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  1. NotJayTabb

    All Elite Wrestling

    It does feel like Dark Order is slowly being phased out with Grayson and Angels going, and Cabana being moved to RoH. I hope they do something with Silver & Reynolds as a team post DO, feels like they could have been featured a bit more in the tag mix. Anna Jay will be fine and Preston Vance can be easily repackaged, not sure where it would leave Uno though.
  2. NotJayTabb

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Nia tweeted yesterday that she won't be a part of this :-D I'm looking forward to this odd Frankenstein's monster of a show. SDS vs Dorado will be good at least, and I'm curious about a No Way Jose vs Jody Fleisch match.
  3. NotJayTabb

    AEW TV 06/22 - 06/24 Steph Curry is top 10 of all time

    Busick would be a great replacement, not so much in terms of fan reaction, but he'd have a great match with ZSJ and fits the Blackpool Combat Club dynamic perfectly. Same with Thatcher TBH. Another reason I don't think it's Cesaro is that he'd be debuting in the faction, but would already be placed behind Danielson and Moxley, whereas you'd think he'd be a bigger deal if he debuted in AEW.
  4. NotJayTabb

    AEW TV 06/22 - 06/24 Steph Curry is top 10 of all time

    It's been rumoured that Cesaro is going to be Max Dupri's first client on Smackdown, so if that were true you'd think he'll be appearing this Friday to shut down the Forbidden Door rumours. Maybe ZSJ will face Karrion Kross...
  5. NotJayTabb

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    It is kinda hilarious that the Jarrett/Effy storyline arc went: Jarrett comes out of retirement to attack Effy, repeatedly beats him up, beats him cleanly in their only match, then goes back into retirement with a proper office job. Really makes one of GCW's homegrown stars look bad there.
  6. Sterling is perfect as an undercard manager. He's a very good speaker, he's a trained wrestler so he can bump and take heat, but he's not physically impressive enough to outshine his clients. He should be given an undercard tag team like Bear Country to give him a little stable with Nese.
  7. NotJayTabb

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Jeff Jarrett ends up in charge of creative by year end. Never bet against him.
  8. NotJayTabb

    WWE TV 06/06 - 06/12 Percody Rhodes went insane

    Heel Balor was a breath of fresh air in NXT, and having a bit more edge meant his offence had a bit more snap to it too. He's never been a main roster heel before, so this is a positive change for him. Kayfabe, the only reason they won the night before was Rhea stopping Balor hitting the Coup de Grace on Edge, so you can frame it that he's seen as a liability who needed removing.
  9. NotJayTabb

    Brodie Lee/Luke Harper

    Really enjoying these write-up's @El Dragon, especially for guys like Brodie Lee who I've always liked, but haven't thought much about in the context of this project. I'm already planning a CHIKARA deeper dive for Kingston, Hallowicked, Hero, Claudio and (sigh) Quackenbush, but this now has me excited for Brodie there too.
  10. NotJayTabb

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Apparently it's been moved to 9th July, so my dream of seeing Braun Strowman vs a UFC fighter I've not heard of still remains intact.
  11. NotJayTabb

    All Elite Wrestling

    It's almost certainly a poorly timed joke, but there was one of those "Who's going to Double Or Nothing?" tweets by a wrestling news site, and Ricky Starks replied "No". He's deleted the tweet, and it's probably a heel answer that he's had to delete once he's heard the MJF situation, but coupled with Joe's accidental no-show it doesn't help the rumour mill.
  12. NotJayTabb

    WWE TV 05/23 - 05/29 Scooby Doo and Scooby Don't

    The segment ended with a legitimate "Shanky" chant, which I would have previously thought impossible
  13. NotJayTabb

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    In a lovely twist of fate, I've been bought tickets for this show for my upcoming birthday. My mum had bought me some WWE house show tickets before, and I'm guessing the Motorpoint Arena e-mailed her to say "Hey this other wrestling show is coming up" and now I'm the proud owner of 2 tickets to the AoP island of misfit toys promotion and I'm kinda pumped about it. She did tell me that she's so far had two e-mails from the arena giving her a partial refund on the price as "The promotor has reduced the ticket prices", just in case you were wondering how sales were going.
  14. NotJayTabb

    All Elite Wrestling

    Really hope Tony K has his delegating boots on, or the next few months could be tricky. With Fulham preparing for their bi-annual season in the Premiership, he's likely going to be involved in a lot of transfer negotiations and scouting meetings for the next few months, which is a full time job. He's either going to need to hire a director of football at Fulham (this would be the smarter move, as he's not great at it himself) or delegate a lot of the AEW booking for risk of burnout. There's already a few worrying signs that he's not firing on all cylinders (the terrible state of the TNT title scene), and it might end up getting worse.
  15. NotJayTabb

    AEW TV 5/18-5/23

    I quite like KOR's goofiness, it's not overbearing and little touches like air-guitaring the NXT tag belt or "Peter DUNE" made him stand out a little bit. He was not only in a promotion of indy darlings in NXT, he was also in a stable of four similarly sized, pretty generic wrestlers, so he needed to stand out. Roddy was the worker, Cole had the catchphrase, so KOR started amping up the goofiness to stand out and it worked.