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[1995-12-11-Michinoku Pro] Taka Michinoku vs Tiger Mask IV


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Where the November match was more of a showcase, this match was more competitive and also contains quite a bit more matwork. The other match was fun, but I really prefer this one because it's a better indication of what they can both do, and it's an angrier, more desperate match to boot. Taka works over TM's leg convincingly and the match gets really aggressive, as he slaps TM around between moves, does a nasty knee to the face, then catches him from behind with a missile dropkick. Taka also takes an amazing bump to the floor before eating a plancha from TM. TM's comeback happens a little too soon and in some ways, they are trying to cram 30 minutes of match into 15 minutes, but this is still excellent. This is unique in that I can't recall another juniors match I've watched on any yearbook that I thought needed double the time it got, but these two were aiming high. Opening matwork --> tempers flaring --> opening to work on knee --> spirited comeback --> irony of Taka ending up in the same position and TM doing all of the same stuff to him as revenge --> both guys throwing out whatever else they can muster while the earlier damage they did to each other catches up and slows them down is more a main event layout than a juniors layout. Great match though, I just wanted a lot more of it.

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Yes, better and meatier match than the first one. Not only was there more matwork and psychology but even some of the big moves were better, like TAKA's great springboard dropkick and incredible miss on the spaceman plancha that sets up the home stretch. Unique finish too--TAKA blows out his knee on the missed dive and Tiger Mask takes it apart further, and eventually gets a leg submission.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-12-11-Michinoku Pro] Taka Michinoku vs Tiger Mask IV

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