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[1995-07-01-USWA-TV] Interview: Rock & Roll Express / Interview: PG-13


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Bring on the USWA/SMW feud! Morton cuts a heel promo on the USWA that is great on two levels -- one in that it heels him for the USWA audience, and two in that it would babyface them for the SMW audience even if they saw it. The PG-13 promo is equally good. PG-13 is a team that was born in the wrong era. Wrestling's changes prevented them from having the success they deserved, because they really were the heir apparents to the MX and Rock & Rolls.

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This is like that Tennessee/Texas feud all over again, where the promos could easily swing toward the heel or babyface side depending on which audience hears it. Mark Curtis is confused and saddened at the suggestion that he has somehow wronged Randy Hales. The Rock 'n Rolls will get a rematch with PG-13 with two referees. PG-13 rebut. Right now this still a USWA vs. "NWA" feud rather than a SMW feud.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-07-01-USWA-TV] Interview: Rock & Roll Express / Interview: PG-13

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