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  3. The Russian Daydream

    Wrestling moves/holds I'd like to see mount a comeback

    I liked when a heel would have the face down then would put his foot of the faces forehead and do a little pirouette. You dont see that much these days but it looked like such a painful and heelish move.
  4. The Russian Daydream

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    But it's blocked in the UK. It's like MLW don't want me to see their shows!
  5. The Russian Daydream

    What do you consider to be your promotion

    Im a (and forever will be) a WCW guy. I really got into wrestling when my parents recorded late night WCW on ITV back in the run-up to Starrcade in 1989. My favourite period as a fan remains, despite its failings, WCW from 1989 through to Hogan arriving in 1994.
  6. The Russian Daydream

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Go90 is only available in the US. I'm still trying to figure out how to watch MLW Fusion in the UK. It doesn't seem to be popping up anywhere!
  7. The Russian Daydream

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    Frankly, I doubt if there will be a lot of noticeable difference. Bruce rarely had much negative to say about the WWE, The McMahons or HHH as it was, and indeed was actively defensive about it a lot of the time. Just because he doesnt bad mouth certain people doesnt mean he cant be insightful.
  8. The Russian Daydream

    Time to Boycott ROH cuase of there owners

    In a democracy you are free to formulate your own political opinions and vote as you please. The downside of that is, some people will formulate different opinions and vote differently. That is ok, and, dare I say, a good thing. If you dont agree with a person or organisations politics and wish to boycott them, thats fine. If you arent that bothered or even agree with them, thats fine too. I dont think it is right to call on everyone to support or boycott anything because of politics. It is everyones free choice. Personally, in the back of my mind, I know wrestling is, and always has been, full of dodgy characters who get up to all sorts that I dont approve of. I just let myself forget about it all and enjoy watching.
  9. It doesn't matter. You can tell from the pictures that there was a lot of people there.
  10. A really weird match. I thought it was booked cleverly with Funk not joining in until 15 mins and Sabu and Funk both getting a rest at different points throughout. I also quite liked the first 15 minutes of Sabu vs Shane with Ssbu going after Shane's arm injury. Unfortunately it all just gradually fell apart. It just felt like they were filling an hour and at no time were any of the three actually trying to win. Probably part of the problem was any time they settled down into some holds, they got the ECW arena "boring " chants so if they were to avoid that they had to keep moving doing 'stuff', just none of them had the stamina or 'stuff' to fill an hour. The lowest point was when the Rottens came out and Styles couldn't explain why the match was still continuing For all Heyman gets credit for hiding weaknesses, I've never been seen any of this three more exposed.
  11. The Russian Daydream

    [1994-01-22-WWF-Royal Rumble] Royal Rumble

    The finish was amazingly well done. While they purposely didn't film their feet, it really looked like it was extremely close. Otherwise, it was a pretty dull Rumble as others have mentioned. One thing that really annoyed me is that ages went by with nothing happening and then Marty Janetty comes in, gets right into it with Michaels, the crowd pops as much as they did in the whole match and while this is going on, the cut backstage to do the Savage vs Crush angle. It's not like there weren't really slow patches in the match that they could have sacrificed instead.
  12. The Russian Daydream

    [1994-01-22-WWF-Royal Rumble] Undertaker vs Yokozuna (Casket)

    I was actually surprised how much I was enjoying the Yoko-Taker brawl before all the heels came out. Yoko was both far bigger and far more mobile than I remember at this point. I agree it was disappointing that Yoko didn't really take part in the beat down. If he did the big leg-drop and a few banzai-drops, it would have made him look better and the Undertaker's 'death' seem more plausible too.
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  14. The Russian Daydream

    [1994-01-22-WWF-Royal Rumble] Bret & Owen Hart vs The Quebecers

    This was a really good match. The angle was brilliant however. The one thing that let the angle down though was the ref doing the stoppage so suddenly. It would have worked better if he had seemed like he was checking Bret earlier and seemed conflicted about whether to let it go or not. One point in the match I reall liked was where Bret does a roll up on Jacques who pushes him off straight into Pierre. I thought that was a really clever, simple tag team transition.
  15. I thought, while nowhere near his best, Rude looked much improved here compared to his 1993 form and I enjoyed the last few minutes with Sting. I was reall surprise see a clean finish too. The Flair - Vader angle was good in that they really made it look like Glair's Starrcade win was a fluke and he would kill Flair and take the belt back at SuperBrawl.