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  1. El Dragon

    Survivor Series 2020 Drew McIntyre is just the #2, biatch

    Me and a friend wer talking about literally yesterday that Vince looks like he's on his last legs. That image did not unconvince me in the slightest.
  2. El Dragon

    Survivor Series 2020 Drew McIntyre is just the #2, biatch

    Okay, everyone else in suits and Kane coming down in full gear gave me a chuckle.
  3. El Dragon

    Survivor Series 2020 Drew McIntyre is just the #2, biatch

    Man, that's a lot of old guys in a small space with no masks.
  4. El Dragon

    Survivor Series 2020 Drew McIntyre is just the #2, biatch

    The fucking Godwins? 20 years since they were on screen Nice catch Savio.
  5. El Dragon

    GWE 2021

    For whatever it's worth, I'm about 99% sure Grimmas still plans to run 2026, as I was talking to about it pretty recently. It's still a bit early for that to be set on the how at this point, but yeah, he still plans on running it just like he ran 2016 as of a couple weeks ago.
  6. El Dragon

    AEW Full Gear 2020

    I do think it's amazing how much more okay I am with Eddie losing this then I was when Jericho beat Orange. I think it's because when Orange lost, I never thought he would be that hot ever again. Kingston can make himself the hottest man in wrestling with one promo on any given week. Also, while he was wearing Misawa tribute gear, the undeniable truth about Kingston is he's not Misawa. He's Kawada. And he knows that.
  7. El Dragon

    AEW Full Gear 2020

    This is what a fucking brawl SHOULD BE god dammit.
  8. El Dragon

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 - Family Feud

    I wonder what Shane Thorne was thinking when they told him this was his character name.
  9. El Dragon

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 - Family Feud

    I was really excited for this but I really wish it was more of a straight brawl instead of a "look at the unique ways we use weapons" brawl.
  10. El Dragon

    AEW All Out 2020

    ... I can buy a months subscription of IWTV for less then a third of 50 dollars. Welcome to modern times when justifying spending half a hundred on 3 solid hours of wrestling doesn’t fly anymore when there is great wrestling to be had for a fraction of the price or free on YouTube.
  11. El Dragon

    AEW All Out 2020

    To be fair, this is a 50 dollar show. I could get almost half a year of IWTV for that price. You can’t have a “solid” show in 2020 and expect people not to bitch at a 50 dollar price tag.
  12. El Dragon

    Can-Am Pro Wrestling

    I'd like to apologize, as I should have offered some talent, but I thought since we already did the co-op show, I'd leave the door open for someone else to jump in to get there guys a chance. If I had known nobody had offered anyone I would have jumped in with some talent to fill the rosters.
  13. El Dragon


    I love love love Lesnar’s story so far. The arrogance of him thinking he could just walk through someone like Tamura is the perfect first loss, and that is a huge money rivalry. I really want him vs. Han too, that could be special. These shows are always loaded beyond belief, and I’m always excited for the next update.
  14. El Dragon

