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WWE 24/7 schedule for April 2005


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From Landy at TSM:


Highlights include:

Hall of Fame focuses on the Fabulous Moolah with these matches:

The 1987 Survivor Series Women's Match (great match)

Fabulous Moolah & Kitty Adams vs. Joyce Grable & Vivian St. John (2/3 Falls from MSG 7/30/79)

Fabulous Moolah vs. Wendi Richter (date is given as 5/21/84 but I'm guessing it the match from 7/23/84 on MTV)

Plus the Women of WWF coliseum video from 1988 is included


They are showing In Your House: Revenge of The Taker, Spring Stampede 1994 and AWA Wrestlerock 1986


In Specials they are showing several Coliseum videos (Piper's Greatest Hits) and recent Diva ones (also a Sunny Behind the Scenes show)

Also, they are showing the entire NWA Crocket Cup from 1988


There's the usual ECW shows and Monday Night War shows plus TNT from 7/31/84 and 10/16/84


Plus Prime Time Wrestling from 6/23/86 - matches are from the 6/14 MSG show

and from 6/30/86 with matches from several different MSG shows in 1986


The House Shows this time are:

MSG 12/29/91 (including Flair vs. Hogan and I believe an fantastic Bret vs. DiBiase match)

MSG 10/23/78 (with Backlund vs. Ladd and Graham vs. Bruno)


And a super-rare house shows from Detroit 4/26/86 which i'm sure was never televised which includes the following matches:

Corporal Kirchner vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Jake Roberts vs. Scott McGhee

Bret Hart vs. Sivi Afi (I have this and its a good match)

Tony Atlas vs. Hercules Hernandez

George Steele vs. Jim Neidhart

Tito Santana vs. Cowboy Bob Orton

The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff vs. Killer Bees

Hillbilly Jim vs. Adrian Adonis

Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage


The unfortunate thing about the Detroit show is it has the worst pair of commentators together which are Jack Reynolds & Ken Resnick

Lots of good stuff there. Is anyone here getting the channel yet? I'm interested in these matches:


* The women's match from Survivor Series '87

* The Jumping Bomb Angels matches (I think there are three) from the Women of the WWF commercial release

* Taker's Revenge had Taker/Mankind and Austin/Bret, which some of you may be interested in

* Spring Stampede was a loaded show, with Flair/Steamboat, Dustin/Bunkhouse Buck (in a Bunkhouse match that rocks!), a Cactus & Payne v Nasty Boys brawl and a pretty good big-man match in Vader/Boss Man

* Wrestlerock '86 had a Rockers v Somers & Rose match I need to see, since I've loved every other match they've ever done

* Piper's Greatest Hits didn't look to have any must-see matches on it, but it looks like an entertaining viewing

* Crockett Cup '88, the commercial release anyway, has almost every match clipped. The three that aren't are Fantastics v Arn & Tully (good match, and I think even this one is slightly clipped), Sting & Luger v Arn & Tully (another good match, tourney final) and Flair v Nikita (Flair by the numbers).

* I'm curious about what the Nitros and RAWs and ECW stuff is

* The 12/29/91 MSG show has one of the better Hogan/Flair matches of the time period and what I remember being a really good 20-minute draw between Bret Hart and Ted DiBiase

* Hogan v Savage during this time period was always fun, and if this is a never-before-televised match, I definitely want it


Let's hope more cable companies start carrying this yesterday.

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Guest Some Guy

I wish I could get this fucking channel. They have so much stuff that in their library that I want to see, you know like all of it. I wish they would start putting this stuff out on DVD. Like a best of AWA, or a legends series (Piper, Bret, Hennig, Savage, Sting, Rude, Vader, etc...), Best of WCW, the old PPVs from all four companies (they could easily get two or three on each release), the possibilties are endless.

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Guest Bruiser Chong

This is still an overseas deal, right? I mean, I'd kill to see some of this stuff that I don't think cost would really be a factor.

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NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - World Wrestling Entertainment is set to unveil Monday (March 7) that its subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service, WWE 24/7, will launch on systems of cable operator Cox Communications, as well as several smaller cable firms.


After holding discussions with possible distribution partners for roughly the past six months, the deals are the latest sign that the newest WWE product has started to gain traction with distributors just ahead of the company's annual WrestleMania extravaganza, scheduled for April 3 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.


"WWE 24/7 has started to sell itself," WWE Enterprises senior vp Tom Barreca said. Added Peter Clifford, vp WWE affiliate sales: "Our jump into the on-demand world comes with a promise to once again be a market-maker. We intend to do for SVOD in this decade what we did for pay-per-view in the 1980s."


After announcing a deal with TVN Entertainment Co. in February, WWE 24/7 will now also be offered in several big Cox systems, with sources saying more than a half-dozen markets are scheduled to get the service initially.


In addition, smaller cable firms RCN Corp., Blue Ridge Communications, Sunflower Broadband, Massillon Cable TV and SELCO (Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations) will carry WWE 24/7.


WWE expects to gain further carriage deals in the coming weeks and months for the service, according to Barreca and Clifford. They declined to say if more big cable operators are likely to join the SVOD fray soon or to predict how many subscribers the SVOD product could reach this year.


WWE 24/7 utilizes the company's 75,000-hour video library and makes about 20 hours of content available per month.


"Differentiated, branded content with a passionate following like that of WWE's is a great addition to our library of on-demand content," Cox senior vp programing Bob Wilson said.


Blue Ridge will offer WWE 24/7 in cities throughout Pennsylvania after a successful soft launch, the company said.


RCN will offer the service to its subscribers in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley, Pa., as well as in the Washington area.


Sunflower will launch WWE 24/7 in Lawrence, Kan., while Massillon and SELCO bring the offering to systems in Ohio and Massachusetts, respectively.


Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

The following companies are now carrying WWE 24/7:


-- Cox Cable

-- RCN Corp.

-- Blue Ridge Communications

-- Sunflower Broadband

-- Massillion Cable TV

-- SELCO (Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations)

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Guest Hunter's Torn Quad

HTQ, I didn't really understand either. I'm assuming this guy is a supplier?

Yes, he gets tapes of 24/7.


With people looking for a way to see 24/7, I figured it would be obvious that getting on his mailing list would let you see 24/7. Maybe it was too obvious.

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