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[1995-03-03-CMLL] Ultimo Dragon & Corazon de Leon & Felino vs El Dandy & Negro Casas & Bestia Salvaje


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This went on the yearbook because Bihari gave it ****1/4. I encourage anyone to watch the match so you can form your own opinion. But I thought this was a horrible match. This is the worst match I have ever seen involving Negro Casas without a doubt. There's enough talent in the ring that I expected it to be really good. I really wanted to like it. But it's terrible.


The match never gets past the first fall. Felino and Salvaje are quickly eliminated, leaving us with a tag match of Dandy/Casas vs Jericho/Ultimo. Dandy does a half-ass job of working over Ultimo's knee and all this time, Jericho has never even entered the match. Eventually Ultimo submits and it's Jericho vs Dandy and Casas. Just a very strange layout.


Jericho clumsily works some sequences with both guys and eventually pins both Casas and Dandy to bring home the big win. They were clearly positioning Jericho in a big way, but there's just no substance here. Even as a spotfest, this isn't that good and doesn't have much value, which is puzzling, considering that some of these guys have had great chemistry in other matches.


Someone else take a look and tell me if I'm crazy.

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I didn't hate this nearly as much as you two, but I was definitely disappointed. This is a straight elimination tag, btw, a la Survivor Series. I didn't know that at first so the quick pin on Felino didn't bother me, but by the end when I realized where this was going and Felino was in and out in 3 minutes without doing anything, I felt really cheated. Dragon sucks, nothing new there, but Dandy and Salvaje didn't really contribute anything either besides a nice missile dropkick from Dandy. Jericho ends up getting the big push here and I thought the closing stretch with Casas was pretty decent, with Casas sort of guiding Jericho by the hand through a passable closing stretch. But Jericho just isn't there yet as a babyface--he still has the air of somebody trying too hard, from his cheesy working of the crowd to his too-advanced-for-his-own-good offense to his ridiculous pratfalling fatigue sell after getting the big win. Not horrible, but the wrong guys were featured.

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It starts off with a horrific opening exchange between Ultimo and Negro. I doubt that Casas has had a worse exchange against anyone in his career. Then Felino and Bestia tag in, blow a crucifix and then there's a countout. What is going on? After a couple of eliminations the commentator mentioned that it was a Cibernetico. Okay that makes some sense. Jericho stands on the apron for an eternity as the match grinds to a standstill. Then he finally gets in and has no idea what he's doing. And fuck me they're pushing him! He's going to be around for 10 minutes and can't work the style so let's give him a huge push. Dear God.


It's the earliest Cibernetico I've seen and also the worst. Some terrible wrestling, awful layout and mind boggling booking. Diabolical.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-03-CMLL] Ultimo Dragon & Corazon de Leon & Felino vs El Dandy & Negro Casas & Bestia Salvaje

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