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[1995-07-04-ECW-TV] Raven & Stevie Richards vs Public Enemy


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Fancam footage of the Gangstas running in and attacking Public Enemy, costing Public Enemy the titles and giving the win to Raven and Richards. But they do a DOUBLE Dusty finish that favors the babyfaces at first when a second ref runs in and points out what happened, which is odd for ECW. Something happens with Bill Alfonso after the match and I can't make out what he says, but the belts end up going to Raven and Richards yet again.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-07-04-ECW-TV] Raven & Stevie Richards vs Public Enemy
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Because it is not about titles, Pete, it is about hurting the Public Enemy. Ok, yeah I cant explain that booking decision. I made the case for why Public Enemy going over in the first match made sense, but this doesnt. They needed to get the tag titles on Raven & Richards for the impending Pitbulls feud and they went this route. Meh. The important thing is my man Raven and Stevie Richards are champions of the world! They put heat on Fonzie for doing a double reversal to get the titles on Raven & Richards. I think this is the first and only double Dusty Finish and I liked it. 

Since it doesnt look like any of the Raven/Richards promos or segments made the yearbook from July I will just capture my thoughts here. 

-The first title defense at Heat Wave 95 was against jabronis Don E. Allen & Broad Street Bully. Most important thing is Raven/Richards lose by countout because Richards is making out with Francine and Beulah takes exception. Catfight and I gotta say it is a good one. Those floors are gross and those women are hardcore for rolling around on that floor. Beulah explains to Stevie that Francine is a bimbo and Stevie needs to stop hanging out with her. Stevie explains he cant help that "she is hot for my trot and warm of my form!" I remember watching this segment back in 2006 when Youtube really broke and man I popped huge. I thought this was the most genius thing I ever heard. It is still wicked funny to me. Long story short, Beulah is being catty because she wants to be the only woman in the nest. Another funny Stevie/Beulah moment is Stevie is drooling over the thought of Woman back when she was apart of Sullivan's Army of Darkness and Beulah gives him a good whack. 

-This leads to me to my other favorite Raven/Richards promo in Florida in the ocean where they are standing shin high. Stevie is going on and on about how he had this great childhood and at the center piece was Florida Championship Wrestling. He makes fun of Kevin Sullivan's height but thought the Army of Darkness was really cool until Luna fucked up the stable, fucked up Florida Championship Wrestling and fucked up his childhood until New Wave came along! LOL! That was great and then Raven cuts in and cuts some of his best demented, evil empath bullshit, feasting on pain especially the Chairshot around the World. As Dreamer gets angrier, Raven gets stronger. Good stuff all around! The Chairshot Heard Round The World happens at Heat Wave 95 after the Raven/Richards tag title defense in a Stevie vs Luna aftermath. Dreamer really smoked him. Iconic moment.

-Down in Florida, I thought the TV focused mostly on Sandman/Mikey/Woman. I dont remember too much. 

-Overall they are definitely building to Raven & Richards vs Pitbulls. They say they have vanquished Dreamer & Luna. They have been bringing up the Steiners. Oh and Raven says the Public Enemy and Gangstas are destroying each other in the turf war. Raven's act definitely feels like the most over act in ECW at this point. 



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