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  1. Big Pete

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Unfortunately yes, Dean has Parkinson's. He announced it during his panel at one of the Starrcasts after he couldn't hold up his microphone properly. It looked pretty tragic, but Dean had a great sense of humour about it and gave a much better interview than the one he gave for RF videos where Feinstein kept asking about Benoit even though Dean was clearly uncomfortable. I believe that's one of the reasons he left the WWE, because he was finding it difficult to keep up with their schedule with his condition. He also loves The Miz, which may have been more surprising than the Parkinson's announcement.
  2. Big Pete

    Chris Jericho vs. Matt Hardy

    I felt for Chris during his 2012-16 run. The WWE had an all-time legend on their roster and they never did anything to make him feel special. They bring him back for the Royal Rumble and instead of bringing him in hot and having him go over to set up a dream match with Punk, they have him lose to Sheamus. They still ran the Punk-Jericho match anyways, but instead of it being a significant match, it paled in comparison to Cena-Rock and HHH-Taker III. What makes it worse is that Jericho and Punk actually came up with ideas to sell their rivalry but they fell on deaf ears so you just ended up with this blah match. Then Jericho puts over Ziggler and goes away only to come back and find himself in a program with Fandango. It was a prepostoruous match up and not surprisingly it stunk the joint out. They kept him around for a match with CM Punk who was returning from a break who clearly didn't want to be there just so Jericho could put him over and put his lackluster year behind him. That was how it went for the remaining years. Jericho would return, do his greatest hits and put over whoever they needed to. The only exception was when they had him go over AJ Styles at Wrestlemania. However, in typical fashion, it backfired on Jericho and the planned Jericho-Reigns feud that had been building since Night of Champions 2015 was put on the shelf for Styles-Roman which would save Styles' run. None of these events helped Jericho in any shape or form and while he had his share of mistakes they would have been easily avoided if he was treated like a Shawn Michaels calibre star. Instead he's the proto-Ziggler - the guy who built a great reputation with the fans, only to get the ball yanked away from it time after time after time only for the fans to lose interest. Leaving the WWE was one of the best decisions he's made in the last decade or so.
  3. Big Pete

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Jindrak was the unlikely star of the Evolution episode. I was always curious to hear what the story was about the promotional shoots and the only story we heard is that HHH put the kabosh on the plans. Now we know why and as unbelievably silly as their antics sounded, they actually have video proof of these two doing their barnyard toy act. To Mark's credit, he didn't take it personally on Twitter and it was cool to finally have some closure on it.
  4. Big Pete

    WWE Network... It's Here

    I just can't remember anybody of Cena's type being fired outright. Even guys like Sean O'Haire, Mark Jindrak, Nathan Jones, Bull Buchanan etc. had a couple of stints in OVW before they were let go and usually their behaviour played a large role. From all reports, Cena was a model student who worked incredibly hard to overcome his deficiencies. With his natural charisma, I just can't see the WWE actually going through with it. I don't deny the reports mind you, I just think it was speculation and the company was never really going to go through with it. If things got really bad and they had to re-think the brand split, maybe, but there were a slew of washed up talents and addicts that had to go before him.
  5. Big Pete

    WWE Network... It's Here

    It's just difficult to accept that the WWE would give up on Cena entirely when it's clear from his OVW tapes that the guy had a ton of personality and they had barely scratched the surface with him. I could see him being relegated to OVW, but fired altogether? I just think it makes for a better story in hindsight.
  6. Big Pete

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    Jim has dropped his NXT reviews. He didn't hate the show, he just found himself bored and kept making the same points over and over again. Everything that involved the Undisputed Era was great, he liked some of the other acts like Keith Lee. Otherwise the show didn't do a lot for him. So he's turned his attention to Raw and spoilers he hates it. The show doesn't make him appreciate AEW more, rather it makes him want to quit reviewing modern wrestling altogether but the show is everything he hates about modern wrestling. Too contrived, too slow, nobody is getting themselves over like stars and nothing seems to be happening in general. What really set Jim off is Seth Rollins. Cornette has been an advocate of Rollins since they worked together in ROH but he hates the Monday Night Messiah gimmick and thinks they've just paired him up with a bunch of job guys. He specifically hated the name Murphy and believes Vince is just trying to bury him with that name. He couldn't believe fans were into the Kabuki Warriors and wondered how woke Twitter wasn't pulling that apart given how racist and stereotypical the gimmick was coming off. I think his most interesting observation involved Ivar and how he should be booked like Bam Bam Bigelow and allowed to go on a tear. He was a huge fan and wanted them to drop the Viking Raiders gimmick pronto. I don't think I've ever heard a past legend ever really pull for Ivar/Hansen before but I can see his point and agree he'd be a much better star than Erick Rowan.
  7. Big Pete

