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[1995-04-13-NJPW-Battle Rush] Wild Pegasus & Shinjiro Otani vs Gran Hamada & Koji Kanemoto


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This was a pretty good match. Mechanically, it was excellent, but there wasn't nearly enough emotion or fire behind most of this. Otani and Kanemoto tried for that, and it's obvious they're building a feud, but the audience didn't take to it at all really. Hamada brings something fun to the match because his highspots aren't really typical New Japan juniors highspots, but this still felt like a match smothered by a limited formula. It's very good, but it could have been better. Interesting in that it really exposes both the positives and limitations of that formula.

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Sort of indie-riffic here. Kanemoto pops up from a superplex like a proto-Davey Richards douche and gets leveled from behind by a flying Ohtani dropkick in the funniest spot of the match. The action is good and well-executed, but aside from the Ohtani/Kanemoto hate there's not a lot at stake or a lot of psychology here.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-04-13-NJPW-Battle Rush] Wild Pegasus & Shinjiro Otani vs Gran Hamada & Koji Kanemoto

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