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[1995-02-26-SMW-Sunday Bloody Sunday II] Interview: Bobby Blaze & Dirty White Boy / Interview: Buddy Landell


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Bobby Blaze and Dirty White Boy are interviewed regarding the events of Sunday Bloody Sunday. This supposedly takes place 30 minutes after the match is over, so why hasn't Blazed washed his face? Anyway, Dirty White Boy is disappointed but puts over Blaze winning the title on his own.


Then we cut to Buddy Landell, who doesn't exactly see things the same way. Buddy says there is a conspiracy involving nearly everyone in SMW against him, and he says not to let the suits fool anyone, he can be mean and nasty. He wants Blaze in the ring again and will put up anything Blaze wants on the line to get him back in the ring. This is a really good, angry promo.

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Can someone explain the deal with these promos. Obviously the match footage is fancam stuff, but the promos are TV stuff. Did they just not film the actual matches for TV, or is the fancam footage what they used?


It seems a little strange to have promos filmed for the matches, but no actual cameras at ringside for the matches themselves.

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Blaze cuts a humble country-boy promo as the unlikely new SMW champion. Take this promo set-up in another direction and one could easily see a heel turn for the White Boy coming out of it.


Landell rants about how everyone in the building cost him the title ("like Dallas in '61"...okay). Buddy's great when complaining about unimportant things--he's even better when he's truly been embarrassed. Blaze is only good for pinching moonshine in Ashland, KY and drives a moped as opposed to Landell's Mercedes-Benz.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-02-26-SMW-Sunday Bloody Sunday II] Interview: Bobby Blaze & Dirty White Boy / Interview: Buddy Landell

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