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  1. bestintheworld3589

    WrestleMania List-A-Mania! 33 Lists in 33 Days!

    Just curious why you called day 28 category Best WrestleMania Hidden Gems instead of WrestleMania's Most Underrated Matches?
  2. bestintheworld3589

    WrestleMania List-A-Mania! 33 Lists in 33 Days!

    I hope their is a best post WrestleMania Raw moment topic in this List-A-Mania
  3. bestintheworld3589

    Full roster for WWF 2K17

    The list on the official site isn't everyone as it doesn't include the DLC characters just added this past week. Here is a list of the complete roster. Aiden English AJ Styles Albert (DLC) Alberto Del Rio Andre the Giant Apollo Crews (DLC) Arn Anderson Austin Aries (DLC) Bam Bam Bigelow Baron Corbin Big Bossman Big Cass Big E Big Show Billy Gunn Blake Booker T Braun Strowman Bray Wyatt Bret Hart Brian Pillman British Bulldog Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman Brutus Beefcake (DLC) Bubba Ray Dudley Buddy Roberts (DLC) Butch Bo Dallas Cactus Jack Cesaro Chad Gable Chris Jericho Christian Curtis Axel D-Von Dudley Daniel Bryan Darren Young Dash Wilder Dean Ambrose Diamond Dallas Page Diego Diesel Dolph Ziggler Dude Love Dusty Rhodes Earthquake Eddie Guerrero (DLC) Edge Erick Rowan Enzo Amore Fandango Finn Balor Fernando Godfather (DLC) Goldberg Goldust Greg Valentine (DLC) Heath Slater Hideo Itami Jack Swagger Jake Roberts Jason Jordan JBL Jey Uso Jim Neidhart Jimmy Garvin (DLC) Jimmy Uso John Cena Kalisto Kane Karl Anderson (DLC) Kevin Von Eirch (DLC) Kerry Von Erich (DLC) Kevin Owens Kofi Kingston Konnor Larry Zbyszko Lex Luger Luke Luke Gallows (DLC) Luke Harper Mankind Mark Henry Michael Hayes (DLC) Mr Perfect MoJo Rawley (DLC) Murphy Neville Papa Shango (DLC) R-Truth Randy Orton Randy Savage Razor Ramon Ric Flair Rick Rude Ricky Steamboat Rikishi Road Dogg Rock Roman Reigns Rusev Sami Zayn Samoa Joe Scott Dawson Seth Rollins Shane McMahon Shawn Michaels Sheamus Shinsuke Nakamura (DLC) Simon Gotch Sin Cara Stardust Steve Austin Sting Sycho SId (DLC) Tatanka (DLC) Tatsumi Fujinami The Miz Titus O'Neil Triple H Tye Dillinger (DLC) Typhoon Tyler Breeze Tyson Kidd Ultimate Warrior Undertaker Vader Viktor Vince McMahon Xavier Woods Zack Ryder Alexa Bliss Alicia Fox Alundra Blayze Asuka Bayley Becky Lynch Brie Bella Carmella Charlotte Dana Brooke Emma Eva Marie Ivory (DLC) Jacqueline (DLC) Lita Naomi Natalya Nia Jax (DLC) Nikki Bella Paige Sasha Banks Stephanie McMahon Summer Rae Tamina Snuka Trish Stratus
  4. bestintheworld3589

    The WWE Global Cruiserweight show

    After looking at where all these guys are from I'm wondering why WWE changed the name from Global Cruiserweight Series to Cruiserweight Classic as it truly is a Global tournament. I also am surprised Andrade wasn't in this as well as Kalisto and/or Sin Cara since neither are doing anything on the main roster.
  5. bestintheworld3589

    Reveal schedule

    Take your time I like the slow reveal it gives the board members something to look forward to every day.
  6. bestintheworld3589

    Reveal schedule

    Grimmas if you need any help or assistance with the reveals for the tag teams I'd be more than happy to help you out.
  7. bestintheworld3589

    PWO Greatest Wrestler Ever Game

    Here is the link for part 2 http://www.sporcle.com/games/randyorko3589/pwo-greatest-wrestler-ever-pt-2
  8. bestintheworld3589

