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[1995-05-14-WWF-In Your House I] Diesel vs Sid


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Sid's pre-match promo, and the camera angle, shows why despite everything this guy kept getting chance after chance to show he could draw on top.


Last few minutes of the match. Diesel kicked out of the powerbomb, which he should have, considering how long Sid took to gloat about powerbombing him. Diesel has the match won when Tatanka runs in for the DQ. Bigelow makes the save to set up the King of the Ring main event.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-05-14-WWF-In Your House I] Diesel vs Sid
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I know Sid isn't a good worker, but small things like him staring out Vince with a psychotic look or the crazy trash talk makes me love him. Whoever booked this played it smart by only having this go 11 minutes. Any longer and I'm sure they would have stunk the building out. Diesel was attacked by Henry Godwin recently and injured his back, so Sid works on it. Sid slaps a long rest hold on Diesel, but at least tries to keep it interesting by fish hooking or gouging the eyes whenever the referee is distracted. Diesel being able to Jackknife Sid made for an impressive spot, but he's not able to win with it as Tatanka runs in and causes the DQ. This wasn't a good match, but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. ★★

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