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    2026 Nomination Thread

    Brett Wayne "Hack" Sawyer I have a longer rant to go on him at some point, but a total diamond in the rough of the Portland footage, who shines on a near constant basis in his available performances. Outstanding Babyface in singes with his matches with Flair and Rose (none of which feels like carry jobs in the slightest), and up with Piper as Buddy's best opponent in tag matches in Portland. Honestly, I'm stunned he has so little rep for someone who was clearly very good in basically all the footage we have of him between Portland and Georgia. Hack Sawyer vs. Buddy Rose (1/16/82) Hack Sawyer, Rocky Johnson, and Steve Regal vs. Buddy Rose, Rip Oliver, and Matt Borne (2/20/82) Hack Sawyer vs. Ric Flair (4/10/82) Hack Sawyer & Steve Pardee vs. Rip Oliver & The Assassin (9/11/82) Hack Sawyer vs. Ric Flair (10/2/82)
  2. El Dragon

    AEW Rampage - 20th August 2021

    Him mentioning his last night in Ring of Honor, a show I was there for, was beyond perfect. Such a great explanation for why he's back. Awesome promo, and now I just hope the work follows.
  3. El Dragon

    Daniel Bryan

    I honestly think it’s a fair one. I watched King of the Indies 2001 earlier this year and he had 3 matches in the 4 star range in 2 nights. He was, I believe, 20 years old at time of those matches. He’s clearly already an elite worker there. He had really good matches with Reigns and Cesaro this year, imo. At no point in the middle, when he was active, was he not at least a contender for one of the best guys going. Even in the dead periods in the WWE mid card he was still actively really good. Outside of maybe his first year in the business he’s been great since basically his entire career. I don’t know how you start his peak or finish his peak at any real point when he’s still one of the best guys going now.
  4. El Dragon

    Your #100 Spot

    It’s waaaay too early for that for me to properly articulate this but my early baseline seems to be “to even get to the point I’m considering you for top 100 I have to think your better then Curt Hennig” That might be a high baseline to some, but Curt Hennig is a guy I’m pretty low on by comparison to others.
  5. El Dragon

    Your #100 Spot

    It’s incredibly early, but my gut feeling is it’s going to come down to two guys who were absolutely incredible for 1 year year stretches that due to opportunity or otherwise just didn’t peak that high the rest of there career. Case 1 is Paul London. Absolutely incredible run in RoH from mid 02 to mid 03. In a company with AJ, Punk, Joe, Low-Ki, and Danielson, I thought he was noticeably the best worker of the bunch for 12 months. Putting on legit classics with Danielson, AJ, and Xavier. He gets signed to WWE and becomes the poster child of guys WWE just kills dead. His WWE run is still full of fun stuff on Velocity and his team with Kendrick is legit very good, but they killed his passion for the business and was just never the same again. Case 2 is Doug Somers, the best guy to not receive a vote in 2016. Only one year of being anything but a jobber, but that year is spent in arguably the best tag team feud ever on US soil. And he more then holds his own teaming with an all timer in Buddy, some times even out performing Buddy and a young Shawn who was arguably in his perfect role. The feud in one image to me is Somers holding a crimson masked Shawn by his hair to prevent the tag as he just fucking laughs at Marty. He’s just so fucking amazing in that feud he feels unarguable These two might finish 99 and 100 for me, or it might be a fight between the 2 for the spot. Still up in the air
  6. El Dragon

    Akira Hokuto vs. Eddie Guerrero

    Two all timers, who are really good in there youth before exploding into all timers who could do literally anything in the ring. I’ve been doing preliminary checking through my list and it alarmed me how easy they are to imagine each other as wrestling twins in terms of how there careers progressed. Who do ya like.
  7. El Dragon

    Bret Hart vs Rey Mysterio

    Feels like the biggest differential here is consistency of high end TV work. Both have there high ends, and I could even argue Bret’s best stuff is better and it not feel wrong, but Rey was consistently able to get entertaining stuff with guys I never really think about, and Bret was too hit and miss for me to rank there. So yeah, it’s Rey for me. He was my 1 last time, and while he will surely not be my 1 this time, he’s still a top 20 lock and Bret isn’t.
  8. El Dragon

