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Bull Buchanan gets deep...


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I saw this over on WO, and it struck me as probably the best commentary on wrestling by someone in the business:


"...Not long ago, I was watching the movie Men In Black with my kids. In one scene Tommy Lee Jones asks Will Smith to use a device on him that will totally erase his memory and replace it with a different one. Tommy Lee looks at the stars and says "they're beautiful aren't they; I never look at them anymore". He wants to forget all the aliens and all the perils that await Earth out there, and just look at them as stars like he once did. Sometimes I want the same thing, to be able to look at wrestling just as I did on Saturday nights, just a kid, happy to be with his dad in Carrollton, Ga. Watching Tommy Rich and Mr. Wrestling 2 make the world right for one more week.   


I would like to forget some of the things I've seen. I would like to forget all the time I've missed with my family, all the times I've seen good people taken advantage of just because they were good people. But, most of all I would like to forget that feeling , like someone just kicked you in the stomach, when I here that one of my brothers is gone. Memories like the night I got the call that Ray Traylor had died or the morning I found my friend Jerry Tute in his hotel room are memories I could live without. However, when I forget the reason I fell in love with this sport, all I have to do is look at my 3 year old son. He has the same look in his eyes when he watches wrestling that I did many years ago. It's like watching myself all over again which both thrills me and scares me to death.   


Do I want my son to be a wrestler? No. I want him to be a doctor or a lawyer, just as my parents wanted for me. Will I stop him? No. No more than my parents did me. I only hope that if that is the path he chooses that I can help him avoid the many perils that I know await him. So maybe I don't have to have my memory erased with some futuristic laser, because I can see the sport I love and have dedicated the last 13 years of my life to through his eyes, and all the other eyes of every small child who lives for Monday night or Saturday morning so there hero can make the world right for another week for them..."

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Guest teke184

Luther could have done well if he'd been expected to talk more than wrestle...


His entire stint in OVW as Inspector Impact dealt with him cutting promos on TV because he wasn't good enough in the ring, yet the WWF insisted on putting him in the ring as an enforcer and having him never talk as part of his callup.




As for Bull, I'm not sure much could have been done to salvage his in-ring skills. However, he WAS starting to get over as Cena's enforcer "B Square" before he was unceremoniously canned in January 2004, but that was a combination of Bull's presence and Cena's mic skills.

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