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Vote for the wrestler that you think had the better career in WWE (whether you base that on impact or match quality is your decision), from 1985 to 2005. Voting will end tomorrow morning at the latest. Please give the wrestler's name first and any explanation thereafter. Thanks.

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I was going to write Mick Foley, without much thought, but then got to thinking...


Jericho probably deserves the nod here.


Jericho has been put into more situations that buried him than nearly any other wrestler save RVD. Unlike RVD however, I never get the feeling Jericho is phoning it in. JEricho was made second-fiddle to Steph's dog, buried repeatedly by HHH, has to put over nearly every wrestler he has feuded with, yet still remains over and gets better matches out of his opponents than other wrestlers. His feud with the Rock had awesome potential and was becoming feud of the decade before Trips returned from the injury and flushed it down the crapper. Hell, it won Feud of the Year and only was three months into the feud. His interviews can get stale but have been better than most of the roster. When he is allowed to show range,he does it successfully... witness his promos against Steph in the beginning, his chats with Benoit when they were partners and his interplay with the Rock. Lets not forget about the awesome promos when he debuted.


Mick Foley is a superstar. Successful book. Made the careers of guys like Undertaker and HHH mean more than they would have without him. Unfrotunately, that is a knock against him. His two opponents that he made basically undermined and helped kill company interest after being elevated by Foley. Foley popularized the garbage style and took insane bumps when he didn;t have to. His match with HBK showed he could have passionate, well-worked matches with a minimal amount of absurdity. His promos were awesome and made you care about his matches but then the actual matches took place and you saw the absurd amounts of punishment he took when he could have been much more effecive putting voer wrestling. He has the ability. Instead we get... Chairshots to the head. Thumbtacks. 15 feet falls. the Nestea Plunge. Foley had too much talent to waste on this type of gimmickry. Too much charisma.


So, when we look at matches... most of Foley's well-known matches are his gimmick matches (hardcore, HIAC) when he could have more classics like the HIAC. Jericho has had good-great matches with Benoit, Trips (although I only like the LMS), Rock (which compares to HBK-Foley in quality). He has gotten good matches out of Kane, which I never believed until Loss pointed it out. He has raised the game of mediocre players (Nash, Goldberg, Christian). He has longevity with the company, never embarassed the company (although he himself was embarassed many times) and keeps on keeping on.


Chris Jericho

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