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  1. Not much really to add to whats already been said. Typical Memphis blowjob video that's massively out of date by this point in time.
  2. Lawler comes across as desperate in trying to remain a heel. JYD comes across as likeable.
  3. Good segment. Nothing revolutionary. But shows the importance of a mid card feud when fans believe in the characters and are invested in the outcome.
  4. Good look at the roster at the time. Show's some forethought as this was probably pre-taped weeks in advanced.
  5. Perfect is pretty much presented as an afterthought here, as far as future challenges go. The groundwork for Hogan/Warrior is laid here. By design or by accident. Warrior is the only guy left on the roster that fans would buy as a credible threat to beat Hogan.
  6. Tenryu doing his surly middle aged man act was great, and him and Jumbo hooking up felt big time. Who was the second that was kneeing Tenryu in the head and then wailing on him as the others were dragging him off? Great chaotic scene
  7. Solid tv match that advances towards the Clash. From a kayfabe perspective, it's hard to see whats holding J Tex together now that Hart's gone. Sawyer seems like he has nothing in common with Muta and Dragon Master and seems like a forgone conclusion what the clash result will be.
  8. Strange to see Foley so nervous here, but it works to some degree as he does give of the vibe as someone who's nuts. Funk's facial expressions in this are great.
  9. I found this a real slog to get through. But that is probably down to my unfamiliarity with this style.
  10. Total shoot novice here. I have no context for this match, so it proved to be a strange watch,as it was total 180 from what I'm used to Both guys were really going for it and some of the strikes and submissions were brutal. I'll give this a re watch once I've got a better handle on the style.
  11. Fantastic match. Echoing what both Kevin and Loss said it seems the WWF left a whole bunch of potentially good matches off PPV and in this specfic instance, why did The Bushwackers/Rougeaus get the nod for the Rumble tag spot instead of this?
  12. Grumpy old man Tenryu is tremendous. Like Eddy and Dragon its fun to see Misawa as the junior guy of his team knowing whats to come in the future. He takes a beating here. I enjoyed the finish which i've never seen before, but is so logical that you wonder why it wasn't done more. Cool match.
  13. Legendary squash match wrestler Lee Scott seeks revenge on the man who double crossed him last week Cactus Jack Manson. You know what the inevitable outcome will be, but Lee gets in some offense as Ross puts him over. Cactus dishes out the punishment to the approval of Kevin Sullivan.