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[1995-05-13-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher and Wolfie D


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Brian Christopher is out for an interview and he isn't happy. He tears into old guys a little, says he'll never team with Dundee again, then asks Wolfie D to comes out. He wants a match where he teams with Wolfie. Wolfie tells him he ain't got no sense. Brian tells him JC Ice is holding him back and that JC Ice has badmouthed him hundreds of times. Dundee is finally back out to put Christopher in his place and wants a match teaming with his son against Christopher and Wolfie D. This is all really well done because the conversation flows in a way where you believe the circumstances that led to this match quickly. Dundee ends up punching Wolfie in the face, we have chaos and this is an awesome segment with all four of them pulling off everything they needed to do perfectly, with Brian Christopher as the instigator. USWA studio segment of the year at this point.

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GEE BEE VEE! GEE BEE VEE! Sorry, marking out for my all-time favorite band making the Menu soundtrack. Kudos to whoever made that call.


Christopher seems to be beginning a full-blown turn, making excuses for Bill Dundee shoving him to the ground and cutting promos on the "old coots" coming in for the legends reunion. There's an upcoming match for a shot at Owen Hart & Yokozuna, and Christopher wants Wolfie D to be his partner for it! He tries to orchestrate a rift in PG-13, telling Wolfie that he's carried the team and that Jamie Dundee has been badmouthing him. Bill comes out to set Christopher straight...and asks for a tag match pitting the Dundees against Christopher and Wolfie! Uh-oh. And THAT sets off Bill and Wolfie cutting promos on each other as Christopher is absolutely giddy in the background--the master plan he talked about at the top of his promo is coming together. This is all pretty complicated, but these are all Memphis pros and they know how to make this feel natural. This is also Brian Christopher's possible high watermark.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-05-13-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher and Wolfie D

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