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  1. TheDuke

    All Elite Wrestling

    Any word on the extent of Fenix's injuries or how long he will be out for?
  2. TheDuke

    WWE Network... It's Here

    My guess is there is like one person going through classic content to put up, and he only does it part time because it maybe is secondary work added to his existing job at WWE so he isnt given a lot of time for it.
  3. TheDuke

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Maybe Flair would replace Andre in the Mega Bucks,
  4. It's similar to when people flash strangers in public. It's not meant to win somebody over. The act in itself is it's own reward.
  5. TheDuke

    All Elite Wrestling

    Yeah if you like the cinematic matches like the boneyard match or firefly funhouse match from Wrestlemania the BTE episode 200 reminds me of that. I dont watch BTE usually and have a hard time getting through the episodes because I don't find them funny. But I wasnt bored or annoyed watching this episode because there was so much action.
  6. TheDuke

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    Botchamania is awesome. I think Vimeo is where I usually watch it, but I usually go to the actual Botchamania website and just pick one of the links since Maffew posts all of them so I may not even notice this change.
  7. Is this match on the WWE Network? What would I look under? Or is the rematch where Savage doesn't sell the leg on the Network?
  8. TheDuke

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Does anybody know why that 80's Florida stuff is not on the WWE Network? I thought Vince owned all the 80's Florida footage as well. I was watching some "Old School" 80's house show matches and was thinking it would be great if we had the local promos from the syndicated TV for the specific house shows that we do have on the Network. I understand that there are a lot of local promos from different syndicated shows and it wouldn't make sense to put them all up. But for the specific house shows they do have up, like the March 85 MSG show, it would be cool if they put up the syndicated TV or promos from the TV that aired on the local New York TV from the month or so leading up to it. As a child, the local promos was usually my favorite part of the syndicated TV, and being able to see those promos, followed by the actual matches they were promoting, would be lots of fun.
  9. TheDuke

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    I am curious to hear what Cornette has to say about the Boneyard Match. I imagine he is probably going to hate it, but I am curious if he has anything positive to say about it. Actually, with the way things have been going lately, I can imagine him starting watching it and then turning it off once he realizes its not a normal match.
  10. TheDuke

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    I liked the Mike Mills segment, because I like anytime Corny talks about old wrestling. I wish he was reviewing old wrestling on the Network instead of stuff like Legends House or the documentaries.
  11. TheDuke

    AEW Dynamite 25th March 2020

    II am really enjoying this episode. Surprising since the wwe empty arena stuff suck. I like Cody and Tony on commentary. It's easy to listen to. I would love to watch a show like this every week.
  12. TheDuke

    WWE TV 03/16 - 03/22 This is the rhythm of the night virus

    I think instead of having the audience empty, they should have one person sitting there by himself for these Performance Center shows: Vince McMahon.
  13. TheDuke

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2020

    R-truth makes a good point. Why are they previewing Wrestlemania matches during the Elimination Chamber pre-show? I don't blame him for being confused.
  14. TheDuke

    WWE TV 02/17 - 02/23 Giannis should just deck Nick Nurse

    Did they really think that piano would break? Pianos are not built the same as the simple folding tables they usually break. You think they would have tested it first. I like that Dolph and Otis haven't confronted each other yet. I know the whole soap opera for men thing is usually a negative thing, but you can hear the audience getting behind Otis and booing the heels here. I like this particular angle better than the similar Rusev/Lana storyline they had in the fall on Raw.
  15. TheDuke

    AEW Dynamite February 19

    I enjoyed the tag title match. To be honest it was probably my favorite Omega match that has been on Dynamite.