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[1995-05-03-NJPW-Wrestling Dontaku] Shinya Hashimoto vs Keiji Muto


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Last few minutes. Bearded Muto is awesome. The heat is so through the roof and Muto's selling looks so good that I wish this was a match we would have had room to include in full. Muto hits two moonsaults to win the IWGP title and kick off what I am expecting to be quite the exciting run for him.

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First half they worked the mat. It was a pleasant way to pass the time with a few nice touches. They patiently built it up. I liked how nothing came easy and they had to fight to pull off the higher powered moves. The stretch had clear shifts in momentum with one and then the other getting close but just being denied. It was a matchup of equals and on this day Mutoh shaded it. If it had gone to the better performer then Hash would have retained. I have no idea what "shenanigans" rzombie is referring to. I would usually use the term to refer to sports entertainment related screwiness. The match was by no means perfect, but it was a good main event for a Dome show and well worth a watch.

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Muto's matwork has progressed here so this was an alright portion unlike some of his early 90s encounters with Hashimoto but it still feels like Hashimoto just hears the 15 minute call and decides to start headbutting Muto a bunch and wake up the Dome and get the match moving along. I will say however I felt like their transitions were a lot better by this point. Too much early 90s NJPW had the sort of obvious rope running counter ones or just a "well I'm in a corner and my opponent is running at me from far away I guess I'll duck" type of momentum shifts but they're much better at pulling you into the drama late here.


This too has another good finishing stretch, which seems to be a theme of these longer Hashimoto/Muto matches. I've never felt disappointed in the last segment of them but the journey is usually not worth it. Muto completely spikes Hashimoto on the dragon suplex here and it's kinda disappointing that he overshoots him on the first moonsault so he has to run back to the middle rope and do it again. Think my personal favorite moment in this was when Muto randomly decides to break out these terrible looking savate kicks that are missing by a mile so Hashimoto literally just walks through them to attack him some more.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-05-03-NJPW-Wrestling Dontaku] Shinya Hashimoto vs Keiji Muto

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