    Your ballots

    A big thank you goes out to everyone who entertained me with their podcasts on the GWE project over the past month as it was great to hear so many people's perspectives on what qualities make up a great wrestler and who they think most posses those qualities. Also a big round of applause to Steven Graham (Grimmas) who took time to reveal the countdown every day. At first I was going to make my ballot anonymous, but once I got to listening to the podcasts and reading the board I seen that even though I'm not as well versed when it comes to watching different styles of wrestling, for the most part the guys who I considered the greatest ever weren't far off from what the more hardcore and dedicated footage watchers thought were the greatest ever. I'm going to admit something that people involved in this project may look down on. When I first heard about this project I never had any intention of participating in it at all and it wasn't until after I listened to Chad & Parv run down their lists on Where the Big Boys Play that I actually got into it and decided to make a ballot. I will be completely honest and say I didn't watch any footage at all when making my ballot I did most of the list from gut instinct and who I most enjoyed watching and it didn't take me but like 3 or 4 days to come up with my ballot. I also didn't just base my ballot on in ring stuff I also considered star power, historic influence, length of peak, and promos. There are 3 people on my list I haven't watched hardly any footage of, but I knew they were big deals and had to put them high on my list and those three are Kenta Kobashi, Mitsuharu Misawa, & Jerry Lawler (Will's constant praise and the case he makes for Lawler got me to rank him that high). Once again a big thank you to all involved with the GWE Project and who's ready for the Worst Wrestler Ever project lol just kidding My official ballot 1. Terry Funk 2. Ric Flair 3. Stan Hansen 4. Mitsuharu Misawa 5. Kenta Kobashi 6. Jerry Lawler 7. Eddie Guerrero 8. Rey Mysterio Jr 9. Randy Savage 10. Shawn Michaels 11. Daniel Bryan 12. Mick Foley 13. Kurt Angle 14. The Undertaker 15. Bret Hart 16. Jushin Liger 17. John Cena 18. Vader 19. Chris Benoit 20. Curt Hennig 21. Steve Austin 22. Arn Anderson 23. AJ Styles 24. Harley Race 25. Ricky Steamboat 26. Ted Dibiase 27. Brock Lesnar 28. Tully Blanchard 29. William Regal 30. Nigel McGuinness 31. Sting 32. Roddy Piper 33. Owen Hart 34. Dustin Rhodes 35. CM Punk 36. Rick Rude 37. Greg Valentine 38. Bobby Eaton 39. Triple H 40. Chris Jericho 41. Ricky Morton 42. Ultimo Dragon 43. Bam Bam Bigelow 44. Samoa Joe 45. Rick Martel 46. Michael Hayes 47. Keiji Mutoh 48. Hiroshi Tanahashi 49. Andre the Giant 50. Paul Orndorff 51. Barry Windham 52. The Rock 53. Jake Roberts 54. Kazuchika Okada 55. Low Ki 56. Fit Finlay 57. Kerry Von Erich 58. Edge 59. Shinsuke Nakamura 60. Sabu 61. Brian Pillman 62. Scott Hall 63. Steve Williams 64. Larry Zbyszko 65. Hulk Hogan 66. Kevin Steen 67. Magnum TA 68. Chris Hero 69. Sami Zayn 70. Sgt Slaughter 71. Rob Van Dam 72. KENTA 73. Too Cold Scorpio 74. Ron Garvin 75. Raven 76. Cesaro 77. Dusty Rhodes 78. Lex Luger 79. Homicide 80. Jeff Hardy 81. Christian 82. Davey Boy Smith 83. Diamond Dallas Page 84. Luke Harper 85. Jerry Lynn 86. Haku 87. Randy Orton 88. Yoshihiro Tajiri 89. Wahoo McDaniel 90. Sean Waltman 91. Batista 92. Big Show 93. Scott Steiner 94. Bobby Heenan 95. One Man Gang 96. Booker T 97. The Big Boss Man 98. Takeshi Morishima 99. John Tenta 100. Jinsei Shinzaki
  9. bestintheworld3589

    Reactions to the List: 10-1

    I had him as my number 1
  10. bestintheworld3589

    Reactions to the List: 10-1

    So it looks like the top 4 may be in the exact same order as I have the top 4 on my ballot. Here is where I placed everyone from today and yesterday. Jushin Liger (16) Daniel Bryan (11) Rey Mysterio Jr (8) Jerry Lawler (6) Kenta Kobashi (5) Mitsuharu Misawa (4) Stan Hansen (3) What a gigantic leap Bryan had from only being a honorable mention in 2006 to being number 5 this year
  11. bestintheworld3589

    Reactions to the List: 10-1

    Just waiting to see how long it takes before goodhelmet comes in and starts going crazy that Lawler didn't at least make the Top 5.
  12. bestintheworld3589

    Reactions to the List: 25-11

    People on my list featured today Ricky Steamboat (25) Vader (18) Bret Hart (15) Eddie Guerrero (7) I have 9 out of the top 10 left on my ballot and 6 of those 9 are my top 6. The biggest disappointment from the the last couple of days was the placement of William Regal at 21, I was hoping he would make the top 15 at least. Looking back at my ballot I should have had him at least 5 spots higher.
  13. bestintheworld3589

    Reactions to the List: 25-11

    People shown from my ballot yesterday Barry Windham (51) William Regal (29) Arn Anderson (22) Steve Austin (21) Randy Savage (9) This leaves 13 ppl on my list with my top 8 still to be shown.
  14. bestintheworld3589

    Predict the Top Ten

    1. Terry Funk 2. Genichiro Tenryu 3. Stan Hansen 4. Jumbo Tsuruta 5. Rey Mysterio Jr 6. Ric Flair 7. Jerry Lawler 8. Toshiaki Kawada 9. Daniel Bryan 10. Mitsuharu Misawa
  15. bestintheworld3589

    Reactions to the List: 25-11

    I agree with everything said here.