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Bobby Heenan DVD

Guest kidd

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Guests featured on the documentary

Gene Okerlund

Baron Von Raschke

Nick Bockwinkel

Larry Hennig

Greg Gagne

Ken Patera

Vince McMahon

Pat Patterson

Jerry Lawler

John Cena

Arn Anderson

Michael Hayes

Dolph Ziggler

Joey Styles

Jim Cornette

Harvey Whippleman


Jim Cornette and harvey whipplemen were jsut shor bits putting bobby over as the best manager ever. Oddly enough Dolph had quite bit of face time on this not a ton, but more than cena and a couple other. he pretty much jsut repeated hwo awesome heenan was.

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The true surprise of this DVD set is the matches DVD. The Documentary is great, but since I'm a total Heenan fanboy, there wasn't much new to learn.


But the matches DVD has some true gems, and really shows how great a wrestler he was. Lord Al Hayes vs. Heenan, Greg Gagne vs. Heenan, Hogan vs. Bockwinkel and Heenan, Heenan vs. Sal Bellomo...ALL really fucking great.

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I have not seen the doc yet. The match list is the primary reason I didn't rush out to buy it...I have all of them, unfortunately.


The real crime is that there isn't much if any WWA stuff (pre-AWA heenan) on it from what I can gather reading about it. Many old timers wil tell you that Heenan in the old WWA was spectacular and it might have been his best work.


As a companion to this, I recommend my own "Heenan in the AWA" 2-disc set. It's been around for a long time and shouldn't be hard to pick up in a dollar shill around the boards (I have it too, of course, but not at a dollar a disc, lol). I need to redo/update it at some point, but it's been revealing to a lot of people that don't know much about his AWA time.


Anyone that wants me to send them the matchlist drop me a PM with your e-mail and I'll send it along or C and P it into another PM.


(Sorry for slight bit of off-topic, but Heenan is by far my favourite manager of all time so I tend to ramble about him when I have a chance.... :) )

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the Hayes and Bellomo matches are both really really good.


slight tangent. Anyone notice that many AWA matches tended to have the heel beat down the face, face makes comeback, face comeback is quickly cut off, short period of heel dominance, then the "real" babyface comeback and then whatever the finish was. It was an interesting formula and often made AWA matches seem longer than they were. And that's not meant as a criticism


and had no idea that Bobby's daughter was used as an extra in several vignettes (obviously she was not acknowledged as such). He calls her a little brat in one of them! Ha!

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That Lord Al Hayes match was on WWE 24/7 several years back and is good as fuck. Seriously if I ever get around to doing "waco comps" or some horribly silly shit like that it will make an appearance alongside gems like Cowabunga v. Jim Cornette and JT Smith/Little Guido v. Spike/Bubba Dudley

The TV for the period between Heenan and Hayes was great. the next month was the Crusher-Bockwinkel cage match in St. Paul (clips have been shown on AWA 24/7 specials), and during the introductions Hayes lays a beating on Heenan which is why he isn't around during that cage match to interfere.


You also had Heenan and Super Destroyer Mark II together (Heenan stole him from Hayes previously), and Super Destroyer III trying to get back together with Hayes to take on those two in various combinations (some 6-man stuff with Crusher, in tag matches, etc.). Add Bockwinkel feuding with Crusher into that mix and it was really fun.


So many Heenan interviews better than the ones available on the AWA out there seem lost to time...it's sad. You could easily have had a whole disc with Heenan promos from the AWA attached to this and it would have been gold....providing the footage survived, of course.

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Hugely disappointed with this.


Hated how they just ran the same video clips over and over, and some of the sit-down comments were just lifted directly from his Hall induction, which is on there as an extra.


I would've loved to see just a huge montage of his schtick with Gorilla from Prime Time Wrestling.


Just seemed very lazy in the way it was put together. The Brain deserved better.

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