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[1995-03-25-USWA-TV] Interview: Wolfie D


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Wolfie comes out with his hair freshly cut after getting demulleted recently. Big improvement. He has the surprise return of JC Ice, wearing a neckbrace to sell a recent attack from Rich and Gilbert and promising revenge. They announce Dundee is with them now too, to help them even the odds and fight off Gorgeous George III and the Spellbinder. Dundee gives some fatherly advice about thinking with their hearts instead of their brains. I enjoyed this because it was plausible -- it's probably how a dad would react if all this were real. I don't count Cornette since he's in kind of a weird place, but PG-13 are the best babyface interviews in wrestling at this point.

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This looks like the start of the big Bill Dundee vs. Wolfie D split, which I hope this Yearbook captures. Bill is not happy about fighting his son's battles and getting involved in a piledriver elimination match because of Wolfie D, but promises to dump Rich and Gilbert on their heads anyway. Noticeable boos from the audience when Bill is introduced--either they were on Christopher's side or they were disappointed it wasn't Lawler, or both.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-25-USWA-TV] Interview: Wolfie D

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