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  1. SteveMPunk

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    vs Hechicero please
  2. SteveMPunk

    All Elite Wrestling

    So, that's Jericho lost the belt...
  3. SteveMPunk

    Current New Japan

    Agreed, big Dragon Lee fan but wasn't feeling that. Bit of controversy over KENTA showing up on the same day as NOAH's Misawa tribute show
  4. SteveMPunk

    RIP Silver King

    I was at ringside and at first I thought they'd planned the whole can't roll him over spot. But after the delayed 3 count I got the horrible feeling something serious was happening. Not your typical wrestling crowd tonight, was made up more of people coming along for the Lucha experience (which made it the best wrestling crowd I'd been in up to that point) and most of the people around me were telling me it was part of the show. Feel totally numb
  5. SteveMPunk

    RIP Silver King

    Too shocked to say anything worth too much. RIP Silver King, tonight was a beautiful, joyous celebration of Lucha Libre that ended in tragedy. Feel for his family and everyone involved with the show tonight.
  6. SteveMPunk

    Current Lucha Talk

    I absolutely have to see a show at this venue
  7. SteveMPunk

    Current Lucha Talk

    You would think so
  8. SteveMPunk

    Current Lucha Talk

    Gonna be a slow week waiting for this
  9. SteveMPunk

    Current Lucha Talk

    Yeah that was absolutely brilliant. Hoping to watch the tag finals from Friday soon
  10. SteveMPunk

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Moving to Toronto this Summer, hoping to catch one of these PPVs live eventually
  11. SteveMPunk

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Most interesting or enjoyable Coliseum exclusives? Looking for some that haven't necessarily been talked up
  12. SteveMPunk

    Random Newsletter Stuff

    “Stan Hansen has been suspended from wrestling in Winnipeg. This all came about when he hit a fan after his match there on Sep. 12. The Manitoba Athletic Commission has levelled this suspension so there is little hope that it will ever be lifted.” (Grapevine vol1.no.9) “What rights do the fans have? Last week in Chicago a fan did not like the referee’s decision of a match and jumped into the ring with a 38 or 45 and started shooting. He wounded 5 fans luckily none of them injured seriously. This is not the first time a thing like this has happened. A couple of years ago at the Olympic (…after Shiek vs Tolos) the wrestlers were bloody, two referees unconscious and one officer of the LAPD had been stabbed” (Eyewitness, 01-1975) “The AWA wrestling show originated in Atlantic City. The announcers were Larry Nelson and Vern Gagne, a former wrestler who knew everything there was to know about figure four leglocks and the infamous drop toe hold. Said Gagne of the drop toe hold: ‘You can try that at home if you like’” (Combat Sports 94) “Look for some fireworks down in the West Virginia area where the Three Rivers Wrestling Association has just merged with Knoxville’s All Star Wrestling. These two groups will be exchanging talent and will combine to form direct competition to the WWF in West Virginia. As far as talent goes the WWF will have to take a backseat here” (Empire State Wrestling #46 1979) “Paul Dangerously”: A couple years ago, Sports Illustrated did a cover story on professional wrestling with Hulk Hogan on the cover. Inside towards the end of the article was a quote from Dave Meltzer. The quote was basically what McMahon was trying to accomplish was to burn this great society of wrestling down to the ground and rebuild the new society. I think 1993 saw the burning to the ground of the wrestling society, and the future will hold either that wrestling will go the way of roller derby in which it will pretty much be a travelling carnival type atmosphere in which a few guys are going to make a decent living or it’s going to be built up from the ground again into a whole new era of wrestling. 1993 was the burning to the ground of the industry as we knew it’” (Wrestling Flyer Yearbook ’93) “My impressions of the first Shotgun show. It looked like a public access wrestling TV show, which I don't think is the intention. Bob Backlund was a riot but he wasn't enough to carry an entire show. Most of the skits didn't work. The deal where Todd Pettingill changed the words to Macarena to do the Mascarita wasn't the slightest bit racist as I'd been led to believe, but it also didn't work. Mascarita did debut the corkscrew plancha on American TV but it was in a setting and done at a time (just back from a commercial break) where it meant nothing.” (WON 1/20/97) “And now a bit of news that really hurts. It has finally happened. On the 15th, I went to the Garden to see the matches and became so bored with it all that I got up and left early. The matches had become so repetitious that I could not be bothered with it all. Not only could I predict the winners, I could also predict the time of the match, it had gotten to be so bad. The match in question, a rematch betwixt Sammartino and Monsoon was one of the worst drawing in the history of the Garden as less than 13,000 people flooded the historic old dump. The promoters expected a sell-out no matter what and presented the worst card I have ever seen or read about. It was five dollars down the drain and will probably be the last five they ever get out of me. I am disgusted with it all.” (Matmania 05. 1967) “On September 20th, there was a formation of a fan club for Giant Baba. Called the ‘Giant Baba Supporting Society” it is headed by several big shots in various fields including the former Minister of Transportation, Wataru Narahashi, and Shojiro Kawashima, the former vice Premier of Japan. The first named is the president of the group. Many of the men involved are not wrestling fans in the strictest sense of the word, but are attaching themselves to the group as a means of securing publicity for themselves. This is approximately the same as Richard Nixon running a fan club for Verne Gagne, if the comparison is correct. In short, it means that wrestling is so big over there that it is politically helpful to be involved with it. Can you see a man running for president on the basis of being a wrestling fan?” (Matmania 10. 1967) “Way back when in Phoenix, in the late 60’s early 70s was a big juice territory. Always upon returning to the dressing room the wrestler would drop the blade in the sink. One day the sink plugs up and a plumber is called. The plumber evidently disconnects a pipe and reaches in to clear the obstruction and of house has just gashed his hand to pieces on the numerous blades” (Ring Around the Northwest 08.1994) “The wrestling show scheduled for May 18th for the debuting People’s Wrestling Federation was postponed due to bomb threats at Prairie High School. Booker Buddy Rose and Promoter Mike Baca also received threats at their homes. The caller identified himself as someone working for Billy Jack which immediately removed him from suspicion. Someone who is somewhat on the inside spoke on Billy Jack’s radio show and speculated that Bart Sawyer was one of the people behind it, citing jealousy as well as heat with some who are scheduled on the card. “ (Ring Around the Northwest 05.1996)
  13. SteveMPunk

