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  1. I think the word was that Bray asked for time off due to some mental health issues, hence the loss at Mania and subsequently being AWOL
  2. NotJayTabb

    Dump Matsumoto

    I've been watching wrestling since 1992, started exploring the indies and puro/lucha in 2001, yet somehow today was the first time I'd seen Dump wrestle, and I'm immediately full of regret for not getting there earlier. Absolute chaos, she came across as the most diabolical human in wrestling. Her stabbing Yukari Omori was more of a "What the fuck!" moment than most deathmatches I've seen. Loved her team with Nakano, and loved the fact that she wasn't just smoke and mirrors. When she got down to business, she was clearly capable of having very good matches. Stabbing someone in the leg with a pair of scissors to break a figure four is pure pro wrestling.
  3. NotJayTabb

    WWE TV 06/14 - 06/20 Harry Kane is a hack fraud

    Very much looking forward to Piper and Eva Marie winning the tag titles, with Eva pinning Natalya after Piper does all the work.
  4. NotJayTabb

    Bull Nakano

    I watched this for the first time the other day, and it blew my mind, two absolute psychopaths. Watching that, I'd rather have to fight 95% of modern day indie workers of any gender than either Bull or Aja.
  5. NotJayTabb

    Ron Simmons

    I loved the Havoc 91 2/3 falls match against Luger last time I saw it, remember thinking that Simmons looked great in it and Lex played cowardly heel really well.
  6. NotJayTabb

    William Regal vs Arn Anderson

    The best was when someone referenced Wikipedia, and Dusty said that he and Murdoch used to party there in the 70s.
  7. NotJayTabb

    Bret Hart or Daniel Bryan Danielson?

    This is a battle of my current #1 vs current #2, and I can see my opinion wavering several times before 2026. At the moment, I'm pumping for Bret. But only just
  8. NotJayTabb

    Serena Deeb

    Another value of nominating someone like Serena Deeb, who might not look like an outright contender, is that there might be someone out there who'd not even thought about her, sees her thread, and goes "Oh yeah, Serena Deeb, she's great. She's got a shot for my list". Anything that drives discussion is a good thing in my eyes. Personally, I think she's got no chance of making my list, but she's worthy of discussion.
  9. NotJayTabb

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Pedro Morales It was highlighted in tonight's watch party that Pedro doesn't have a nomination, which is nuts when you consider we have a bunch of fun 80s Pedro performances, especially because Baron Mikel Scicluna is nominated, and he was never fun. I don't know how much footage there is of him in his prime, but his 80s stuff and his status as a former WWF champion suggests he's worth investigating. 80s Pedro is still great as a fired-up babyface, his comebacks are amazingly fun and his backbreaker gets huge height, look great. W/ Davey Boy Smith & Danny Spivey vs Beefcake, Valentine & Valiant (WWF Prime Time 16/6/86) Vs Barry O (WWF Prime Time 7/7/86) Vs The Iron Sheik (WWF Prime Time 23/6/86)
  10. NotJayTabb

    Orange Cassidy

    I need to watch some more Colony stuff, but as OC he'd be pretty far from my list. It's my least favourite kind of comedy gimmick, the kind that requires the opponent to make themselves look stupid in order to get the gag over. He's capable enough, but the pool of wrestlers to trim to 100 is already big enough without him
  11. NotJayTabb

    Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Rey was my #3 last time, and I think he could end up anywhere in my top 10. Even #1, I think he's that good. There's definitely an argument for Rey as the best TV worker ever, he's someone able to totally maximise his window no matter how long and against who, and he's also got to be in the running for best ever babyface. He's not a natural heel, but there were definitely times where unmasked Mysterio worked well as an irritating prick heel in WCW. He's got longevity on his side, even if he's not reaching the consistent heights nowadays. He's got 25 years of goodness under his belt
  12. NotJayTabb

    Yuki Ishikawa

    So Ishikawa was a bit of a blind spot for me before tonight's watch party, but he's someone who I'm very much going to investigate further. With all apologies to Solo Darling, Ishikawa feels like the real limb reaper, loved the way he weathered the storm in the Murakami and Kana matches, waiting for the perfect moment to grab a body part and hook them. As I said in the Jaguar Yokota thread, I can't say a definite top 100 just off a 2hr selection of matches, but if he's got more like this in his locker, he feels like a shoe-in
  13. NotJayTabb

    Ernie Ladd

    I was the Ernie Ladd high vote in 2016, I had him somewhere in my top 50, which is way high in hindsight. He'll probably still make my 100 though, he's someone I always like when he turns up, and he's someone who was very clever at working to his strengths, using his large frame to ensure he's always near the ropes of he needs it to escape or to cheat. Maybe the best legdrop in wrestling. Great in ring charisma too, he'd absolutely draw you in just through his mannerisms
  14. NotJayTabb

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Drew McIntyre Feels like someone worthy of discussion. Has been good at the very least since The Chosen One days, working in a smart, calculating heel manner. Was decent at comedy in his 3MB nadir, then totally revived his career on the indies, working well in PWG and Evolve, looking good in UK indies like ICW and WCPW and being one of the best things in TNA during his run. Came back to WWE and has been one of the highlights of the Covid era, he felt like a real main event star. He's shown he can work well with wrestlers his size and those considerably smaller, and he's going to be given 5 more years of big matches to add to his candidacy. Matches Vs Andrade NXT Takeover Wargames 17 Vs Roman Reigns Survivor Series 20 Vs Sheamus Fastlane 21
  15. NotJayTabb


    I'm kinda surprised he wasn't nominated last time. I'm not voting for him, but I think he's someone who's better than his reputation. He's rarely outright bad in a match, you don't see him messing things up or blowing spots. His offence looks fine and he's had a few fun tag runs with Bryan and the Hurricane. He's just not particularly interesting, but he's been solid enough for years.