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[1996-08-27-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction


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JT Smith and Little Guido train under the Rocky statue. Taz calls out Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and Dr. Death. Brian Lee cuts the same promo he's cut for the last 2 months. Dreamer and Beulah rebut. JT Smith wants to invade YOUR town--Guido isn't as eager. D-Von threatens the cameraman with a chair. Buh Buh Ray manages to sound threatening while still holding onto the remains of the stuttering gimmick. The Dudleyz are slowly morphing into legitimate threats. Guido abuses the Rocky statue. 2 Cold Scorpio talks about nothing in particular. The Gangstas show off the ECW Tag Title belts. D-Von delivers his catchphrase. Big Dick Dudley grunts. Damien Kane and Lady Alexandra...they're still around?? Gary Wolfe wants to break Shane Douglas' neck. Shane and Francine gloat some more. Doug Furnas manages to make his way through an interview selecting Dan Kroffat as his partner. RVD responds with his dream partner...Sabu.


Until the last segment this was a pretty lame edition of Pulp Fiction, with a lot of repeated stuff (more than usual) and guys talking about themselves without actually hyping anything specific.

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