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Hogan is back in WWE


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From Da Melz:



Hulk Hogan will be returning to WWE on the 7/4 TV tapings in Sacramento to promote the debut of his "Hogan Knows Best" reality show that debuts on VH-1 on 7/10.    It is expected that WWE will announce on Monday's Raw that Hogan will be on the 7/4 show, which is likely, because of the date. to be the lowest rated live episode of the show in years. The lowest rated Smackdown in history was on July 4th a few years ago, the last time the 4th fell on a date with a live WWE TV show.


Well I guess if there's one day that a Hogan turn would actually work, it'd be July 4.


Ironically this only further proves what Angle was saying in that interview Loss posted that the big names that only make cameos only show up on RAW and which just makes Smackdown look that more secondary.

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