    Pro Wrestling Outlaws

    Pro Wrestling Outlaws TV: August 16th, Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Announcers Mikey Tenay and Bobby Heenan. PWO World Title Quarterfinal Round Matchup Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy A rivalry renewed, as Tajiri and Crazy met up for a chance at the semi-finals. A strong reaction for both men, and the highlight from August 16th show, advertising it as being available for shipping soon, with Crazy scoring the pinfall over Tajiri. And this match has a strong crowd, and the two have the chemistry that has always made this a memorable matchup. This one has Tajiri working subtle heel, without outright cheating. Eventually Crazy misses a Moonsault, and Tajiri immediately grabs a hold of him and hits a Brainbuster, and becomes the first man to the quarterfinals. Winner via Pinfall in 15:59, and moving on to the Semi-Finals: Yoshihiro Tajiri Post Match, after Tajiri is celebrating, Super Crazy stands up waiting for him, and extends his hand out to Tajiri, who accepts it to some applause. As Crazy goes to pull away, Tajiri pulls him in, seemingly going for the Green Mist... but he doesn't actually do it, just goes through the motions leaving Crazy to sprawl backwards and the crowd to give an audible "oooh", before Tajiri walked away with a grin, giving Crazy a slight bow. ~~~~~~~~ As we come back from the Commercial Break, Prince Nana is in the ring, surrounded by his 3 clients Xavier, BJ Whitmer, and Chris Hero. Nana cuts a promo, introducing his clients, stating Xavier is the best pure athlete in pro wrestling, Whitmer is the toughest man in the world, and that Hero is the best technician in the industry, and says he bought these 3 men to be the founding members of The Embassy. He declares they were gonna take all the championships and declares the first Embassy open challenge on, saying Xavier and Whitmer are ready for any sort of tag team challenge. That led to La Parka and Pirata Morgan vs. "The Embassy" of BJ Whitmer & Xavier w/ Prince Nana Parka comes out with a new ally as Pirata Morgan joins him for... well, it would probably shouldn't be called a match. Whitmer and Xavier gain a little control over Parka first off, but then this devolved rapidly when Parka grabbed a chair at ringside and cracked Whitmer in the head. The match was called via DQ and the brawl was on, as Pirata and Parka just go to god damned town, though Whitmer and Xavier do there best to fight back, and even manage to bust open Morgan, who quickly started to get the crowd behind him. They eventually manage to fight here way to the back... revealing Nana and Hero hiding at ringside during the brawl Winners via Disqualification in 3:12: The Embassy. Post Match, Nana grabs a microphone after the match announcement, and hypes up the Embassy being 1-0 (with Heenan and Tenay pointing out they had already wrestled matches at PWO events, and this is there first win), and says but that isn't good enough, and he wants to start 2-0 and show the dominant force th Embassy will be. So he declares Hero is welcoming all challengers, which Hero looks somewhat hesitant about. It becomes even more hesitant when his challenger comes out... Vader vs. Chris Hero w/ Prince Nana A total massacre. Hero tries to use his technical wrestling to counter the big man, and even tries to strike with him a couple times, and it goes as expected. Hero does get one impressive spot, hitting a Bodyslam on the big man, and he looks ready to finish, before Vader just pummels him long enough to hit a brutal powerbomb for the finish Winner via pinfall in 4:34: Vader Post Match, Nana is on the apron complaining to the ref and declaring Vader cheated in someway. Vader goes to swing at Nana, who bails out, but with Vader's back turned Spike Dudley runs in from the crowd, and hits an Acid Drop on Vader off the ropes! Spike quickly exits back through the crowd, with a recovering Vader looking on with anger ~~~~~ Akira Taue & Genichiro Tenryu vs. Two Local Competitors (Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt) An introduction to two Japanese Legends, as Taue and Tenryu make a statement victory. The percent of the crowd who knows who they are isn't super high, but there are enough people there who are thrilled to see the two that the atmosphere is somewhat infectious. Taue and Tenryu basically beat the snot out of to the two locals, ending when Taue and Tenryu due an old Taue tag match move of there own, hitting a Powerbomb by Tenryu and Chokeslam by Taue on Dutt. Winners via pinfall in 5:03: Akira Taue and Genichiro Tenryu ~~~~~ Before the ring announcer can announce the next match, James Mitchell storms to the ring, and grabs the microphone, and demands Sabu comes out, not caring if Sabu might be wrestling in the main event. When he's met by silence and no response, he points out that if Sabu is actually one of the owners of this fed, it would surely look terrible if one man could stop the show, as he has no intention of leaving the ring until Sabu comes out. That also is met with silence. He then says Sabu is clearly a coward who can't even stand to a non athlete, and is in the process of pulling up a chair when the lights go out, and when they come on Sabu is in the ring, with Mitchell holding the chair to defend himself. Before Sabu can do anything, he is jumped by The Haas Brothers, who start beating him down in the ring. Before the damage can become too severe though, the crowd goes crazy as Matt and Jeff Hardy run down to the ring to make the save, and both sides end up being at a stalemate. Ricky Steamboat comes down, and declares if they wanted this fight, they are free to it, and orders a matchup between the Hardys and the Haas Brothers right now! The Hardy Boys w/ Sabu vs. The Haas Brothers w/ James Mitchell An interesting contrast of styles here, as the Hardys are trying to make this match wild, while the Haas Brothers are much more comfortable keeping the match as slow as possible. It's an interesting match, with Mitchell seemingly helping his new followers at every step he could. Eventually Sabu has had enough, and chases him up the ramp. While this is going on, the Ref gets distracted, and misses Charlie hitting Matt with the Ring Bell, and Russ makes the cover while Jeff and Charlie brawl on the outside. Winner via pinfall in 9:16: The Haas Brothers ~~~~~ Christopher Daniels vs. Estrella de Tiro (Paul London) Daniels has had some problems coming out of the gate in retaining fan interest, and he gets a shot to stand out here against the young Estrella de Tiro, a young masked competitor. Daniels gets most of this match, though Tiro gets some fun spots to show what he's got going for him. Half way into the match Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring, making her first showing in PWO, and walks around the ring watching the contest. This distracts Daniels a bit, looking around confused, and this leads to Tiro scoring with a really nice looking role up. Eventually Tiro goes for a beautiful Shooting Star Press, but Daniels gets his knees up, then hits the Last Rites for the win. Winner via Pinfall in 6:24: Christopher Daniels ~~~~~~ PWO World Title Quarter Final Match Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Dick Togo Big reactions for both Liger and Rey, and a less big reaction for the so far impressive but not as established Togo. This was a wild match, with Liger and Mysterio almost working together for stretches of this to neutralize and take Togo out of the match to resolve there issue. It works at times, but mostly this is a triple threat match without much time with any of the 3 outside of the action, as Togo is even able to control both men for stretches, using his high impact offense to gain control. Many big near falls go on as this match goes on, as the crowd gets further and further into it. It feels like Rey has the fall first when he hits a Top Rope Rana on Liger while Liger has a Boston Crab on Togo, but Togo manages to break the cover. Liger gets a big moment late in the match, as he hits a Running Ligerbomb on Mysterio, and was seemingly going to get the pinfall, but Togo took out the referee by Sentoning on top of him. Togo and Liger proceed to brawl on the outside, with Liger gaining the upper hand, before Taka Michinoku, Shiryu, Men's Teioh, and Sho Funaki run down, and distract Liger, though there is no outright assault. This gives Togo th echance to come to the top rope, and hit a Top Rope Senton on Rey, with the ref recovering to make the pinfall while the members of Ka En Tai hold Liger back Winner by pinfall in 23:51: Dick Togo Kai En Tai celebrate in the ring, as Liger seems to consider engaging the 5 men, but reluctantly pulls Mysterio out of the ring, leaving Togo to celebrate his victory as the show goes off the air.