving them home from a spot show in east Tennessee. With Sid asleep, Bruno decided to do what Sid told him not to do earlier and take an alternate route to see the Smoky Mountains. He ended up at a roadblock and had to go back, so they ended up hours behind. When Sid woke up at 4:30 AM like he always did, they were 300 miles away from Birmingham, and he looked beyond scary, barking out that Bruno needed to get him back to Birmingham "...NOW!" Sid went back to sleep, and when he woke up, asked Bruno to pull over so they could take a piss break in the mountains. As they peed together, Sid looked down at a mountain stream and said "If I were to throw you over that embankment onto the rocks in the stream below, the rushing water would carry your body hundreds of miles away. They'd never be able to pin in on me. More than likely, they'd think you were a hiker who accidentally fell to your death." Six hours later they were home, and didn't talk to each other for the rest of the week (even though they were still roommates and taking long car trips together), with the only communication being Sid sneering at Bruno while doing the thumb across the throat gesture. Sid eventually forgave Bruno for making them so late, and things were better...for a little while.


(Yes, there is a lot more)

Sid asks Bruno to roll down a car window so he can throw a bottle at a sign. Bruno thinks Sid is joking. Sid thinks window is open and throws bottle through closed window. Sid says if he was joking he would've laughed after Bruno opened the window.


"Sid actually told me that since he didn't look at the window before he threw the bottle, he accepted 50 percent of the responsibility for the incident." He expected Bruno to pay for half of the repair costs as well as half of the gas to get to Sid's father in law's repair shop, which he went along with out of the fear that he'd be brutally murdered otherwise. Bruno stayed home. When Sid got back, he said that the sound the wind made against the trashbag over the broken window made him wish he brought Bruno along for the trip "so I could put you in front of the car and run you over repeatedly."

At the last show before Continental split into two territories, the wrestler (including Bruno's former charges, the RPMs, who he hadn't seen in awhile) were reminiscing in the parking lot. Sid, still in his hockey mask, went straight to the car. When fans mobbed him, he thew his bags down and swung his arms out. Unfortunately, his peripheral vision was so limited that he accidentally hit a babby (being held by its mom) right in the face. As the fans turned into an angry mob, Sid found his keys, grabbed his bag, hopped into the car, and sped over to Bruno, screaming "Get in the fucking car now!"


Bruno: "Sid, I'm sorry..."

Sid: "Sorry! Sorry? Is that supposed to help? I hit a fucking baby because you were fucking standing around instead of getting in the fucking car!"

Bruno: "But, Sid. I was talking to the RPMs because I haven't seen them for a while, and..."

Sid: "Fuck the RPMs, and fuck you!"


Sid forced Bruno's head down between his (Sid's) knees and started smothering him. Right before Bruno passed out, Sid let him go. They tried to regain their composure as Sid said he didn't mean to hurt Bruno but what he did was unacceptable. He told Bruno to get some beer and relax. Bruno thought about going back to Memphis (which he was homesick for anyway) but was afraid that Sid would murder him when he found out.

The last pre-WWF Sid story is Wendell Cooley being overly controlling about how to lay out a match, so as soon as the match started, Sid put him in a shoot full nelson, choking him out.

That's pretty much the end of the OMGSID stuff. Sid getting Bruno into the WWF and then when Sid quit, threatening to kill Bruno if he didn't quit with him was kinda interesting, as was Sid greeting Bruno with "So do you still wish my wife and kid were dead?" when he came back to the WWF in '95 (the conversation ended with Sid saying in his heart he knew that said allegation wasn't true) but it's nothing on SLEEP FOREVER etc.

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Hey Bix, it's not Sid related, but does Bruno talk at all about the story from Foley's first book where Brickhouse pulled the gun in the locker room?


Foley's book says that he only pulled it on Bruno, who got scared shitless. Brickhouse says in his shoot interview that he pulled it on the whole locker room (minus Jeff Jarrett, because he was the only one not laughing at Bruno's jokes) and they all hit the floor scared out of their minds.

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