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  1. Hollinger.

    80s/90s AJPW fanbase

    Something that has interested me in reading some of the puroresu history translation threads has been notes about what kind of stuff played better on the rural AJPW shows vs the bigger shows. It got me wondering about what the traveling fanbase was like for the company. I know hardcore fans here have no problem traveling a couple hours to see shows when certain promotions come through and would think it’s the same elsewhere. Did the hardcore AJPW fanbase not travel to more rural shows? Just a case of a more regular schedule meaning fewer fans needed to travel to get their fix?
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  4. Hollinger.

    Too many clean wins, not enough cheap finishes.

    I've tried to work this out before, but I think the key to booking like they do and still getting people over is to adopt something similar to the old All Japan system, where you have loosely organized groups of guys with a hard kept hierarchy. 2/3 top level faces, 2/3 top level heels. Underneath each is a US title tier guy and/or an IC title tier guy, a tag team, and maybe a low card/job guy. You don't present them as a group, the way WWE usually tends to, but for tv you run lots of tags and six mans, etc, and this is where your pairings come from. You enforce the strict hierarchy in that you keep apart your 1 vs 1 and maybe even 1 vs 2 matches on tv. Same with 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, etc. You build those rivalries through tag matches, etc, and save the equal matches for something with a payoff. When you establish this order, you can effectively build guys by booking the upsets. The upsets need to have meaningful changes to the depth chart, though. Guys moved up, guys moved down. I have no idea if this makes sense. I'm at work, and have written this in several intervals. I'm trying to put together a depth chart, but the current roster makes it hard.
  5. Hollinger.

    Modern Indie Wrestling

    Robles was telling me about that match the other night. Said it has to be seen.
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  7. Hollinger.

    What are your favorite IWA-MS matches?

    Earlier this year they ran a poll to vote on the top 18 matches in company history. Most of it is pretty great. All of the matches are uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLygDmwlLXUJhuARQxZBxA2RJD0ASFXdf8
  8. Hollinger.

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Looking at this card, it's a bit light because so much of the talent is working the main event. But it's also 2-3 matches longer than most Ring of Honor shows. The opening six man is nothing, just some local guys warming the crowd up. In the three way, you have Hollis & Posey who have worked a lot of southern ROH shows and are "names" for the area. Not sure what the story is with Samson getting the win and the match with Lethal. He's not really a name, but he's got some size and maybe they just wanted an excuse to get a look at him against Lethal later in the show. Kingdom tag match was likely a squash. Adams and Paco are both midwest guys who can be really fun, but they are both small and green, so I'm sure it was a jobber tv tag. Page is an established guy, and Ferrara is a trainee that has been elevated to a regular. Both are smaller, but both are good. Cheeseburger is popular, and was playing the tiny dude in the ring with three established hosses. Total comedy spot, and gives them someone to throw around. Castle and Romantic Touch are regulars, though neither are big names. I mean... I can see the complaint, but it's largely just part of going to a TV taping. A couple TV main events with name guys, and then feature matches against local guys/trainees/young guys.
  9. Hollinger.

    Money in the Bank 2015... Live as it Happens

    FWIW, he's getting ready to film a movie in London, so they might be doing something to get him off of TV for a while.
  10. Hollinger.

    Main Event Heels in the WWF/WWE Over Time

    The problem being that you can't just bring guys in for a 6 month run and then let them go elsewhere until you want to use them again. And they've never really figured out how to cool guys off and then elevate them again, beyond guys like Big Show or Kane whose size makes them instantly credible(ish) when they need it. If you want a hot heel, they need to be able to disappear. And ideally, you have a Bobby Heenan in place as the real main event heel, giving instant credibility to whoever he decides is getting the next run at the super baby champ.
  11. Hollinger.


    Fair enough.
  12. Hollinger.


    "Listen bitches, we like wrestling and talking about it but not with clueless fucks." and the facebook rant seemed like a poor way to handle it, but that's just me.
  13. Hollinger.

    WrestleMania Weekend - Everything but Mania

    I love Thatcher. I don't see him as best in the world. The way he carries himself in the ring is excellent. Does the little things well. Great facials.
  14. Hollinger.


    Who is running the Titans account and being a total embarrassment on Twitter?
  15. Hollinger.

    WrestleMania Weekend - Everything but Mania

    I'm just amazed that fat fuck Gigolo Massaro, who I was watching in the 90s when Roland used to send a young boy free video tapes, is still working.