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Finish only. Tatanka has his back turned and trips Bigelow, costing him the match and leading to Diesel winning the match. I had a LOL moment when Diesel looked back at the ring and Earl Hebner did a "shoo" motion at him. DiBiase berates Bigelow over the loss and fires him from the Million Dollar Corporation and slaps him. Tatanka attacks Bigelow from behind and Bigelow comes back with a clothesline and takes him out. Bigelow corners DiBiase and says DiBiase can't fire him because he quits. IRS is out now and it's a doubleteam as the crowd chants for Diesel. Now Sid is out too to make it a triple team. Sid does a terrible powerbomb on Bam Bam, and Diesel finally comes back and clears the ring. This all needed to be in the follow-up -- Bigelow had lost so much that he needed to be pushed hard to be a top babyface. We all know what happened from here though.

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Bigelow's on quite the losing streak, which generally isn't a great way of building what is supposed to be a top-3 babyface. This comes at the end of an astoundingly bad, overlong 19-minute match. DiBiase runs down all of Bam Bam's screwups since the Royal Rumble and fires him. Tatanka attacks but Bigelow makes his own save. "YOU can't fire me--I QUIT." This scenario really could have used a manager who could take bumps. IRS and Sid put a beatdown on Bigelow before Diesel makes the save. An underwhelming payoff to the slow build of Bam Bam's face turn, that looks more underwhelming knowing what's to come of it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-04-24-WWF-Raw] Diesel vs Bam Bam Bigelow
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