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  1. gunder

    Holy Grails

    Just popped up on the Maple Leaf Wrestling Facebook group: Youtuber "Jon Boucher" just posted it yesterday. Full kinescope of an episode. Card is from Feb. 17, 1957. Features a really fun tag match with the Miller Bros, a young Red Lyons (he doesn't even have his first name yet!) in the opener, and heel Steve Stanlee in a quick TV match with Edouard Carpentier. I'm thinking this is a version of the show syndicated outside of the territory, since it's titled "World of Sport" (the weekly show on CBC Toronto was called "Saturday Night Wrestling" at the time) and is just matches. A joy to watch, maybe just because it's my home territory and I can imagine my Grandpa and my Dad tuning this in one afternoon. Another glimpse into what CBC might be sitting on. Not sure if the main events were taped or aired anywhere (according to Gary Will, this card was headlined by the first singles match between Whipper Watson and Gene Kiniski, which was the main feud in Toronto for the rest of the decade). Paging messrs. Shoe, Sorrow and Nelson...
  2. Really great, poignant episode, with a surprising number of laughs to keep us entertained. I found myself going "huh? What?" more than ever in the Japan section. What a weird time.
  3. gunder

    Pro-wrestling vaporwave

    I'm curious, has this ever really been confirmed to be him?
  4. gunder

    Random Newsletter Stuff

    That was true in 1986, wasn't it? An anonymous source told the Observer, "Inoki almost died, brother! There were 200, 000 fans in the Tokyo Dome and they broke the ring! Then I wrestled David Von Erich in Texas Stadium later that night. International dateline, dude!" Pfft. Sounds like something a fat, out-of-shape, San Bernadino sweat hog would say.
  5. gunder

    Random Newsletter Stuff

  6. I did notice that. But hey, I'm sure he'd have a different take if Vince circa 1984 was going into dressing rooms threatening to stretch Verne Gagne and Ole Anderson! Different world. I'm currently on episode 36. It really is tremendous. Even the stuff about his college athletics days in the 60s is interesting. My BS meter for wrestling is pretty high, and I haven't come across a lot to look askance at. The perspectives you get on Georgia and Florida at the beginning of his career (and his dad's booking) you won't get from anywhere else. There's one hilarious story somewhere about a cocky heel in Georgia, who lived the gimmick, that everyone in the dressing room hated (as Ron repeats numerous times just for context!) who was speeding to a show one night and got pulled over. He actually tried to bigtime the officer: "Hey boy, don't you know who I am? I'm Mr. Confidence!" When they get to the late 70s and 80s- his heyday as a promoter and TV booker- I trust that Brian will ask the right questions.
  7. Hey, that's great. I'm certainly intrigued. As you brought out, the 60s in general are sort of a black hole for wrestling knowledge these days. Definitely the most obscure. I was a Canadian wrestling fan for 20+ years before I even found out it existed (thanks to whoever did that NWA territory map).. Gary Howard's book is pretty much the only source out there with any info, and it's almost out of print by now. Like the Maritimes, it was a seasonal territory, so even at the time it was probably pretty ephemeral for the TV guys. Hopefully they didn't erase the tapes every summer!
  8. Not to mention my personal holy grail: anything at all from the Northland territory. Studio wrestling with a bunch of rowdy miners and farmers throwing shit at the Vachons and Dory Sr.? Yes please! Their TV went from the early 50s until 75-76, I believe. Since the Amarillo footage you guys watched popped up, Northland is the only territory I can think of where absolutely nothing is out there. Except maybe preserved on dusty quarter inch reels in a cold locker in North Bay or Sudbury. It is to dream...
  9. Just heard this yesterday. The last two shows have been great. Can we expect an Indian Summer edition, Kelly? My hopes for Canadian footage basically rest with CBC at this point. They keep stuff forever, and we have some idea of how deep the archives go from the clips that have come out so far (the Wild Bull Curry/Killer Kowalski match that popped up on the website from 58, and some of the clips from the 60s and 70s that have been in news pieces). They could have almost anything from Toronto up to the early 60s (when Maple Leaf Wrestling moved to CFTO), anything from Stampede until 84, anything from Montreal, and any Vancouver up until they started syndicating on CTV. Simply because most TV stations in Canada, even private ones, were CBC affiliates until the mid-70s. So who knows. Most of the World Series games that were thought lost from the 50s and 60s are out there because Major League Baseball cut a deal with CBC, which had simulcast them at the time, unbeknownst to anyone still working there! Somebody like Pat Laprade or Greg Oliver really should approach them with a serious proposal for a documentary series or something of the sort, who could assure them they wouldn't need clearances from WWE and weren't trying to rip them off, etc. Could be a goldmine!
  10. gunder

    Shoot fights with cool mat-work

    Currently watching Battlecade Extreme Fighting 3. Some great early grappling stuff there. Hume vs Erik Paulson is pretty good, as was John Lewis- Johil Olivera. Though obviously most famous for Maurice Smith knocking Conan Silviera into the twilight zone. Last show I watched was the first International Fighting Championship from Ukraine. Not a lot of grappling, but the first round match with Volvchanchyn beating Fred Floyd to a pulp has probably the hottest MMA crowd I've ever heard. It actually starts out as an awesome stand-up fight with Igor fighting from underneath somewhat, but the last 3-4 minutes are just an unmitigated mauling.
  11. gunder

    All In

    Excalibur. NWA Hollywood/PWG/California indy guy.
  12. gunder

    All In

    Why does Lynn have wrist tape? Is he going to blade later or something?
  13. gunder

    All In

    Really solid opener! Seems like they cued the wrong pretape there (with Aldis instead of Daniels).
  14. gunder

    All In

    Yep. Caught the end of the battle royal anyway.
  15. gunder

    All In

    Preshow doesn't seem to have started yet for me... Anyone else?