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[1995-03-26-WWF-Action Zone] Men on a Mission and Smoking Gunns


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Men on a Mission want the Smoking Gunns to come out so they can apologize to them for "turning" on them the week before, then they destroy them. Oscar doesn't seem to agree and he quickly becomes history. Not sure why they wouldn't just run the turn the first time. Thus begins the big Mabel push on top that would culminate at Summerslam.

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MOM jumped the Smoking Gunns after losing a tag title match the previous week, and they're out to kiss up to the fans and apologize. How nice of them. Todd's overenthusiastic approval of all this sort of telegraphs the turn, but if you view this as the closest thing the WWF did to an Eddie Gilbert tribute (Hot Stuff was a master of performing and booking phony apologies) then it works.


Had he come along 10 years earlier he would have been a major star and a great challenger for Hogan. But in 1995 we were past that, and the name "Mabel" alone was going to sink any chances of the guy becoming a legit main eventer. He needed a name that was more intimidating and contemporary, like Prudence, Agatha, or Millicent.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-26-WWF-Action Zone] Men on a Mission and Smoking Gunns

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