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  1. Big Pete

    Survivor Series 2021

    The issue with the show is that brand vs. brand means nothing to hardcore fans, especially because the rosters changed just under a month before the PPV. On top of that, the running theme of the PPV was an advert for Red Notice which led to a nonsensical explanation for Austin Theory to receive a championship opportunity. Even getting away from that, the Survivor Series matches just went too long when you consider the entrances. For instance the men's Survivor Series match lasted 45 minutes from the entrance to Rollins walking up the ramp victorious. When you book long matches you have to consider the emotional investment of the audience and the pacing of the show. I think if they cut the match in half it would have improved the show dramatically. Especially because the trope of uneasy alliances has been done to death in the company. I think fans would much prefer if you just saw two teams giving it their all to make a name for themselves. Then with stars like Lashley, Rollins, McIntyre etc. you can have them face off against one another in other matches. You can book it as the last time these superstars get to settle their scores before the rosters are locked in place and make a name for themselves on their brand. Still, the show wasn't an utter waste of time and I completely agree with you KawadaSmile that those matches were really enjoyable. Charlotte-Becky especially was as tense and personal a match I've seen this year.
  2. Big Pete

    AEW Full Gear - Nov 13 2021

    I don't think the slow start helped the match at all. A lot of going through the motions and silly 'pro rasslin' managerial spots until Omega teased the buckshot and got Hangman to fire up. I understand why they did it but outside of that brief moment where Kenny turned the Buckshot into a V-Trigger and teased an OWA, Hangman never looked like he was going to lose. I understand they wanted to have Hangman out-perform Omega, but it seemed like Kenny didn't bring his A game either.
  3. Big Pete

    The Best and the Worst or most overrated

    If anything I think fans have a tendency to pidgeon hole MJF as a gimmick when he's shown he's capable of more. His matches against Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin have proven he's capable of putting together good matches and executing smooth mat sequences. I certainly wouldn't say he's underrated - AEW know what they have - but he's deserving of his push. I'm not a huge Dark Order guy but they were the break-out stars of BTE and appeal to that specific reddit dwelling audience. Injuries have clearly hurt them as both Anna Jay and Johnny Silver would be fairing better had they not had those disruptions and I think it's stalled their momentum somewhat. I think they could do more with the Dark Order concept and have more members join, some move on and give them more wins. And yeah Inner Circle should have been broken up after the 2020 Stadium Stampede.
  4. Big Pete

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    The crazy thing about ROH is that they enjoyed their most successful years in the mid-to late 2010s well past their peak. Of course that was on the back of their NJPW relationship and working alongside The Elite who were handling the majority of their own creative. When it came to ROH building their own stars it seemed really directionless and by the time they'd put the belt on somebody like Dalton Castle or RUSH the moment had past. The MSG show was a huge turning point in the company. Not only did it effectively end their relationship with NJPW but the future looked very dim with Matt Taven as champion. In 2019 ROH only seemed to make the headlines for the wrong reasons like the Bully Ray and Kelly Klein incidents. I can't remember fans praising any of the shows or matches and when they'd book a big match-up like RUSH vs. Cobb it was on a random UK show that barely drew any fans when it should have been the big Final Battle match. I was late to the party when it came to ROH and got in around the tail-end of the HD-Net era and the start of the Sinclair. I have to agree with you Laz that the TV format just seemed to hinder ROH and fans started moving onto PWG, Chikara and Dragon Gate USA. Every now and then the American Wolves would have a great match with Future Shock or something like that but slowly but surely guys like Mike Mondo, BJ Whitmer, QT Marshall (LOL) and Rhino would soak up television time while guys like Kyle O'Reilly would be better utilised in PWG for example. Then for whatever reason the shows just never clicked. They had a lot of talent on their roster but the shows never seemed to be building towards anything and there didn't appear to be much meritocracy.
  5. Big Pete