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    My take is while I’m excited for everyone else’s thoughts on the discussion and would love some good back and forth, at the end of the day, the master list means nothing to me past “this reveal is going to be super fun”. It will mean next to nothing outside our circle, just like how the last one was torn to pieces for not having Undertaker higher by the r/squaredcircle community. The list that matters to me is my own. This is a collective project to expand our views and have us watch new and interesting workers and form our own opinion on things on the matter. It’s a journey we are taking together, and, honestly, the end doesn’t even have to be the end. Make your list for you, not to try to impact the end standings.
  9. El Dragon

    Chris Hero

    I've been trying to figure out why Hero doesn't click with me for a very long time, and during the watch party it finally hit for me: For the early part of his career he always felt like a guy more interested in doing Lucha sequences that looked cool then really trying to be an amazing pro wrestler overall. As time went on he added other influences (the notable Buddy Rose stage of his mid 2000's work), and eventually put it all together in the 2010s as a legitimately incredible performer that still left me cold. I used to think I just had anti-Hero bias still and that was the block. During the party I finally figured it out. Chris Hero breaks wrestling. He is a legitimate 6 foot 4, bulky, incredible athletic worker who can pull off amazing looking strikes and throws at the drop of a hat. He is smart, clever, knows how to work a match like nobody's business, and he also destroys my sense of believability in a lot of his matches because he is all of those things and there is no way a tiny little guy like Fenix, a toothpick like Sabre Jr., and many other indy guys that he is working 50/50 with shouldn't get destroyed by him. He should be indy Brock Lesnar because his skillset basically demands it. But I also don't know how much to blame Hero on that because 50/50 stuff is exactly what his crowd wants to see. I always thought Hero would be a very hard guy to rank. Then I finally figured out why and I find it even harder to know how I'm going to rank him. But I know I am going to rank him.
  10. El Dragon

    Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

    My description of Orton is he has the good performances over a long time period that he basically is a lock for a top 200 if you are giving him a chance. Put putting him in your top 100 just... looks wrong. I still have him Ultimo personally.
  11. El Dragon

    Akira Hokuto vs. Eddie Guerrero

    I would just like to point out autocorrect on your phone is a bitch. that is all.
  12. El Dragon

    Brock Lesnar

    If anything, I’d argue that match working so overwhelmingly well and being held up as a classic with the interference makes it more impressive. Brock is a fantastic bully, Eddie is an amazing underdog, and the note that the Spear wasn’t the finish, and that Eddie still had to use his wits, skill, and craftiness to win really adds to it. If the Spear was the finish, it doesn’t work. But Brock powering back up, and Eddie countering the perfect way using his surroundings and skill to find a way to pull it off is perfection. And, also, if it was any other character, it would hurt, but Eddie being Eddie was the perfect guy to win the title via interference and using a weapon.
  13. El Dragon

    Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

    I like Drew a lot, but Sheamus has 10 years of really strong work, and also was probably the best crowd less worker the WWE had in the dark days.
  14. El Dragon

    Cesaro vs Brad Armstrong

    Cesaro is one of the better wrestlers of this century, an athletic freak who has found fun ways to utilize that to his advantage his entire career. While his offense is something he has a lot of notoriety for, his ability to bring out the best of his opponents is notable. He’s an other worldly base for high fliers, like best in non Lucha history. Plug him in with a random high flier, you will get something really fun. He also works very well in a more “hoss fight” setting, and has real good stuff with the likes of Sheamus and others in his career. He’s a shoo in for my list, no question. Brad Armstrong is… pretty good. I’d give deeper thoughts, but in my watches of Brad he’s never got past that level to me. This is a cakewalk imo.
  15. El Dragon

    Seth Rollins vs Chris Adams

    Oh I know, but the Ambrose match was the most damning.
  16. El Dragon

    Barry Windham vs Chris Jericho

    This is interesting because I’m not super involved in this one. I’m too young to be on the nostalgia train with Barry, but what I have seen makes me think he was significantly over placed in 2016. Not that he wasn’t good, but he finished 25th and I always thought that seemed way too high. As I’m diving deeper maybe I’ll disagree, but he is at present very much not one of my guys. Jericho, on the other hand, has coincided with my fandom almost perfectly. He was a prominent performer having his best years of his career at the apex of my “nostalgia years” But I still like Barry better because Jericho as a performer has so many things that actively leave me cold. Jericho to me can be defined by the phrase “Jericho thinks he’s _____ then he really is”. And there are so many words I can fit into that blank? Smarter is probably the biggest one for me, but all of better, more athletic, and more clever all fit like a glove. He constantly over reaches in a variety of ways, and, for me, it tends to lead me to roll my eyes more often then to think he’s actively great. He’s had some great performances, but as someone who tries to evaluate the wrestler on how well they adjust to things, it’s hard for me to like Jericho much.
  17. El Dragon


