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  2. MLD1083

    PWO Appreciation Thread

    Haha, sorry about that, I stand corrected. Honestly though, I was trying to do this from memory and started to get lazy towards the end. There's easily a dozen others I probably forgot to name. This is awesome and exactly what I'm talking about. Nicely done! Both legendary. Glad to see the reactions here. I hope everyone stays safe and sane during these times. Charles / C.S. - yes, there is definitely a place for escapism and fun. It's all about balance.
  3. MLD1083

    PWO Appreciation Thread

    Hi all, Long time lurker here, (very) part-time contributor. This thread is probably mis-placed, but in a time of global pandemic and political and economic upheaval, I've been doing some thinking, and appreciating the things I have in this life. In 36 years, I have a family including my wife and three kids that I truly adore, a decent job, and a number of great friendships. And while I have not contributed a ton to this Board, it has been a big part of my life. I find that wrestling is an interest that you can come back to in times of stress. I look back at all the times I've struggled - bad grades due to some depression junior year of college, finding out I'm going to be a father at 22 with no real plan in life, working 65+ hours a week to put food on the table for my family to make ends meet, dealing with my dad's cancer diagnosis, his surgery and subsequent coma, his recovery and then 4 year battle that he succumbed to in 2017, having a child with a serious illness pull through in the NICU - all those times, I find myself popping in a vhs of Royal Rumble '90, watching my first PPV - WrestleMania V about 100 times on tape, dvd, and the Network, throwing on Starrcade '85 or WrestleMania X-Seven on the Network after a really tough day. It's my security blanket, and my guilty pleasure. So I wanted to take 5 minutes to thank Charles and everyone here for being an awesome community, repository of history, and a place where I was introduced to more great wrestling than anywhere else. For a while I was intimidated to post due to the impressive depth of knowledge in the posting community here. Then, as I felt more comfortable, work and family demanded more of my time where I had little time to interact online. You guys rock, I enjoy reading your posts, and wanted to give a shout out to a great number of people who've contributed to my wrestling fandom in ways you probably don't know. I can tell not everyone below still posts here regularly anymore, but maybe word can get their way. Charles/Loss - what can I say? You have built and maintained the most tight-knit and knowledgeable wrestling community I've ever encountered. Your takes are always thoughtful and articulate, a true wrestling historian. You welcome people and have an art at discussion and disputation without offending others, a trait I think a lot of us could adopt in times of such social and political polarity, Without going into too much detail, thanks for the Yearbooks, thanks for the match reviews and 'must watch' lists. You're the man. Will/Goodhelmet - and speaking of the man, the grand poo bah of evangelizing the love of wrestling for all to enjoy, Good Ole Will has been one of my favorite podcasters and people to interact with on the internet. God bless you and your family, man. You and Charles have made such a big impact on my fandom of wrestling all over the world. Thank you. Dylan - always has an opinion, backed by passion. You were the first to make me think that Triple H or HBK could be overrated. Naylor - hilarious, love your takes and opinions, especially on Will's podcasts. One of the more entertaining follows on Twitter. Kris Z - encyclopedic knowledge and a knack for 'putting you back in the moment as a fan', I've loved your history deep dives in Exile on Badstreet and Between the Sheets. Bix - Spunky and opinionated, but you bring the goods, especially in your long form articles and work on BTS with Zellner. JDW - 100% certain he doesn't post here anymore, but John's threads and lists here and on DVDVR and The Other Arena were huge in my burgeoning Japanese wrestling fandom. You really put handles on a foreign (no pun intended) form of wrestling that I came to love over the years. Thank you. JerryVonKramer - speaking of JDW, JVK always entertained me with his posts. While I lurked in the background, Part put himself out there, figuring out his fandom on the PWO boards in realtime, making outlandish claims, getting owned on some, bringing the data and evidence to back up others, stirring up hell, and not backing down (dude, you probably could have backed down a few times - it's just wrestling, haha). Hell of a run when he was frequent here though. Phil Schneider - another authoritative voice on GOOD WRESTLING that was just obscure enough at times to make me branch out and consider new areas of the 'sport of kings' to follow Winged Eagle - probably the first guy to reach out and welcome me here, always a cool dude to interact with Johnny Sorrow - brother, let your freak flag fly! Always has an opinion and a kid-like love of the current product. Probably the best Macho Man impression on the internet, and 100% fun to read your takes of the action. El-P - always there, always with an opinion, and a great follow during PPV broadcasts Ohtani's Jacket - man, I've learned a ton from your posts on British and Japanese wrestling. Always a great read. Matt D - Hell of a mind and always a unique take on the sport. Thanks for your thoughtful and informative posts. Grimmas - always fighting the good fight, passionate about what you love. Sek69 - always up for discussion and a good take Exposer - Dylan's brother, and always an entertaining read. Different view than a lot of people here but brave to express it. JazeUSA - a lot of knowledge, a big collection. Same can be said for Seabs, Migs, and a lot of the Village Green faithful peachchaos - for his dedication and generosity, bringing the spirit of the yearbooks back to