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  1. Lee Casebolt

    Superstars of the Superstation

    Hansen and Brody are together and all is right with the world. I mean, it's horrible news if you're Ivan Koloff or the Iron Sheik, but it's great for the rest of us.
  2. Lee Casebolt


    Lord, Randy Savage murdering Bobby Heenan and Patera, Blackwell, Williams, and Fernandez brawling around them would be a show I watched over and over again until the tape broke.
  3. Lee Casebolt

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    Love, love, LOVE the Brad Armstrong debut. Looking forward to seeing what the Armstrong family can do against the Paul Jones Army.
  4. Lee Casebolt

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    Full disclosure, I'd never seen a minute of Lutte before maybe a month ago, when I stumbled across three Garvins vs Rougeaus tag matches on youtube. Life changing. I had no idea the Rougeaus could have matches like that. When I got Montreal, I knew what I had to do. Glad to hear it's working.
  5. Lee Casebolt

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    The machinations in Florida continue. Who hired the Briscos? What did they get out of this? And two new champs! Really looking forward to Gino's reign, in particular. His rise to the top has been lightning quick.
  6. Lee Casebolt

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    (5/19/84) Home Box Office, in association with Titan Sports, presents, live from Paul Sauvé Arena, in Montréal, Quebec, Canada Tonight's slate of professional wrestling action is sanctioned by the American Wrestling Association and the Quebec Athletic Commission. 1. Promos by… Hulk Hogan – “Hulkamania is running wild on HBO and in Montreal tonight, brother! The AWA World Title is on the line, and no filthy, stinking Animal is going to take what belongs to the Hulkamaniacs! George Steele, whatcha gonna do when the 24 inch pythons and 24,000 fans run wild on you?” Lou Albano w/ The Wild Samoans & Kamala – “Strongbows, this is your last chance! We’ve beaten you from pillar to post and back again! You can’t take these belts from the Wild Samoans! And Kamala’s gonna throw 19 people over that top rope tonight, daddy, and there ain’t nothin’ man nor beast nor Giant can do about that!” Magnum TA & Rocky Johnson – “Freddie Blassie, I told you last week you shouldn’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Ray Stevens, that goes for you, too! But you didn’t listen, and now you’ve brought me and Rocky together.” “That’s right! And that’s a mistake you’re gonna regret. You couldn’t handle just one of us. You don’t have a chance against both of us!” Bob Backlund w/ Arnold Skaaland – “James Snuka, it seems like you lost something! But I’ve got that belt right here, Mr. Snuka. Around my waist, where it belongs. Because I am a magnanimous man, I’m going to give you a chance to get it back. You’re welcome, Mr. Snuka!” Jimmy Snuka – “Bob Backlund, you backstabbing thief! You stole a belt, but you didn’t win a title. The Superfly is gonna put you down, Backlund!” The Rougeau Brothers – [in French, subtitled] “Road Warriors, everyone knows you’re the biggest, strongest, toughest team in wrestling. But you’re in our home town now, in front of thousands of the Canadian fans, and tonight the Rougeaus prove that being the biggest and the strongest doesn’t make you the best. It’s going to be a long trip home without those belts, Road Warriors.” The Road Warriors w/ Paul Ellering – “The Road Warriors have always said, we will defend these belts anywhere against anyone, any time. Well the time is tonight, the place is here, and the Rougeaus are the lucky winners of this horrific beating. Tell ‘em, Hawk!” “Well! We are the Road Warriors. We snack on danger and we dine on death! And tonight, Ray Rougeau and his brother Arm and Hammer are the dinner guests!” 2. Mark Fleming & Barry Horowitz def. “Iron” Mike Sharpe & Grizzly Boone when Horowitz pinned Boone with the ¾ Nelson cradle at 3:13 3. Superstar Billy Graham w/ Freddie Blassie def. SD Jones with a bearhug at 4:51 4. 20 man battle royal won by Andre the Giant – also appearing Kamala, Killer Khan, Dino Bravo, Yoshiaki Yatsu, Jose Gonzales, Brian Blair, Brutus Beefcake, Bernie Wright, Dave Morgan, Pierre Lafevbre, Sailor White, Richard Charland, Shunji Takano, Yasuyuki Fujii, Johnny Rivera, Pedro Morales, SD Jones, Pat Patterson, Rene Goulet 5. Rocky Johnson & Magnum TA def. Ray Stevens & Korstia Korchenko w/ Freddie Blassie at 9:32 when Rocky put Korchenko out with a sleeper. 6. Backstage, Andre and Hogan pass in the hallway. Brief speculation about a clash between those two. Offhand mention of Andre’s overseas commitments meaning he has to leave the building immediately due to tight travel schedule. 7. Hulk Hogan © vs. George “The Animal” Steele (AWA World Heavyweight Title) – 12 minute version of the standard Hogan title defense. Hulk gets a little color from Steele biting his forehead. 8. Jimmy Snuka © vs. Bob Backlund w/ Arnold Skaaland & Yoshiaki Yatsu (AWA International Heavyweight Title) ends in a DCO at 10:24; after the bell rings, Yatsu blindsides Snuka and joins Backlund in the beatdown. Billy Two Eagles comes down to even the odds, and the heels are chased off. 9. The Wild Samoans Afa & Sika w/ Lou Albano © def. Jay & Jules Strongbow with a diving headbutt at 9:22 to defend the AWA International Tag Team titles. The Samoans just wreck the overmatched Strongbows. Postmatch, Albano gets on the stick to run down Canada in general and French Canadians in particular. After a few solid minutes of insults, the Rougeaus hit the ring in response, and Ray, Armand, Afa, and Sika brawl. The Rougeaus start to get the better of things, and Albano waves to the back. Kamala & Killer Khan come down the aisle to join the fray, and it’s a four-on-two beatdown of the Rougeaus. Dino Bravo follows, grabs a chair, and clears the ring. 10. Road Warriors © def. Raymond & Armand Rougeau with the Doomsday Device at 5:32 to retain the AWA World Tag Team titles. The Rougeaus were in a bad way when the match started, and while they fought back gamely, the champs showed no mercy.
  7. Lee Casebolt

