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  1. I'd agree he's behind Jericho, Cody and Ambrose, but he's comfortably ahead of Brodie Lee
  2. I'd be shocked if Adam Cole left for AEW. There's people who'll have been looking over to greener pastures because they think they've been misused, but Adam Cole should not be one of those people. He's the longest reigning NXT champion in history, must be getting healthy merch cheques for all the UE shirts they seem to sell, seems to be beloved by both HHH and Michaels, and has basically had an entire brand built around him for the past few years. As much as I'd personally be happy for him to leave NXT, as I think the combo of him, Gargano and Ciampa are the worst things about the show, he's surely going nowhere.
  3. NotJayTabb

    All Elite Wrestling

    Jericho dropped an #AllLivesMatter on Instagram today, which is pretty disappointing. Especially after Randy Orton, of all people, came out on Twitter with a spot on rebuttal to the phrase
  4. NotJayTabb

    WWE TV 05/25 - 05/31 I dunno I just feel sad

    I think the only way you could get away with it is by booking an actual MOTYC as the preceding match so the audience doesn't feel let down by watching the show. Not sure what that match would be (some combination of Bryan/Gulak/Cesaro/Nakamura maybe?), but i think the troll move would work in that context.
  5. NotJayTabb

    Shad Gaspard passes away

    This whole story is unbelievably tragic, just a really sad freak accident. It's been interesting to learn what kind of man Shad Gaspard was in life, as every Twitter post from people who knew the man is absolutely flowing with love for him as a person. Add that to finding out about him preventing an armed robbery in 2016 and of course the heroic nature of his death, and you get the picture of a friendly, kind, brave family man. A real tragedy.
  6. NotJayTabb

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Yeah, when you listen to Cornette actually break down a wrestling match, you can see his value far exceeds that of Vince Russo. For starters, Cornette hasn't managed to get a show kicked off a network with his mere presence like Russo does. But also, when you listen to him break down the psychology of tag team wrestling in his review of Omega/Hardy vs LAX, you can see his mind for wrestling. I thought him breaking down how a hot tag works, with how much offence the FIP should get before making the tag to maximise the drama, was genuinely fascinating stuff.
  7. NotJayTabb

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Corny also needs to accept that there's a difference between opinions and facts, especially when it comes to modern wrestling, which isn't his wheelhouse. Describing the 4-way tag at MITB as "John Morrison and 7 underneath guys" shows that Corny might be the only person in the world who thinks JoMo is a bigger star than Kofi Kingston or the Miz, and he really seemed to underestimate the popularity of the New Day as a whole. As I said, I do on the whole like listening to Cornette, but man my heart sank when this weeks Drive Thru included a MITB (though listening to someone who'd never seen a Tamina match have to review one of her matches was quite fun)
  8. NotJayTabb

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    While working from home, I've been listening to a lot more podcasts, and for the most part, Cornette's Drive Thru is really good listening. As people have said before, when it comes to wrestling history or stories from the old days of wrestling, Cornette is hard to beat, and I've really enjoyed listening to him. When it comes to other matters though, you really wish he'd not be so quick to give his opinion. For example, his views on Becky Lynch being pregnant: “You can’t always be on top of the wrestling business in a $1 million a year spot or more, but you can [have a baby] — what is she? Can she be 30? Well, still she’s got many more years before the f*cking Easy Bake Oven gets shut off. She can have all those problems like a descended stomach and stretch marks and hemorrhoids and hormones problems and mood swings and all those other joys of motherhood later on WHEN SHE AIN’T MAKING A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR!!! She’s got plenty of time left. What would you do if your wife came home and said instead of making a million dollars next year I’m gonna basically just be a raging bitch for the next nine months and then give you more shit to worry about around the house?!” I know this pales in comparison to other things Jim has said in the past, but man he comes across as an ignorant arsehole here.
  9. NotJayTabb

    Four Years On: An Updated GWE Ballot

    I have a tinker with my list every couple of months, just seeing if I'd swap positions around, or adding guys who have either added to their case since 2016 (Roman Reigns) or adding guys who I've watched more of since then (Mike Quackenbush, Masaaki Mochizuki), just in case we ever did GWE again and I'd have a solid foundation to base a list on. Plus, it's just fun to keep on top of. I do find sometimes my positions will vary based on my current viewing - for example, I've watched a bunch of 80's WWF and 1992 WCW recently, which has seen Greg Valentine shooting up the list, with Ricky Steamboat hitting the top 10. The biggest tussle is for my top spot between my previous #1 Bret Hart and Daniel Bryan, who was at #8 before, but has shot up in the past few years. Rey Jr, El Hijo Del Santo and Jushin Liger round out the top 5 as they did in 2016.
  10. NotJayTabb

    WrestleMania 36

    Rhea tweeted a photo of herself in 2015 wearing a lower-budget version of her Mania outfit for a match, and openly stated it was Vegeta cosplay, so that seems intentional
  11. NotJayTabb

    AEW Dark Megathread

    They had a Poundland version of Su Yung on Dark this week facing Shida, the real thing would be a big upgrade
  12. NotJayTabb

    AEW Dynamite March 11 2020

    I've seen Stunt work heel before, and it was the only time I've ever found him tolerable. Stunt as a sneaky undersized prick, especially if they pair him with some bigger workers to hide behind, feels like it should be his long term direction.
  13. NotJayTabb

    2020 Wrestlemania Weekend

    Smart Mark tweeted last night that only Prestige, ICW NHB and Beyond are streaming on IWTV, which is a shame compared to last year's line up. The Collective isn't really good value for me at £130-odd, especially as I'll be spending most of Saturday at the football, so I'll probably just watch the 3 IWTV streams and use the rest of the weekend to catch up on other recent shows
  14. NotJayTabb

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I meant primarily in terms of laying out matches, but yeah, I guess the big difference is Omega worked DDT and Cole worked ROH.
  15. NotJayTabb

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Thinking about NXT last night, I'm wondering why it is that Cornette gives Adam Cole such high marks. Cole is every bit as dreadful a wrestler as a Kenny Omega, for example, making his matches needlessly long, always "getting all his shit in", throwing a leaping destroyer in as a standard 2 count move - all stuff Cornette professes to hate. Plus, considering Cornette rails often about wrestlers looking like they could kick your arse, Cole's build makes Kip Sabian look like Rob Terry.