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[1995-12-18-WWF-Raw] Brother Love: Ted DiBiase / RAW Bowl commercial


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Ted DiBiase and Brother Love discuss Xanta Claus' appearance on the previous night's In Your House and DiBiase announces that he has joined the Million Dollar Corporation. XANTA CLAUS. I guess this was dropped as soon as it started. He teases a new acquisition without saying who, so I guess they had signed Austin by this point.

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Xanta stuck around to wrestle one squash match on Superstars, before someone evidently realized the character had zero shelf life. DiBiase, who had to be dying inside during this, explains that Xanta Klaus is from the South Pole and TAKES instead of gives. Signing Xanta to the Corporation isn't a way to land the Manager of the Year Award, Ted. Isn't this whole angle quite an effective way to undo all the hardcore elements of the previous night's show. Xanta couldn't even be bothered to make an appearance for this.


Ted also announces a comeback of the Million-Dollar Championship, to add a bit of historical weight to the segment.


Fred Blassie stands in front of a classroom and gives a pep talk to the participants in the Raw Bowl.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-12-18-WWF-Raw] Brother Love: Ted DiBiase / RAW Bowl commercial

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