    Four (Singles) Matches In - Punk vs Danielson

    Punk's AEW return has been better than Bryan's WWE return by virtue of them treating it like a big deal whereas Bryan's was an after thought. Bryan spent the majority of his return bout flat on his back as he had to sell a pre-match attack and his role was reduced to a 2 minute hot tag in a segment that lasted 20 minutes. Then they had him face AJ Styles in the post-Wrestlemania edition of SmackDown which should have been a big deal but the whole purpose was for Shinsuke Nakamura to ruin the match. Instead of seeking revenge after having a big opportunity spoiled Bryan was foisted onto Big Cass who in-storyline was upset that Bryan's return had over-shadowed his return from a knee reconstruction. Bryan would anchor that Greatest Royal Rumble match which hardly anyone remembers due to the infamous Titus slipping under the ring spot. The whole purpose is that Bryan would set a record going 76 minutes only for Big Cass to eliminate him late in the match before putting Braun over. None of his matches felt significant but outside of the Cass feud there was that sense that Bryan was a kid in a candy store working stalwarts like Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin. He had worked Shelton before during his 2010 sabbatical but clearly he felt he could do something more with him while he'd never worked Jeff before and that seemed like a bucket list item. Speaking of, he also worked his first and only match against Rusev around this time and I had completely forgotten that this was the first loss Bryan had on return. It was a good television match as you'd expect but again it speaks volumes that the result wasn't that significant. In the end Rusev qualified for Money in the Bank and that was that. I don't think it was any fault of Bryan and having to anchor the longest Royal Rumble match in history is really impressive but the WWE just didn't capitilise on him. In fairness AEW hasn't really knocked it out of the park with Punk either. The return bout against Darby was obviously better than the authority figures vs. the whiney Canadian outlaws Wrestlemania bout but there's that same sense that Punk is just having his fill working guys he wants to work but they don't mean anything in the grand scheme. It really should be a no contest but Punk's run has been pretty underwhelming up to this point.
  6. Big Pete

    AEW Rampage - August 27 2021

    Not all but you would like to see some representation like the WWE have New Day, Lashley, MVP, Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks, The Street Profits and Hit Row who get to express themselves even in a tightly controlled environment. It's an area AEW could be better in because a lot of African American talent is being paired up with white talent who handle the majority of the talking. (eg. Dan Lambert for Sky, Mark Sterling for Cargill) I don't necessarily think they're being racist, moreso it's 'jobs for the boys'.
  7. Big Pete

    AEW Rampage - August 27 2021

    Well she deleted the tweet, clearly common sense prevailed because blaming the fans is ludicrous. AEW could present people of colour with more significance and let them represent their community better but they're a start up company and it's going to take time for the Ricky Starks, Will Hobbs, Jade Cargill's to come of age. It's something they should be conscious of but there are bigger fish to fry. As far as Rampage I'm not sure what was more riveting Jungle Boy-Fenix' interactions or Giannis' reactions. That was another slam-dunk segment and Rampage is 3/3. It's really important they establish Rampage as a must-see show and if they can keep presenting matches like the Jurassic Express-Lucha Brothers it'll go a long way. Yes it was ridiculous and I'm not 100% sure about the practicality of some of their moves but in terms of how modern audiences consume wrestling it hit the spot.
  8. Big Pete

    AEW Dynamite - August 4, 2021

    Cody didn't stall Darby's momentum, Darby started off as a side-show guy having hardcore matches with Joey Janela and Jimmy Havoc before he stepped in the ring with Cody. That helped break him out of that division and from there Darby did the rest. I agree that Brodie Lee really didn't need to squash Cody. Did they get the title off of Brodie first thing because they knew he was unwell? Or was that Cody just getting his win back ASAP?
  9. Big Pete

    AEW Dynamite - August 4, 2021

    ROH fans had a difficult time wrapping their heads around QT Marshall working television while their favourites couldn't get a gig. He was perceived as another Mike Mondo, just another OVW guy who didn't appeal to anyone other than Cornette. 9 years on and somehow Marshall has the job of formatting the show which from that perspective has been an absolute dog's breakfast at times.
  10. Big Pete

    Fucking great TV matches

    AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle on that January 4th 2010 show was a great match and better than their PPV effort. Speed Muscle vs. Motor City Machine Guns from 2008 is a really fun tv match as well.
  11. Big Pete

    Fucking great TV matches

    Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle - SmackDown 26/9/02 - This was a really fun main event that was built on Angle/Benoit trying to settle their differences while Rey constantly ran interference and became the star of the match. It's one of the better three-ways that hardly anyone talks about but it's an enjoyable match from start to finish with some really well put together spots. Between that and the Edge/Eddie match from earlier, it's one of the best SmackDown episodes of all-time.
  12. Big Pete

    AEW Status/Progress Report

    He obviously has a say, but most of the creative comes from the boys and he just throws his 2c and they come to a compromise. I don't think it took TK to move away from the Dark Order/Elite angle.
  13. Big Pete

    AEW Status/Progress Report

    I missed this the first time around. The greatest positive is how they've pushed younger personalities like MJF, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, Riho etc. They feel more culturally relevant and it's far more fascinating watching these personalities make a name for themselves instead of seeing guys from the Ruthless Aggression Era FINALLY win the big one. Their biggest hindrance is their formatting. At the moment the show has so many head chefs and ideas are coming from everywhere that Dynamite comes across like a dogs breakfast. If they could just map things out better and format the show better it would make for better television. I'd say it all goes back to the general inexperience of the promotion and the state of the roster.
  14. Big Pete