    The Steve Austin Show

    Skip it, Rob just talks about weed and his relationship history.
  8. Big Pete

    WWE Network... It's Here

    I loved how they had Hogan on there going 'WWE? That will never work, brother' like Vince was on the cutting edge of innovation. It wasn't like they needed to twist it around to suit the story either, the name change was just another in the long line of losses that led to this new era. I also enjoyed the WWE's version of the Invasion era. Forget about turning Austin heel, the real reason for the decline is that Shawn Stasiak and Buff Bagwell weren't believable superstars. Nevermind the fact they could have signed all the WCW stars if they wanted to, or they completely squandered the few stars they did have. Guys like Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T didn't stand a chance and there was no reason why they had to rush it. The documentary also went soft on Austin. I'm not surprised they didn't touch the Debra incident since it doesn't fit the vibe of the documentary, but the way they positioned the documentary, it was like they went to great lengths to justify Austin's position. I guess Austin has apologised for it that many times they're happy to accept some of the blame, but in a documentary that treated their name change as a milestone instead of what it was, was fascinating. So far the star of this documentary for me is Gerwitz. It's nice to see him back in the WWE family and I think he's doing a really good job of telling the story. If you haven't listened to it, I'd highly recommend his episode of the Edge & Christian podcast. His stories about the type of writing kicks Vince would have them go on were hysterical, especially with how it all panned out in one instance with Flair/Batista. But yeah I was genuinely curious to see how the WWE would treat this period. I see it as a really bittersweet moment for the company where they made stars out of John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista but it was really trying time for the company all the same.
  9. Big Pete

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    If Dave Meltzer came out and called Adam Cole a genius Cornette would likely take that evaluation to task and nit-pick but as it stands, he can over-look those short-comings as modern wrestling tropes and see Cole for his positives. I don't think either guy has that much in common. Cornette's issue with Omega is that he finds him to be pretentious and he is so over-the-top and goofy in the ring he can't take him seriously for a second. Above all else, he worked for DDT and made a name for himself working these type of matches that took the piss out of something he passionately loves. As far as I know, Cole is a relatively straight laced performer who makes up for his short-comings on the microphone. While Jim does like to harp on about 'grown men' he's happy to accept guys like Cole, Sabien and even Kenny. It's Joey Janela, Marko Stunt and Riho where he draws the line.
  10. Big Pete

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    So if Bob Woodward wants to do a piece on me I'm fine with that whether it's positive or negative, because it's Bob fucking Woodward and he's a journalist. People who have gone to school to become journalists - Dave Meltzer has worked at legitimate newspapers. People who have degrees and experience in this field and who are paid professional at what they do they got the right to say shit as long as it's valid. But people like Bitch the journalist is not a journalist at all. What he is is he's a fucking muck raker. He tries to stir his own shit up then write about it then sell it for 25 bucks or 50 bucks or maybe it's 100 bucks if you're Colt Cabana to websites of varying quality and professionalism and standards ranging from ho-hum to *mimics an explosion*. And because there's so many these days and everybody thinks they can cover wrestling and write about wrestling or need to there's all kinds of people that will pay even a fictious individual like Bitch the journalist for his effluvia of opinions. None of which he has the background, the knowledge, the substance or the actual proof to make but yet some of them will make these asides and cast these aspersions and poke the bear as some people say and let's just hypothetically say that I even mentioned a few months ago online to Bitch the journalist when he chimed in on something else that didn't involve him involving me and someone else that we had never had a problem and he should probably keep it that way and why was he commenting on something that didn't concern him or include him, that's when he blocked me so he could talk behind my back about me. Let me just say once again that journalists and journalism is fine. But just as I think the professionalism level overall in the wrestling industry has gone downhill and anybody can do this shit these days the standards of journalism are lower than ever before at least what passes for journalism on the internet and with a great variety of wrestling sites or sites who don't know enough about wrestling and don't bother enough to find out and just pay a pittance to people who put their opinions on their pages. I'll have you know it is a fact that I watched live as it happened on network television in the middle of the night the moon landing when man first walked on the moon that does not mean my opinion is as valuable as Neil Armstrong's but some people think that. EDIT: I was going to censor the cute nickname but I think he chose his words carefully even though it's clear who he was talking about.
  11. Big Pete

