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Kind of a boring one, as most of this is Joey Styles hyping an October 26 show.


There's also a Shane Douglas promo in the shower and the Eliminators (who it seems like now that the year is starting to wind down get a disproportionate amount of face time on these things).


This is basically an old local house show-style promotional thing with inserts, with the Pulp Fiction music playing in the background.


Joey Styles as announcer doesn't age well, as he tried so hard to be clever that he really wasn't.

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Yeah, this doesn't work when it's almost all Styles, as he hypes both the 10/5 and 10/26 ECW Arena shows. I question the Doc/Gordy-Eliminators match being "the most historically significant match in the history of the ECW Arena." Spike Dudley has debuted--I had no idea he was around this early. While the ridiculous hype train is running, Styles laughably attempts to pass off a rather tepid Buh Buh Ray vs. D-Von brawl as the most extreme in ECW's history. Main event is an Ultimate Jeopardy tag match: if Brian Lee gets pinned, he loses his hair. If Raven gets pinned, he loses his ECW title. If Sandman gets pinned, he gets ten lashes with the cane. And if Tommy Dreamer gets pinned, Beulah must leave ECW.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-10-01-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction

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