    Another mid 2000’s Indy peak guy that I think deserves another look. Homicide still works, but it feels like he’s really in the downslope at this time. But he still feels like a really intriguing guy for due to his RoH run, and had strong performances with multiple guys. I doubt he gets any headway, just wanted to push his name forward a bit to see if there is anything worth going out of my way to see recently.
  18. El Dragon

    Seth Rollins vs Chris Adams

    Seth Rollins once, in a match were the focal point was that he had a bad leg going in, then got his leg worked over, would hit a running release powerbomb and deadlift his opponent into a Falcon Arrow. Chris Adams is someone I enjoy but have no real advanced thoughts on him. My advanced thoughts on Seth are very very negative.
  19. El Dragon

    CM Punk vs Owen Hart

    This post gave me a good chuckle, and I shake my head in pity in your direction as well. This is an interesting one because one has every tool you could ever want but just doesn’t put it all together as frequently as I’d generally like in Owen. You could attribute that to the environment and probably not be wrong, but I think there is also merit to the idea that Owen tended to just coast. Wrestling was a job to Owen, not a passion, and it shows in his work. I would also note that I don’t blame him for his view, but it also jumps off the screen for me. Punk is the inverse. No natural athleticism, a non elite look, and always struggled with execution. But when he was active he breathed wrestling, and would do anything he could to make whatever he was doing feel important and note worthy through force of character, commitment, and will. From the matches with Joe in RoH, his brawls with Rave and Raven (Punk really didn’t like anyone with the letters “rave” in there names in RoH, did he? Didn’t even like the Special K ravers), to his run in WWE with the Hardy feud, Rey feud, Cena feud, and the Brock match, he always manages to make his moments feel undeniably important and compelling, and none of those matches ever didn’t succeed. He has an incredible ability to make you forget who CM Punk actually is in matches: It was a running joke Punk lining up with Brock would be ridiculous, and there was no way he could look like a legit threat against him. Except he did, and it still might be Brocks best WWE match of the last decade, and that makes zero god damned sense. Punk is almost magic in that regard, because he somehow pulls you in to things that if anyone else in that era tried, they’d fail. Basically, at the end of the day, the ability to pull the viewer into your matches is arguably the most valuable tool a wrestler can have, and Punk was the master of that in a time of large scale indifference. He just clicks in a way hardly anyone does, and connected so strongly in spite of lack of natural physical tools. Give me the guy who does more with less in Punk then a guy who did less with more, which I do think Owen falls into.
  20. El Dragon

    Roderick Strong

    6 years since his name was brought up, but I think most would agree it was 6 years of quality, which is starting to really add up. With the Diamond Mine just forming, it feels he has potential to just keep adding quality work for years to come, and might be the last of the mid 2000’s Indy guys still adding significantly to his case. Sucks he’s been stuck with guys like Cole and Fish, but there really hasn’t been a drop off to what Roderick has brought.
  21. Man, just let that stable with with Ciampa, Thatcher, and Lorcan and I’m there.
  22. El Dragon

    Hulk Hogan

    Hogans AWA run was pretty interesting for me, because I think there is something to say about undeniable his connection the crowd was. He also had some performances I loved (I think the first Hogan-Bock match somehow goes past being a semi squash that still somehow holds up as a great match, and is a great two way performance), and crowd connection is an intangible that I do value, and Hogan has it to an absurd degree. Not sure he’ll rank for me, mostly don’t expect him too, but he’s an intriguing candidate
  23. El Dragon

    Jay Briscoe

    Feels like Jay got under talked about in 2016, and he’s another super interesting name to me. He’s been working 20 years now, with only a short break in there, and he’s been good-great most of it. Anyone have anything on standout performances in the last 5 years?
  24. El Dragon

    CM Punk

    Interesting Punks name hasn’t popped up in conversation yet, but I guess it makes sense to the degree that he hasn’t been active in so long. I am curious though if the thought process is for everyone 5 years removed from the last go around. I know for me Punk is a lock for my list still, but with the thought process that he was a great “in the moment” wrestler, I’m wondering if space has knocked him down for anyone?
  25. El Dragon

    Buddy Rose

    I personally think Bock needs to be added to this conversation, but, personally, I’ve got Buddy above all of them at present. Not sure if it will hold that way long term, but man do I ever love Buddy Rose. His Portland stuff is outstanding.