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I'll try and get you a direct quote and save you from a lecture on the freedom and fairness of the press and all the petty insults.
  12. Big Pete

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I wish I was relevant enough for Corny to call me an asshole on his podcast. If anyone is curious, the rant starts around an hour and 10 minutes into the Experience in and if you take away all the bluster of Jim whipping himself into a heel promo, Jim has an issue with Bix 'stirring the shit' and 'casting aspersions' without having any sufficient proof all in order to make a quick buck from various wrestling 'news' websites. Jim didn't specifically discuss what he had been accused of, just that Bix had bagged him out and this was his receipt.
  13. Big Pete

    AEW Dynamite February 12

    That was the strongest edition of Dynamite so far. Top to bottom, there wasn't a weak segment on the show and a lot of performers hit PBs in their run with the promotion. I liked how the tag team match played on expectations. Before the match, the obvious direction would have been to have the Dark Order interfere, Page capitilises and Omega is left disappointed in his partner. I'm glad they ignored that nonsense and just let the guys go out there and have the best version of their match possible. Even through out the match, I liked how they played on Page being an unreliable partner and put into question his capacity to show up for the hot tag. I liked how they flipped it too with Kenny sustaining so much damage during that portion that he may not be able to return the favour. Then the finish where it seemed obvious they'd set up a miscommuncation with Omega/Page only for the champs to figure out and beat SCU by the barest of margins. Good stuff and I liked how they took the time to build next week's tag team battle royal afterwards. I thought Dustin may have had his best showcase match in his career against Guevara. I was so worried they'd give him 80% of the match only for Hager to interfere right at the death, but they actually took the home crowd into consideration and gave Dustin his biggest singles win in AEW so far. Good stuff and AEW Revolution is beginning to take shape with not one but two matches seemingly coming together. I thought the Nyla/Riho match was the best women's match in AEW history. As well put together as the finish was, that table spot at the beginning was great. That was obviously Nyla's fall-back plan, so to see Riho use it against her was such a smart spot. Schiavone said it best, fans aren't cheering Nyla because they necessarily prefer her over Riho, they just appreciated the quality of competition they saw. Between that and Baker's Chubby Whataburger Faces line, it may have been the strongest showing for the women so far. Just when it seemed like MJF had little to no credibility, they put him in with Jungle Boy and the two worked a PPV calibre match together. An excellent showcase for both men with both playing their roles to a tee and MJF actually getting to show off his power and athleticism. I think MJF needed this match and to his credit he smashed it out of the park. Even the PAC promo was smart in the sense that he was able to take credit of Omega's scatterbrained booking. Moxley/Santana actually started off as the weakest match of the show before it built and Santana was able to get some near-falls on Mox. The one thing I noticed is that despite having a few opportunities, Mox didn't go for a cover until he hit the Paradigm Shift which seems like a big league move. In the end I thought the match succeeded in making Mox's victory over Santana feel like an accomplishment and the post-match segment worked as well. I actually thought it was smart they had Jericho announce Cobb's signing ahead of time. Not only is Jericho the best guy for the job, but it gives the casual fans some background on Cobb so they know who he is and he isn't left dangling in the wind like The Dark Order and the Butcher and the Blade before him. I thought it was a really positive step forward for the company and they're beginning to put all the pieces together. Jeff Cobb is an excellent get for the company and I think putting him with Jericho right away is a smart move that will ensure he doesn't get lost in the shuffle like he did in ROH. Next week's show is looking just as stacked and we've got PAC/Omega to look forward to on the go-home edition.
  14. Big Pete

    AEW Dynamite February 5, 2020

    The match against Brandon Cutler is in the running for the worst singles match in Dynamite history. His biggest match so far, the Dynamite Diamond Ring match did nothing for him or Adam Page either. So far his best effort was his recent match against Janela and even then it was taped and edited. It's too early to completely write him off but as it currently stands the few opportunities he's had to impress have been underwhelming.
  15. Big Pete

    AEW Dynamite February 5, 2020

    I'm just looking at the segment in a vaccuum and how it didn't make for great television. As a piece in the greater whole, I thought the segment achieved what it wanted to, not only adding to the MJF/Cody rivalry but putting over Cody's passion for AEW. I just think the drama was in Cody turning up at all and MJF actually going through with it, not Cody surviving 10 lashes. We've seen wrestlers endure far worse in this company.