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Footage from MSC. Good to see the Bodies mixed into things now. Doug Gilbert is in the referee. Gilbert screws over the SMW team by counting really slow when the Bodies are in a position to win and really fast when PG-13 make a comeback. All weird behavior for a babyface. We get about five minutes of good action before Smothers run in to help the Bodies. Gilbert misses it, but instead hits Pritchard with the hubcap so PG-13 can win. Post-match, Smothers does a number with the Confederate flag. Fun beatdown, but yeah, Doug Gilbert is doing heel stuff as a babyface and it doesn't really work.

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Disappointing match, with some staggeringly unnecessary bullshit involving Doug Gilbert. This is a "Boyz n the Hood Street Fight" with Gilbert enforcing the rules and threatening disqualifications and blatantly favoring the babyfaces. Gilbert fucking over the heels would have had more impact if he'd genuinely made a good-faith effort to officiate this and only did it to retaliate against Smothers' interference. Or, if this was supposed to be a case of the USWA purposely stacking the deck against the "invaders" like WCW should have done with the NWO, then that element of the story needed to be pushed harder.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-09-16-USWA-TV] Heavenly Bodies vs PG-13

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