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  1. bussinrounds

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Amen. You guys were f-n amazing and after listening to you for so many hours and hours through these years, I couldn't help but feeling sad at the end here.
  2. bussinrounds

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    Was just thinking the same thing when I went to refresh the pod just now. This dude has freakin' AA on and he talks more modern stuff than old school ! Sad. At least Cornette has all the mini topics broken up on his yt channel, so I can easily avoid all the modern garb.
  3. bussinrounds

    Grilling JR

    Jesus. Wish they had an actual NWA fan doing these pods....and someone who's a bit older too. I nominate Johnny Sorrow, now that WC is done and Kelly & Pete are hanging it up.
  4. bussinrounds

    Between the Sheets - Chronologically

    Could you guys repost episode #96 to the feed, like you did with the one on Herb ? The link Kelly posted has the first 65 and the feeds have from 191 till now, but all the others I couldn't find. Btw, I've been listening to a bunch of you for years (Where the Big Boys Play, Titans now World Cast, Between the Sheets/Exile,the 'Greetings' shows, Place to be, Extreme 3 Way., ect...) ...and would like to thank all of you so much for all the great listening pleasure you've brought to this old school wrestling fan ! Especially being that I'm not into any of the modern stuff, you're all very important in keeping wrestling alive for me.