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  1. Thanks guys. This was the best!!
  2. You probably mentioned it during part 1 and I forgot the answer. But which title was more esteemed, the Southern or Florida titles? Great show by the way.
  3. dknick

    NWA On Demand-Data Base

    I find the search on the site to be lacking. Does this list exist in more detailed form not on PWO? Such as with links to the matches? If not I might start to try to put that together.
  4. dknick

    Match Tracking iOS App

    I have already built the app to maintain lists of promotions and wrestlers. So once you enter say WWE as a promotion, it will remember it and be presented as an option for future entries. Same for each wrestler you enter. Once I get a little bit further I will enter some screenshots so what I am doing makes sense. Thanks!!
  5. Hi All So I wanted an iOS app to develop and work on a bit here and there, and decided to build something to track matches I have watched, assign ratings, etc. And then build some analytics on the results, as well as filter the results (by promotion, rating, wrestler, year, etc). Thought it might be more assessable and useful on my phone than in a notebook, in a spreadsheet on my computer, etc. I will post it for free in the app store when done. Anyway, 2 questions: 1) Anyone interested in beta testing? First testable version should be ready in a couple of weeks. 2) Anyone interested in helping me sort out some UI design ideas? For example I am struggling with a good way to enter the match participants. If you think of a typical iOS app, it is typically structured around a list (table, see attached picture ). I am struggling with a good idea for how set up the UI (which is currently in a table) to handle multiple match types. Think singles match ( A vs B )vs tag match (A&B vs C&D) vs three way (A vs B vs C). Anyway, thanks in Advance! Dean
  6. dknick

    All Japan Excite Series #4

    I marked out for Parv remembering the color Kobashi wore on his one 80s set appearance.
  7. dknick

    Cubed Circle Newsletter 2014 Yearbook

    Awesome awesome stuff!!!
  8. dknick

    Pro-Wrestling Super Show

    This sounds brilliant. Cant wait to listen.
  9. Thanks for having us on! I fully appreciate that Dragon Gate isn't most people heres cup of tea, but I think almost any wrestling fan would enjoy a bit of Don Fuiji.
  10. One thing I don't understand is if they are trying to increase Network buys, why not make Main Event the show that has the best or most important match of the week. Use Raw and Smackdown to drive your angles, but make Main Event a can't miss show, instead of just a throwaway like it is now. Playing off one of the topics you guys discussed on the show, have a hot match end on Raw in a double count out. Put the rematch in a cage the next night on Main Event.
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  13. The more I listen to Martin, the more I think he sounds less like he is from Boston and more like ESPN's Tim Kurkjian which these already brilliant shows even more awesome. Great show guys!
  14. dknick

    Wrestling Infographic

    I want to alter the language in the header slightly and then I would be glad to. Thanks for the idea. I might do one of these every week or two if I have time. Don't want to infringe on mookieghana's gimmick though!