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    WWE TV 9/5-9/11

    Raw could be 6 hours long and there would still be no excuse for stuff like that awful New Day segment or really ANY of the "comedy" stuff that The Club has been doing since the split. I agree, but I don't think Raw has exclusivity of awful segments. The women's segment that started Smackdown last night was bad and didn't reflect well on anyone.
  2. 909

    WWE TV 9/5-9/11

    It isn't the writing that makes Smackdown better. It's that they don't have to fill an extra hour with garbage.
  3. 909

    [2014-02-14-WWE-Smackdown] Randy Orton vs Cesaro

    I was there and the crowd did explode. I still haven't watched this on TV, but the match had the crowd going from the first minute. Orton worked a fake injury really well, and the finishing stretch was of course excellent. Cesaro would seem to be the only guy in the company with moves that look like they could finish somebody beginning with the first move of their finishing sequence. Lots of alternate finishers in that sequence too. Cesaro is one of those guys the WWE could get a lot out of by pushing harder. Was trying not to overreact at the time of seeing the match, but I was having a hard time thinking of many non-gimmick matches Orton has had that were better than this. I could only think of a few.
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    WWE Network - Unadvertised features

    The Goldust mini-documentary was excellent. Would love to see more stuff like that.
  5. I checked out Spring Stampede 97 and Nancy was Benoit's manager. So, I doubt it.
  6. 909

    Most boring wrestler of all time?

    No... Mike Rotunda would be my answer. Not a fan of his, uh, deliberate style, and specifically as IRS, his over-use of the chinlock. He had some interesting skits as IRS, but in the ring, no thanks.
  7. No, not at all, but after starting with that cartoony 94-95 WWF product, the two are quite contrasting. I guess it's part of growing up.
  8. I'm 26, grew up watching the WWF. First show I watched was Royal Rumble 1994. For some reason, that awful Taker/Yoko casket match hooked me in. After that, I rented a few Coliseum Videos from the movie store, and it stuck. I ran their copy of Invasion 92 into the ground. Despite that, I still go on and off in terms of watching the current product, which it seems like a lot of people do. Perhaps oddly enough, I prefer Southern style wrestling.