    TNT Wrestling

    Funk/Bock is going to be amazing.
  8. Lee Casebolt

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Wow. Eventful week in World Class, with a shock opener, a surprise at the end, and a whole lot of carnage in between.
  9. Lee Casebolt

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    Those two top tag matches look nuts.
  10. Lee Casebolt

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    A Borne/Slater brawl sounds fun as hell. Can't wait to see who Piper brings for backup.
  11. Lee Casebolt

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    Agree on the tag booking, and that's something I have to learn to steal. Seems like a transitional period for Pacific, with Zenk and Perez making promising debuts and Valiant and Big Jim on the way out.
  12. Lee Casebolt


    Big debut from Stampede! Stu's "everything is fine, this is perfectly normal" is less than convincing. Will we see a full blown Minneapolis vs Calgary war? Definitely looking that way after a heinous attack on the Harts. I know he's supposed to be the heel, but Bad News is cool as fuck. Could definitely go an 80s Stone Cold route with him.
  13. Lee Casebolt

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    AWA Worldwide touring schedule for 5/13 through 5/18, 1984 - A Tour (5/13 Reading PA, 5/14 Staten Island NY, 5/15 Brooklyn NY, 5/17 Plymouth Meeting PA) Jimmy Snuka defending the AWA International title vs. George Steele Bob Backlund vs. Pat Patterson Rocky Johnson defending the AWA/HBO Television title vs. Ray Stevens Killer Khan vs. SD Jones Dino Bravo vs. Kamala Killer Bs vs. Jose Luis Rivera & Jose Estrada Fleming & Horowitz vs. Grizzly Boone & Mike Sharp Richard Charland vs. Billy Two Eagles B Tour (5/13 Bangor ME, 5/14 Manchester NH, 5/15 Framingham MA, 5/17 Johnstown PA) The Wild Samoans defending the AWA International Tag Team titles vs. the Strongbows Magnum TA vs. Korstia Korchenko Superstar Billy Graham vs. Dave Morgan Rougeau Brothers vs. Shunji Takano & Yasuyuki Fujii Mr. Saito vs. Tim Horner (5/17 Mr. Saito replaced by Yoshiaki Yatsu) Jose Gonzales vs. John Quinn Pedro Morales & Johnny Rivera vs. Pierre Lafevbre & Sailor White
  14. Lee Casebolt


    Effective Friday, Worldwide trades Mr. Saito to World Class for Yoshiaki Yatsu.
  15. Lee Casebolt

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Valentine vs. Graham remains fascinating.