    Random Newsletter Stuff

    This was my favourite thread in recent times here, so I wanted to share a few things I've been reading. Apologies if any of these have been posted in the thread previously. Might post something lengthier soon! “They said on Maple Leaf Wres. (which is shown throughout Canada) that Hogan beat Flair in Africa for the undisputed championship. They then go on saying that Flair has no right to his claims of being NWA champ. At the 9-23 Toronto show 50 fans passed out flyers saying the fans should boycott wrestling until Flair returns (Mat World, issue 15) “Upcoming WWF shows you’ll want to miss”… (Mat World, issue 15) “ Marcial Bovee was critically hurt in a battle on the arena floor in Pheonix Arizona, when a sharp piece of splintered wood from a press table was broken in a slug out brawl, was accidentally spiked completely through his right hand. The accident, although serious, has not hindered the controversial manager at all”. (National Wrestling News 82 01) “The sumo group is not too happy with Baba signing Tenta and have threatened not to let Baba use the Sumo Hall in Tokyo if Tenta wrestles there” (Mat Results vol.5 no.1) “ Scott Rexsteiner defeated the Great Wojo for the WWA world title in his first match in the WWA. Scott is a young good-looking wrestler with a good body but still green in some spots but could have a good future” (Mat Results, vol 5.no.1) “Tony Atlas and Ted Arcidi are having matches all over the country billed as “Battle of the Strongmen” with both wearing weightlifting belts. You have no idea boring this is” (Mat Results vol.5no.1) “Dr Jerry Graham left Rochester for Toldeo on Nov. 8. Quite a few friends have suggested to me that I should bow out of refereeing his match with Killer Kowalski that night and let someone else officiate. At this time I am leaning towards following this advice. Last year I refereed a tag team match in Missouri and was injured – nothing serious, but it was very painful at the time.” (TNT Times, issue 194) “I have to quit now to go out and buy my copy of Vince McMahon Jr’s album: The best of Adolph Hitler Volume 1” (Mat World, issue 19)
  14. SteveMPunk

    Triplemania XXVI Thread

    That six man is my match of the year
  15. Would have loved to if not for the UK time difference, maybe the Anniversary show? Friday was my favourite wrestling card of the year, really hope we get Park/Rush headlining.