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  1. It's probably also fair to point out that the one area that NXT indisputably smokes AEW, both in star power and in ring, is their women's division, which is apparently Omega's responsibility
  2. NotJayTabb

    NXT talk

    I'm pretty certain I read that WALTER has no desire to spend long periods of time away from home, so his NXT UK contract suits him fine. He gets to spend lots of time at home, he's got a whole WWE brand built around him and he still has freedom to work indies like Progress and Fight Club Pro. Plus I imagine the wear and tear on his body is a lot less while still having a straight up MOTYC with Tyler. The system is very much working in his favour
  3. NotJayTabb

    WWE TV 08/12 - 08/18 Poop every other day to stop global warming

    I think Peyton is generally seen as better in ring, though I don't think there's much in it. However, when you think of the best parts of the Iiconics, the bits people enjoy, it's generally Billie yelling "Hey Kayla" or "You've gotta be joking me", while Peyton is just there
  4. NotJayTabb

    WWE TV 08/12 - 08/18 Poop every other day to stop global warming

    At the moment, Bayley is the Smackdown women's champion. It's not been the most exciting run, but she's been getting clean PPV victories for the past few months, so she's doing ok
  5. NotJayTabb

    All Elite Wrestling

    It feels like they'll have to evolve the Cassidy character somewhat for it to work on a national scale. It's kind of a one-note joke and, while you can play it up as mindgames for a week or two, you can't just have your heels watching this guy slowly walk the ropes or throwing slo-mo chops without them kicking the shit out of him. It'd make your heels look like idiots. I think the guy can be a decent wrestler at times, and his Paul-Rudd-in-WHAS character has a slacker appeal, but he can't just be the slo-mo guy on TV.
  6. NotJayTabb

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    Luckily Scott Keith gave it 6 stars and thinks it's the best match in WWE history, and I don't think he's being sarcastic
  7. NotJayTabb

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Gotch is also very thin skinned, a vanity-searching blocker on Twitter. I'm blocked for mentioning - without tagging him - that I'd watched a show on IWTV where he was on the poster, but not on the actual show. You'd think being one of the few people to own a Vaudevillians t-shirt would earn me a reprieval
  8. NotJayTabb

    WWE TV 08/05 - 08/11 Comedy can truly help in dark times

    I think the time he wore a patch with "Mega Death" written on it kinda killed his metal cred.
  9. NotJayTabb

    All Elite Wrestling

    Sad thing about Gunner Miller is that he's very good, certainly a better wrestler than Marko Stunt. However, coming across as a bitter prick on social media, about a wrestler significantly more popular than you achieving success, is not a good look
  10. NotJayTabb

    AEW on TNT

    I guess the difference in opinion stems from our views of him as a worker, I think he's generally lousy. To me, he's a guy with weak looking offence who's too busy getting his wacky schtick in to adequately sell. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
  11. NotJayTabb

    AEW on TNT

    I like the other guys mentioned, but Chuck Taylor is the dictionary definition of "unathletic comedy wrestler"
  12. NotJayTabb

    Secret Santo 2018-2019

    Ah sorry guys, I've been away the past week, didn't spot that we were restarting last week. If I can be included on the next shuffle, I promise I'll be more on the ball
  13. NotJayTabb

    Extreme Rules 2019

    I think comparing KO to Val is downplaying Owens a bit. He's a former world champion and has been an upper card player for his entire run. Yes he lost to Kofi, but Kofi is the world champion and is getting a good run with the belt. Plus KO has just turned face, and the pushed face always outsmarts the heel. Here, Dolph was caught unawares by a Stunner, which is a death move in WWE canon - and the pushed face won.
  14. NotJayTabb

    Secret Santo 2018-2019

    Enjoyed this at Christmas, I'll hop back in
  15. NotJayTabb

    WWE TV 7/1 - 7/7 The Return of the Return of Heyman and Bischoff

    Tom Phillips and Vic Joseph are comfortably the best play by play guys in the company because they just quietly and competently get on with it. They also give the colour commentary room to breathe- it's notable how much better Nigel is when paired with Vic than with the aural anthrax that is Mauro Ranallo.