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Hell in a Cell thoughts


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You can't do stream of consciousness threads at DVDVR so might as well do one here. When I am working on compilations or gathering footage, these threads help pass the time and I don't think we are busy enough where it is going to ruin the board if we start doing them.




The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison

- Another Miz-BD match I enjoyed. They took a convoluted stipulation three way and turned it into one hell of an opener. The spots to eliminate the third guy while two guys would match up were inventive enough (turantula leading to BD dropkick as an example) that I didn't mind the structure and the end was cool with BD picking up the clean win. I am loving these BD PPV matches.

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I'm not one of those "Need blood in WWE all the time" guys but this Orton/Sheamus match really could use it.

OH SHIT, you stole my post!!!!


The Orton-Sheamus match was good but could have been awesome with some blood. Also, I am watching 1996 Buried Alive right now and this was a low point in WWF fan interest and that show is so much louder than this show. Seriously, the Mankind-Taker match is getting some genuine volume and Orton-Sheamus was so quiet.

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LOL @ Meltz for not recognizing Husky & Hennig


Barrett won, which they had to do given how badly things need to be shaken up. The finish saw Cena have the STF on Cena when a pretend fan hit the ring and ref Jack Doan grabbed him in a front facelock like Brian Hildebrand did on a Nitro episode in the 90s. At that point a mysterious person nailed Cena with a 2x4 and ran off and Barrett got the pin. This was the most heated match so far. Solid match which got over because Cena kicked out of the Wasteland and Barrett kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment.

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