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[1995-03-18-ECW-Philadelphia, PA] Sandman & Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack & Shane Douglas


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Douglas is swinging the Singapore cane and accidentally hits Cactus, the two have words and Douglas takes off briefly before coming back. Cactus and Funk take some great bumps in this, and at one point, they bury Cactus under the ringside guardrail. They brawl all over the building, and in a great spot, Funk went to pour the contents of a toolbox on Douglas and when the box opened, all the tools fell on his head and decommissioned him. Only Funk could make me buy that. Later in the match, Funk comes back and hits Cactus with a flaming branding iron and manages to brand Cactus with it until Douglas makes the save. All is for naught though, as Douglas gets distracted and Funk ends up piledriving Cactus on the flaming branding iron. Had that not been the finish, I would have HATED this match, but it was, so all is good. As Texas Tornado brawls go, this was pretty good. If this didn't take place in a promotion where wild brawls were so commonplace, it would stand out quite a bit more, but it's still better than I thought it would be.

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Douglas walks out on Cactus after an early argument when an overzealous Shane accidentally canes Jack. For a second I had hope that this stupid partnership was over with, but then Douglas is back minutes later. Dammit. He certainly acquits himself well in the match however, taking some sick bumps and working a shockingly effective FIP segment, though that's when the match really drags. Finally this picks up again when Cactus makes the save, and he and Douglas do a great spot with Douglas whipping Jack into the guardrail and flipping him into Sandman who's in the front row. Funk grabs a toolbox from under the ring and raises it over his head to use as a weapon, but the box opens and he knocks himself out with the tools. Funny spot if intentional (or if it wasn't, frankly). Overlong but pretty good, and the final payoff with the flaming branding iron sort of justified the length. Cactus goes down exactly when he should.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-18-ECW-Philadelphia, PA] Sandman & Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack & Shane Douglas

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