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Courtesy of the Meltz...


Dark Match:


Big Vito and Nunzio vs. Trevor Rhodes and Garrison Cade. Nunzio and Vito won via rollup by Nunzio.




Akio and Kidman (returning) vs. Psicosis (debuting) w/ mask and Super Crazy ended with moonsalt from Super Crazy for the pin.


Juventud Guerrera (debuting) w/o mask vs. Funaki. This match was given some time and Juventud won with Super Dragon's Supernatural Driver

MNM vs. Kevin Mathews and Nick Berk Mercury of MNM defeated Nick Berk with a pedigree looking move. Total squash..


Mark Jindrak vs. Rene Dupree is in the ring right now. Dupree won clean in a quick match





JBL came to the ring and basically cut a promo on ECW saying why it sucked and that the only reason it was good and got any rating was because he was on the show. He said if he goes to RAW, then SmackDown! is finished for good because wherever he goes, so does the money. He is interupted by Chris Benoit until the Basham's come out to make the save setting up..........


Chris Benoit vs. Doug Basham. Benoit won


Eddie Guerrero vs. Paul London ended with Eddie putting London in a Texas Cloverleaf and wouldn't let go. Rey Mysterio came out with a chair and the two wrestled around to the outside near the barricade until the agents (Fit Finly etc) came out to break the two up.


There is about a five minute intermission and then we see Eddie and Rey come back to the ring fighting. Rey hits Eddie with a chair and the refs/agents come out to break the two up again. They used an electric fence to keep them seperated.


A backstage segment aired where the Basham Brothers said they were sick and tired of the the whole cabinet idea and quit. They talked about tonight's No DQ match between Taker and JBL.


Carlito's Cabana had Carlito interviewing Booker T and Sharmell. Carlito was his smart ass saying this could be the last night Sharmell and Booker are on the same show because Sharmell is a diva and can be drafted. He says that could ruin their marriage. Booker T gets upset and attacks Carlito and then the two start throwing apples at him as he exits.




Matt Morgan vs. The Big Show ended by DQ when Carlito, who was ringside, used a chair. Morgan attempted an FU on the outside through the announce table but it was reversed into a chokeslam by Show, through a table.


Hardcore Holly vs. Orlando Jordan for the US title ended with Orlando Jordan falling on Holly's shoulders and grabbing the ropes for the pin.


John Heidenreich came out to the ring to read a poem about being his friend. He brought out a big Hershey Kiss (they are in Hershey, PA, chocolate capital of the world). The diva's come out (Jackie Gayda and diva search 1 girls Joy, Candice..??) and make remarks about Heidenreich's ''big candy bar'. MNM comes out and Melina says she would never be John's friend and also shot on the diva girls. Melina attacks one of the diva girls, John tries to help, he's attacked by MNM, and they pose.


JBL vs. The Undertaker in the main event went about 20 minutes. Randy Orton (no music) hit the ring and hit the RKO on Taker. JBL falls on top of him for the pin. Orton grabs the mic and says he's officially SmackDown!. I think the show goes off the air there. JBL and Jordan ran back into the ring and attacked Taker.


So, Orton is now on SD!. Good, bad, I don't know.

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Orton going to Smackdown is the right move. Problem is, the last two picks, be it HHH, Batista, Michaels, Jericho, Christian or Cena, are going to be the ones that make the biggest lasting impression on the show, so we won't know just how strong Smackdown is until this is all over.

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THe biggest issue so far is that if they wanted to improve SD!, they should have waited until near the end to trade the champion and they shouldn't be trading off equal talent. Benoit is the equivalent of Angle in terms of what the company thinks they have to offer and Cena and Orton are about the same at this stage of their career.

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