    AEW Status/Progress Report

    I don't think the company lends itself to quality commentary. The tone of the show is all over the place so it's difficult to give a professional call when one segment you'll get a sincere Eddie Kingston promo and the next you're getting some nonsense comedy segment. On top of that, AEW loves to use a ton of guy which really prevents the commentary team from building a familiarity and rhythm to their call. JR clearly struggles but I still think he has the most credibility of any commentator out there. I respect his opinion because he was one of the greatest heads of talent relations, ever. Again, I don't think it's entirely his fault, sometimes the show is just bowling shoe ugly. Excalibur is a really good fit for the promotion, it's just a question of whether he has the ability to really elevate a match with commentary to make it an all-time classic. I remember Nigel McGuiness in ROH, the 2nd Wrestlemania Show in 2012 turned what was just a good Elgin/Richards match into what was a rare ***** from Meltzer. The presentation is a little generic. I used to enjoy the way Nitro was shot and how it had that sports style presentation with the cinematography and choice of shots. I wouldn't necessarily want to see AEW copy that but just get a little bit more creative with their shots. I feel like they could shoot matches better and when the crowds do return I hope they stop cutting to the crowd as much as they did. The ring style is fine, the issue is that a lot of talent is green/not very good and they're still getting their material down pat. Sometimes I wish they'd learn to walk before they learn to crash and burn but that's modern wrestling. I don't really have an issue. Hager was initially well cast as the muscle of the Inner Circle until they became a joke. It's difficult to form an opinion on Henry and Wight since neither have been featured that much. I presume both will be good to have around in a backstage capacity and I like having Wight there just for thematic purposes. There is definitely a WCW-revival theme to the show and as somebody who grew up on the N64 games he's one of those guys I instantly associate with that promotion. Same deal with Sting who I'm glad was able to give himself a better ending than what he got in the WWE. Yeah, the Darby can get repetitive but he's a living legend who the crowd loves. Also it's a smart investment for their video game. I think fans get a little too carried away. Yeah, if Matt Sydal came in and beat Darby Allin in 4:20 clean that would blow but as long as the ex-WWE guys are cast well then I don't see an issue. The vast majority that have been hired were hired based on their ring-work, not their look which is the key. No, isn't that the point of AEW? Pro Wrestling was based on fooling the audience, AEW is about including them in on the joke. For my taste I wish the promotion was more earnest and they didn't have guys chewing the scenary but that's the point of the show. It would be like getting upset with This Is The End for not being a serious drama. I feel like they could utilise them better and make a point about how impactful these stables can be. At times I actually think they play it a little safe, like I would really like to see the Pinnacle exist outside of the Inner Circle and be about how they're looking to take the reigns off of The Elite. No issue with them, even with Vickie I think it's just a way to honour Eddie and look after an absolute sweet heart in the business. With guys like Arn, Tully and Jake it just gives the promotion some kind of legacy and introduces these guys to a whole other generation of fans. They could be utilised more but they're relatively harmless. I really don't get the sense that TK is that hands on with the promotion. I feel he chips in and gives things the final thumbs up, but for the most part he just trusts the performers. I'm really disappointed in Dave's coverage of AEW, it feels like a lot of juicy stories have just gone to the keeper because Dave just refuses to break anything. I find his ratings system if anything has hurt a lot of the show's hype because he'll go high on some really unmemorable matches. It's a shame because there has been some noteworthy matches, but they get lost in the shuffle because Dave goes bananas over certain wrestlers. Cornette has run out of things to say with AEW. I think he made some salient points at a time where everyone was being extremely supportive but what else can he say? About as well as they can. There isn't a ton of talent there, to the point where they had to bring in the NWA Women just to put together some quality match-ups. The division is slowly growing, but it's been a slog. I'd say they're guilty of doing too many number one contendership battle royals/ladder matches and the like when they book much better matches if they were between the two top contenders. That ladder match at Revolution in particular really was a waste of time that dragged that show down, and that was on the back of that awful tag team battle royale that should have just been PAC/Fenix vs. Luchasaurus/Jungle Boy.
  15. Big Pete

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    Jim is actually a fan of Serena Deeb but his dislike of Riho outweighs his desire to watch their match, especially after sitting through four hours of a show he largely disliked. Cody/Ogogo was his match of the night because it was the least offensive match on the card.