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  1. Martyn

    AEW Dynamite - January 15, 2020

    1. If I am not mistaken, its a thread about Dynamite from 01/15. AEW/TNT announced its extension before that Bash at the Beach episode. 2. Any source of those rumours? I am following the product since the beginning and never heard about Khan regreting anything. 3. AEW would be fine even if The Young Bucks or Kenny Omega would have left. Its about the idea behind this brand first and foremost and the only real difference maker is Chris Jericho. Maybe we are watching a different guy, but PAC does have a personality and charisma. Hes got that Chris Benoit/Katsuyori Shibata vibe, where he looks and carries himself like a wrestler and maybe doesnt sings ballads like The Rock, but can get the job done on the microphone. His in ring is always spot on and consistent. That match with Darby Allin was fantastic and its not just about the movezzz. He can be a pretty good draw as well - his match w/Ospreay at Revolution Pro High Stakes 2019 sold out the York Hall in 1,5 hours which never happend before and theyve booked The Elite, Okada, Tanahashi, Naito and the rest at their peaks.
  2. Martyn

    AEW Dynamite - January 15, 2020

    Have you heard the news about Dynamite being extended until the end of 2023 with a lock of staying there until the end of 2024 on a renegotiated and much bigger budget? Per last issue of WON, AEW with all those deals in place, is the second most profitable company in the world. Grossing even more than what New Japan does. Therefore, money isnt really an issue. Of course, its not like they can throw money left and right, but they do have the resources to keep guys like PAC. Your point about him *not* being a star is laughable and subjective. Marty Scurll did what he thought is the best for him and the company he worked for. He does make a difference in ROH and is more needed there than anywhere else at the moment. AEW shouldnt really add plenty of new guys before they elevate the current talent over and get another hour on tv later this year. Spending tons of money on a guy you might not really have time for/would take the air time of already signed people, when your own roster still needs development sounds exactly like WWE having hunderds of guys on the contract just for the sake of it and AEW is not like them. Khan said it many times. I would love to see him in AEW one day, but I am perfectly fine with it if its two/three years from now. They dont need him at this point.
  3. If Verne, Crockett and most importantly, The Sheik, would have the guts to do it, then they could set it up in a way, where The Sheik would leave the arena with the title. All they would have to do is to plant "their" people in the crowd (to help The Sheik, if there would be some riot) and a car with the engine turned on, waiting outside. I know that it sounds like some action movie, but if Vince wouldnt expect anything, then they would be able to pull it off. Just imagine, having The Iron Sheik with the WWF title doing jobs to the AWA and NWA champions. If Hogan would get injured for good and would have to leave the buisness, Vince McMahon would really struggle with building his empire. Maybe, if used right, Randy Savage could accomplish as much as Hogan did, but that would certainly take much more time. If they would be smart enough to work as an unity within the territories plus they would be backed up with some strong TV and PPV deals, then they could easly survive. The history would be different, WWF might have never been as big as it really was and who knows what Ted Turner would do, if the territories were much stronger back then.
  4. Hallo PWO! In this shoot interview, The Iron Sheik discusses the details of how Verne Gagne tried to pay him for not dropping the WWF belt to Hogan and injuring him in the same process: Just think about it - he couldve not only take the WWF title to AWA, but also quite possibly injure the mega star WWFs rise to the global phenomenom had been built around. What if the birth of Hulkamania wouldve happen a few months/yearls later? Would it still be as big as the original one? or what would it mean to WWF if it would never happen, because Hogan would never be able to compete again? Would Hulk Hogan or WWF sue AWA? Could Vince and WWF reach their global status by hiring Randy Savage and making him someone, Hulk Hogan was supposed to be (with Machomania and all of that)? Could AWA became the number one player worldvide, because of it or would theyve stayed in ther terrytory and the whole territorial system would be around even today? It seems like a completely new history could have been written, if the WWF would be stopped at the right moment. Those circumstances made it the most important match ever, way more influental than the Montreal Screwjob or the nWo vs. Savage, Sting and Luger.
  5. Martyn

    AJ Styles

    I am an AJ Styles fan since the mid 00s. Loved his matches then and maybe even more now, because the more older he is, the more mature and well structured his matches are. His indy and New Japan stuff since 2014 is superb. Last week I went to UK, to see him on RPW/NJPW interpromotional shows and it was a blast!
  6. Martyn

    German wrestling history

    Thanks! Anyone have some match recommendations from existing footage?
  7. Martyn

    German wrestling history

    Germany is a rich country in case of wrestling history. I'd like to know more about its beginnings, classic territories, rules, biggest stars and drawing cards, talent exchanges with other countries etc but I can't find any information or footage. Anyone here knows where I can find some reliable info in english? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  8. After reading all those recommendations here I've watched this match. On paper it looks great, but really, Hogan not selling for a powerbomb and that stupid ending killed this for me. In the beginning it looked like they've been building for something special, but later on it was clear that this match had no structure at all and that overkill in the end just put the last nail in the coffin.
  9. Martyn

    NJPW May 2015 ppv

    Every Dontaku show in Fukuoka is half empty no matter what and it looks like they just give up this year and booked it poorly.
  10. Hallo! I'd like to fulfill my dream this year and visit Japan. I want to attend three G1 Climax shows in Ryogoku and as much other events as possible during that time period. Because I am travelling all the way from other part of the globe to see G1, I dont want to seat in the back of the Sumo Hall. I am interested in ringside seats, but I dont know if there's a possibility of booking them in advance from Europe. Anyone have any experience in booking tickets for pro wrestling events in Japan? Any idea of how much would they cost and when they're going on sale? Unfortunately, I dont know anybody in that country so I will have to do everything by myself. Any kind of info and help will be greatly appriciated!
  11. Martyn


    How to recieve an access to the Village Green Preservation Society section? I didnt found any info about this, so sorry in advance if it was asked already or explained somewhere on the board.
  12. Hulk Hogan and many others have said, that Randy was using this deep voice in real life as well. @victory - I meant randymachomansavage.net
  13. Thanks for your answers! That website's had some truly awesome stuff - http://web.archive.org/web/20130415140754/http://www.randymachomansavage.net/ but its not online anymore. Anyone know the author of this site?
  14. No, I am not a subscriber, but definitively gonna check that issue out. Thanks!
  15. He's one of my favourites, but I dont know that much about him at all. Where can I find some reliable and detailed information about his early years, baseball carreer, beginnings in his father promotion, details about his feud with Jerry Lawler and other major things before he joined WWF, some interesting behind the scenes stories from his WWF and WCW run and more. Unfortunately, he never wrote a book nor did some sort of shoot interview. Any help will be greatly appreciated!