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[1995-03-04-USWA-TV] PG-13 and Tommy Rich & Gorgeous George III


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They showed videotape apparently of Tommy Rich slapping Wolfie D's mom, which is a wow moment. Rich is with Gorgeous George III, and PG-13 runs in and goes after both guys. Big Daddy Cyrus attacks Wolfie from behind and Rich starts cutting Wolfie's mullet! Wolfie is livid, which anyone who lost a mullet would be in 1995. Pro wrestling.

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Rich screams about how Wolfie D's mother hit his mother with a hubcap, thus justifying him slapping her. Rich screams bloody murder in a way more enjoyable way than Sid while Gorgeous George III makes terrible faces next to him. PG-13 are out and a pretty great brawl erupts, with Big Daddy Cyrus helping Rich cut off JC's rat tail. Having a heel attack a babyface's mother to set up a simple haircut angle seems a little backwards to me, but it was a cool segment.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-04-USWA-TV] PG-13 and Tommy Rich & Gorgeous George III

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