the 70s and 80s and a standup dude Kawada Smile - there every week with the Raw/Smackdown thread, fighting the good fight in Brazil and having an infectious fandom. Thanks for always starting the conversation and giving us quiet guys something to read. ThreadKiller - just the opposite, I enjoy your takes and you seem to always add to the discussion SomethingSavage - just flat out entertained and informed by your opinions elliott - passionate, systematic, fun read. thanks man! Jimmy Redman - a refreshing woman's take and a hell of a lot of fun. Especially as the women in WWE have taken a prominent role in the last 5 years, you are like WWE Women fan OG. Love your posts! Gordi - keep the prospective coming from the land of the rising sun. A cool first-person look at 2000s puro (is it still not cool to call it that anymore?) soup23 - another historian whose match opinions I respect and recommendations I will seek out EricR - for always coming in two hours late to a PPV to tell us you've got a live blog going over at segundacaida, haha Ricky Jackson - love the history, love the podcasts, love the knowledge shoe - overall good guy who has a great knowledge and passion for the sport PeteF3 - herculean effort to document 90s pro wrestling across the globe. good stuff. cm funk - always good for five paragraphs of detailed analysis at every WWE PPV rovert - always has the inside scoop, always pissing somebody off. "IWC leader" stomperspc - for your posts during the NJPW g-1s and such circa 2013-2016, always a ton of info to bring an outsider up to speed Ditch - holy hell, what can I say about how much I owe much of my understanding and love of Japanese wrestling Superstar Sleeze - fun read, love to see takes from a fellow Bostonian Khawk - our AWA historian and always informative and accommodating DeathFromAbove 1979 - I remember enjoying your posts Crossface Chicken Wing - RIP, a pillar of the community. Sad that you are no longer around to share your love with the group. dahwo5 - great Japanese wrestling knowledge and always good for a solid opinion cheapshot - love the gifs and history lessons on twitter Alan4L - great voice and advocate for the sport of kings Landy - how much wrestling footage do you have? Thanks for all bringing all the knowledge and context to the table. goc - might never have gotten into Continental without your work Childs - for your professional and measured takes and knowledgeable posts cubsfan - for the lucha recommendations! BrickHitHouse - seemed to have a bit of a meltdown here, but has always been a standup guy in all my interactions roy lucier - another standup guy and great preserver of the history of pro wrestling A bunch of other folks who always contribute and rock including FMKK, NintendoLogic. CS, flyonthewall, Jmare007, SirEdgar, stiva, DMJ, PhilTLL, SteveJRogers, MoS, Blehschmidt, Bierschwale, Memphis Mark, Log, Alucard, KB8, JKWebb, concrete1992, kjh, SLL, Beast, Sean Liska, Al, Cox, Strummer, Microstatistics, Big Bad Mick, Zoo Enthusiast, Bad Little Kitten, shitty little boots, Coffey, smack2k, bradhindsight, bigelow34, cowboy hats. (BP), thebrainfollower, Fantastic, Mike Campbell (loved the blog back in the day), DKKookyPunk, Eduardo, NegroSuave, Smart Mark 15, wahoos leg, jpchicago23, BrianB, floyd, fxnj, Boss Rock, rzombie1988, GOTNW (always good for a unique opinion), CapitalTTruth, Not Jay Tabb, Jetlag, donsem43, Tim Evans, pol, RIP riderman hongo, or whatever his first name username was, and his various gimmicks (often popping up like Charlie Brown from Outta Town). Anyway, sorry for the long post, felt it appropriate to give my appreciation in these trying times. You all contributed a bit (or more) to my fandom, and I am grateful. Please stay safe and healthy during this epidemic. I hope to try and be a bigger voice here, if I can. Anybody else have good memories they want to share of this place, or their internet-based wrestling fandom in general? Thanks! Marc
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  5. This was a solid, fun match. You had to know (without the benefit of hindsight, wikipedia, etc.) that Martel had no shot going in, but Harley makes him look great and the Portland crowd is hot for their guy. Nothing groundbreaking, but there were a bunch of sequences that I enjoyed - Martel's deep arm drags (a la Ricky Steamboat), Harley the ring general stooging and finding the ropes at the last second to get out of dodge. I laughed at the "wake up" spot after the sleeper ended the second fall. What a goofy pro wrestling trope. It's something we laugh at but would be embarrassed if a non-fan was in the room. Race was great acting punch drunk and wild after the karate chops of rejuvenation. This ends with a time limit draw in the third. All-in-all, excellent start to the set (I know I'm late to the party). I'm working my way chronologically through the 80s now. I caught Martel in Strike Force and as "The Model" growing up, so I've not seen most of his run as a top babyface in the early-mid 80s. I look forward to his run in Portland and then the AWA. I'd call this ***1/4.
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  10. MLD1083


    Thanks for bringing attention to the FB group, I just joined. this is right in my wheelhouse. I followed the GWE threads from afar but felt I still have so much more to watch and abstained from voting because I wanted to be more well rounded globally and didn't think it was fair to vote with my limited perspective. But WWE/F, I grew up on this, happy to participate!
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  12. MLD1083

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    Not the most exotic stuff, but if you are looking for WWF and WCW matches from the 80s and 90s, these guys have thousands of videos on their channels here: http://www.dailymotion.com/Stinger1981 http://www.dailymotion.com/TSteck160 This was more valuable five years ago before the Network existed, but there's still lots of good to sift through.
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