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  1. Kevin Ridge

    Wrestle Kingdom 11

    I've seen very little of both guys and also the last few years of NJPW so I'm missing stuff like back story but had to check out main event when I heard about Meltzer's thoughts about it. I'm sure hearing about the praise going in effected my viewing as I sat there just waiting through the first 20 minutes or so to be wowed. Kenny at least was trying to work the back but Okada just seemed to not bring a hole lot early on. He did take some really nasty bumps though. I hope that top rope Dragon Suplex doesn't start popping up all over the place. That was nasty. Worse on replay. Corino's remark about future neck surgery really hit the mark for me. As was thinking the same damn thing. How he was really taking a risk to his long term health. It is a spot I just don't want to see and took me briefly away from trying to enjoy a match to where I'm thinking seriously about a guy's well being. Admit I did get back into for the finishing stretch and found myself rooting for Omega to win. Just wish they did more early on and added a few breathers in towards the end.
  2. Kevin Ridge

    Hell in a Cell 2016

    Back from attending show live. Three HIAC matches was overkill. All the props to Sasha/Charlotte for main eventing the show and easily having the match that had the most personal involvement. Folks in attendance were standing for most of the earlier part of bout. Got to say even though it was obvious coming when Sasha got off the stretcher to continue match I felt quite emotional. I loved that. Finished just didn’t come off live though. Still this was the most deserving to be main event. Rest of show? I absolutely fucking hated it. Fuck those fans in attendance. Really horrible and shameful to be apart of that experience. Shitbags who think they are the reason people tune in. Who sat there like a pile of shit during most of the show but immediately decided to chant boring 15 seconds into the Cruiserweight title match. That really burned me on a lackluster show for them to take that opportunity there. Fuck WWE for booking the whole division to not even give it a chance. It is so frustrating to attend a live show these days or almost any sport in general. The people are just rotten. The fan base seems to want to get themselves over more than anything. Anyways good luck with Survivor Series with Lesnar/Goldberg. That got zero reaction from the live attendance when they showed both video packages. Toronto is going to shit all over that one.
  3. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    If Cena is scheduled for Raw tomorrow he should be a complete broken man. No smiling or shrugging off the outcome. It was an exceptionally brutal beating and loss. This should eat him up and create doubt in him.
  4. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    That was a total mauling.
  5. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    Summerslam moving out of LA next year.
  6. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    Not a convincing match from Reigns to say he's the next big thing. Orton with two good looking counters (including an RKO that did fool me as finish) but not much other wise.
  7. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    Yeah, I got a huge laugh out of HHH doing a big bump off Brie.
  8. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    The announcing gushing over how hot Stephanie looks has me wondering if it is Vince through the headset feeding them the lines.
  9. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    I didn't like the start to match as expected more chaos right front he bat but once we got the lumberjacks involved this became really entertaining. Crazy unglued Ambrose is fantastic. I could do without another Kane interference spot though.
  10. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    That was pretty good. The Rusev/Lana act was entertaining here.
  11. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    I want the German commentating option!
  12. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    My feed (on PS3) keeps pausing and then fast forwards to try catch up so video and audio are not in sync. Pretty unwatchable right now as now is just completely freezing.
  13. Kevin Ridge

    Summerslam 2014

    Network is frustrating for me so far. Has "rewinded" back a few seconds five times already during pre show.
  14. Kevin Ridge

    [1998-01-14-Michinoku Pro] Mens Teoh vs Shoichi Funaki

    Fell asleep twice watching this one. Not something to watch late at night. I did not really enjoy the submissions in match. Felt like they were just randomly putting them on. Reminded me of some of those Joshi matches where they spend the first half just cranking stuff in but there is no danger of a loss and submissions become mostly an afterthought the second half of bout. I did like some of the reversals/pinfalls attempts later in the match. But this one never got going enough for me.
  15. Oh my goodness. Ha, couldn't help but laugh at Johnny being messed up. What an intro, "I'm drunk". Liked that we returned back to WWF TV tapings. Good to get back to some angles/promos. Well done on the Joe McHugh bio. I like his delivery on introductions. This was the Sgt. Slaughter show and it rules. McHugh chasing after Sarge was hilarious. Loved these Cobra Clutch challenges and how it built up with each guy. Crowd was going nuts that McGraw was going to break it al the way up to Patterson where fans was so fired up. Slaughter having the cotton balls in his ears was awesome. I just love how he interacts with the crowd getting them to cheer Gomer more and more. Oh, we needed the full G.I.Joe the Movie theme song to be played! Had to watch it on youtube when I got home. Johnny calling Strongbow a good worker in that shark cage match?! Black Demon and Kelly. A perfect match. I hope this all leads to Kelly putting together a ranking of the best 100 jobbers. The end stuff with Patterson and Slaughter was so great. Pat getting busted open, Slaughter refusing to let go of the Clutch, the crowd shots! But "The Van" took this to the next level when he got a hold of the chair. Dominic adding to his legendary status.