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Things you've liked about wrestling this year:


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Here's my list of the several things that jump into my head:[li] The slow turn of Batista against HHH.[/li][li] Jeff Jarrett being told that he can't use a guitar, so he used a chello.[/li][li] Matt Morgan promising to "never show his face in OVW again" if he lost. So, he now sports a mask.[/li][li] "Fallen Angel" Christoper Daniels: X-Division Champion[/li][li] Paul London: WWE Cruiserweight Champion[/li][li] The Royal Rumble match. I didn't know who was going to win but I knew it'd be down to Batista and John Cena. Except for the botched finish, I'd say it went off pretty successfully, even without Patterson.[/li][li] John Cena & Bradshaw's brawl at Judgment Day.[/li][li] Shelton Benjamin Vs. Shawn Michaels in the first round of the Gold Rush tournament on Raw.[/li][li] Chris Masters entrance.[/li][li] Eddy Guerrero slowing turning heel against Rey Mysterio.[/li][li] MNM.[/li][li] Muhammad Hussan's new attire. His entrance music. Daivari wrestling. Hassan putting Eugene in the Camel Clutch at Wrestlemania.[/li][li] Jake "The Snake" Roberts showing up on The Highlight Reel.[/li][li] Marty Jannetty's return.[/li][li] Christian. His promo last week. Asking Tomko to "give him a beat" at Royal Rumble. Saying he don't know who Mark Jindrak is but "you know I've beat him." He's just comedic gold.[/li][li] Several "Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood" commercials.[/li][li] Calito "Caribbean" Cool and his Cabana.[/li][li] Colt Cabana's list of "people he'd like to have a 3-way with".[/li][li] Maven's progression and usage of John Walter's "Lung Blower" as his finisher.[/li]


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Well, I haven't seen too much wrestling from 2005 so I'll go with what I like about my wrestling experiences in 2005.


--- Accumulating huge amounts of material through trading and bulk buys. This includes...

--The ability to burn DVDs thus being able to spread the wrestling love

--Discovering Mid-South and some great matches.

--Obtaining a shitload of 1997 WWF

--Picking up the bulk of ROH from 2004

--Meeting guys like Famous Mortimer, Some Guy and Tim Cooke to help increase the collection

--Establishing deals with Loss and Bruiser Chong

--Picking up teke's mega collection of masters

--Discovering matches like JBL-Eddie that no one gave a chance


---The creation of NMB so I have a place on the net to call home.


---Subscribing to the Observer





---Seeing some good to great SD! matches

---Getting my hopes up that Shelton Benjamin elevates his game and becomes an impact player.

---Reading that most of the TNA PPVs turned out great, giving me something to look forward to.

---Ebessan in ROH

---Rey and Eddie feud

---The Jim Cornette and Bobby Heenan shoot interviews

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I've enjoyed Impact! for the most part. There's been some clunker shows but they manage to get a good match in there once or twice a month. TNA in general has been enjoyable during this year, minus most of March.


WWF has been a wasteland for the most part and I try to avoid the shows as much as possible. Velocity was doing some good stuff until March but then they decided to ruin that show with hosses.

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Guest DylanWaco

Haas/Holly v. MNM tag matches that bring old school flavor.


JBL on the mic


EDDIE! and Rey


Shelton and the Ladder walk


Christian as the promo king

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Guest WidowsPeak

- Shelton Benjamin vs. Shawn Michaels

- Mistico

- Victoria destroying everyone last week

- Trish Stratus

- Eddie Guerrero

- Christian

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