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[1995-01-28-SMW-Super Saturday Night Fever] Jerry Lawler vs Dirty White Boy / Buddy Landell vs Dirty White Boy


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This was really, really entertaining. The best comparison I can make is that this is the SMW version of Over The Edge '98. It's not exactly the same, but in terms of doing a lot of extracurricular bullshit that is consistent with the storyline and motivations of the participants -- and also that is funny -- they're pretty much the same. Lawler's argument with Granny at ringside before the match starts is epic and keeps going and going.


Buddy Landell is the guest timekeeper. At the beginning of the match, Lawler asks for more time before they get started so he can go fight an annoying fan at ringside. Not to be outdone, Landell gets in a racist joke ("If you're looking for the Dirty White Girl, she's in the parking lot with the Gangstas"), and pulls out all his typical heel-on-a-spot-show stuff -- grabbing the mic, hiding the foreign object, etc. Some love it, some hate it.


Buddy should do time calls for every match ever. And the finish is brilliant -- Landell grabs the mic and declares that the 60-minute time limit has expired even though they hadn't been in the ring anywhere near that long! Mark Curtis restarts the match and fires Buddy Landell as timekeeper. Landell ends up slugging him, then sneaks into help Lawler win the SMW title.


Then, we segue into a Lights Out match between Landell and DWB that ends quickly -- with a frustrated, still groggy Curtis counting Buddy down for a fast count. Still, Buddy is dominant and gets all the heat.


See this.

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More USWA TX by Numbers. I enjoyed this, and loved Buddy as the timekeeper, but I think I would have liked it more if I'd watched it coming right off the '96 Yearbook as Loss did. Instead I've been watching since 1990 and Lawler's shtick isn't nearly as fresh. DWB hits the Bucksnort Blaster, but even though we're 20 minutes into the match, Landell rings the bell at 2 and declares that the 60-minute time limit has expired. This is definitely a week of senior referees overruling special guests, as Mark Curtis pulls a Nick Patrick and takes charge. All for naught, as Lawler steals the SMW title with Buddy's help.


The lights out match isn't much--Landell beats on the semi-conscious White Boy but falls victim to a fluke roll-up. But he gets to lay out DWB again after the match, so this feud isn't anywhere near settled. The time was definitely right to change the title, as it was growing stale on DWB thanks mostly to a lack of legitimate challengers.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-01-28-SMW-Super Saturday Night Fever] Jerry Lawler vs Dirty White Boy / Buddy Landell vs Dirty White Boy

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