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  1. Mr. Lacelle

    Rick Martel

    I really dig the Summerslam 89 6 man tag.
  2. Mr. Lacelle

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Show her Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows. Then show her IYH:Canadian Stampede. Every girl Ive ever shown that to has loved it & wound up hating Vince.
  3. Mr. Lacelle

    Roman Reigns as the ace post-Wrestlemania

    Brock has been the guy & yall are talking about Roman. Lesnar is the one who is booked like the guy & the superstar who eventually beats him will become the guy until the booking inevitably makes them just another guy.
  4. Mr. Lacelle

    The Pro-wrestling Curve of Attractiveness

    Every girlfriend I have ever had all thought Bret was in a class of his own with regards to looks. Scott Hall is up there too.
  5. Mr. Lacelle

    Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions

    I predict the announcers will inform us of a bunch of stats no one gives a shit about.
  6. Mr. Lacelle

    Peace out Tom Zenk

    Saw this on Twitter this morning. I really dug his match against Pillman @ Wrestle War 92 & his tag stuff with Martel in AJPW.
  7. Mr. Lacelle

    Best and Worst Strikes

    Bruno Sammartino has some amazing stomps.
  8. Mr. Lacelle

    WWE TV Oct 9-15

    I can see an argument for 97 Hart Foundation for the promos alone. Plus they had way better rivals.
  9. Mr. Lacelle

    How have your tastes in wrestling changed?

    Ive been rewatching WCW big events from Starrcade 83 & I just finished Starrcade 94 last night. The tastes I had as a 14 year old compared to watching now at 37 are the same.
  10. Mr. Lacelle

    WON HOF 2017

    I thought Martel was going on the ballot
  11. Mr. Lacelle

    Halloween wrestling

    Some Zodiac & Jason The Terrible from Stampede as well
  12. Mr. Lacelle

    Who's your Boy?!

    Even blonde, bloated, late WWF Bravo? Every incarnation
  13. Mr. Lacelle

    Who's your Boy?!

    I may be the biggest fan of Dino Bravo on the internet
  14. Mr. Lacelle

    Who's your Boy?!

    For me it's Ray Rougeau & the guy in my avatar, Dave Taylor.
  15. Mr. Lacelle

    Undertaker could be coming back

    Until Brock retires, he's that guy.